Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Day!!!

Hello everyone! I just want you all to know how happy
you all made me!!! The comments that have been coming in have
certainly have made my DAY! You know, when I first started this,
I thought who would like my stuff???
I knew, I liked them, but would other peeps???
I don't mean to sound egotistical, cause I am far from that,
but digiscrappin' is something I LOVE to do. And I do think
I am pretty good at it, at least I can do something right in
this small world. LOL So to all you peeps who have
downloaded my goodies and left a message THANK - YOU
from the bottom of my heart and to those that just download
and leave no comment, I THANK-YOU too, cause
you downloading it, just goes to show you liked it a little bit,
or you wouldn't even waste your time!
MWAHHHHH to all!!!!
Ok, enough mushy stuff....

My sister came over the other night with her sweet kids,
dressed in their Halloween outfits, they sure are the cutest things!!!
Now why they didn't have these kinda costumes when my kids
were small, is beyond me. I know, I am kinda biased,
cause they are my nephews and niece, but really,
these kids are just tooo cute! Wanna see some photos???
Yes, you say..... GOOD cause I am gonna show them anyway....hahahaha
Just 4 of them, cause you don't want to see all 75 I took....lmao

This is Zander: aka Alligator

This is Zach: aka Dragon

This is Brett: aka Bat

Last but not least...Brooke: Hanna Montana

Aren't they adorable!!!! I am so glad my sister Kim, brought them
over, cause Friday night I have a Halloween Party to attend.
Yep, more pictures! LOL Thank goodness I have plenty of Halloween
goodies to scrap with. My new goal this coming month, before
Thanksgiving, is to get all my Birthday, Fall, Halloween layouts DONE!!!
Yes, I still haven't finished Brett's Birthday yet...
I hate being behind! lol But with Kim's Birthday and all,
all that was on hold, 1 week to go and it's over until next year!!YEAHHHHHHH!!!
Sorry Kim, I love ya and your birthday week is LOADS of Fun, but it is exhausting. LOL
Where is CALGON??? I want to be taken awayyyyyyyyyyyyy.....lmao

Speaking of Kim.....
LOL and don't say "here she goes again." I gotta plug this
girl, she does make awesome stuff and I don't want you to miss
out on anything.... She is giving away free stuff all week....
how cool is that!!! And I hate for you to miss the grab bags too!!! So head on over to her blog and pick up the
freebies,then stop by her store, cause she extended her coupon
for one more day, but ya gotta hurry!!!! lol

Come on Peeps..... $10.00 is CHEAP for all you get!!!

I went playing again to show you some more stuff that is in those bags....LOL
I made this frame with some more of the goodies from both bags.
I still can't spill the beans, but I CAN show you a little every time I blog.....hehehe
Here is the preview... not to shabby! lmao

You can snag it HERE!
Love, love, love reading your comments, keep them coming!!!

And here is another layout I done with some of the CU grab bag! This is Brooke at Zander's Birthday Party.

There are still many MORE surprises coming.......So keep checking back, I am dying to tell ya....its eating away at me like you wouldn't believe.... I HATE keeping secrets!!!! LOL But it will definitely be worth the wait... I promise!!!

Well it's time for me to get dinner going, and I got to start the laundry that has been collecting dust. I think we are each going to get one outfit for the week....LOL Do you know how much time that would save?? Heck, and all that money saved too.... Might have to bring this up at the family meeting..... Yeah, right!!! LMAO
So until next time take care and stay safe everyone!!!
Chow for Now!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surprises, Surprises and some more Surprises....

Good Morning!!! Before I get to all the surprises I got some
peeps to thank! First of all I want to say a HUGE THANKS
to Vanessa! She gave me an award last week! I am truly
honored to accept it!!! Secondly, this Thank-You goes out
to Donna aka AutisticWonder!!!! She helped me sooo much
with the making of my blinkie! I had no clue how to make one,
and didn't even know I had the material to make one!!! Goes
to show how much Photo shop has to offer and I how much
I still don't know about it! I gave Donna all the parts and
she put it together for me.... THANKS Donna!!!!
Then I wanted to add fan of....and I actually did that all
by myself...hehehe ok, I had a tad help from Melanie.... LOL
after reading her blog the other day,
I was thinking...HEY I might be able to do that..... hahaha
So a THANK-YOU goes out to Mel too!!!
Gosh its sooo wonderful to have these peeps in my life!!!!!
mwaaahhhh to all of you!!!
So if anyone wants to grab it, be my guest!!! LOL

Ok, Ok...Now onto the surprises......
Some of you probably already know this, but to all those
that don’t, Kim’s Birthday is next week. Which mean CHAOS
everywhere. lol A few more grey hairs and a thousand emails
that have been pouring in daily, I think we all have finally
gotten everything together. Kim probably needs another vacation,
Wanna take me??? lol
So to start this week off, Kim has made some grab bags!
oohhh man, these are Fantastic! I can’t tell ya whats in them,
but you will not regret getting them, I promise. And the deal
she is offering is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! There are 2 grab bags,
one for PERSONAL use and one for COMMERCIAL use. They are both
packed with wonderful goodies! Ohhh, I wish I could show you,
but I am NOT allowed, Kim would kill Now wouldn't
that be something if I showed everyone what inside them....hahahahaha
I think I would be kicked off the team.. NO I don't think,
I KNOW I would....hehehe So I promise not to spill the beans..... YET!
Yes, Kim, I'll behave!!! lmao
Ok, so here's the deal.... Buy both grab bags and you get
30 brag book pages FREE....Yeah, you heard me right, 30 of them.
Her CT has been very busy this past week....LOL and get this.....
all for only $10.00!!!!! WOW what a bargain!!! Actually its a steal!
Both bags together would cost ya $58.50 and you can get them
both for $10.00 and the 30 brag book pages.
Which are perfect for Christmas presents, just plop in a picture,
a name or title and WALA.... your done!!!
Here are the previews and little hints....

So what are you waiting for..... oh probably the
Click HERE to purchase them, but before you do I have a little
surprise too. I made this layout with some of the personal
use stuff from the bag...
just to show you a little bit of whats in

These two little darling are my girls, when I loved
them soooo much.....LOL When they listened to me, gave
me squeezyyy hugs and were a delight to be around.
LOL Gosh what a few years does to ya....lmao
And to all my loyal readers I offer you this
as a Quick Page.....pretty cool huh?

You can download it HERE. And please don't forget a simple
thank-you is always nice to see!!!! Besides it make me feel good! lol
And keep checking back, cause there are many
more surprises to come!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget that in the FREEBIE you downloaded from
Kim on Monday and Tuesday there is a special coupon gift extra
for you to use on top of the 45% SALE-
so don't miss it!!!
***just a note that this coupon will not work on the GRAB BAGS***

Well I gotta get this butt to work! So have a great day everyone, stay safe!
Chow for now!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not a Good Day.....LOL

Morning Everyone! Yes, I said morning.... lol I lied!! I told you all
I would never post in the morning.... But under my circumstances I was
woken up early with a hammer and a saw...
Nothing like waking up to THAT!! But I was warned.
Still doesn't make it easy, that's for sure! My DH decided
he wants a wood burning stove in the garage. That means we need
ANOTHER chimney... go figure! lol So I got a bunch of guys in
my yard early this morning banging I slowly go to the
door, still in my jams, with coffee in hand and the dogs going NUTS!
KC is afraid of everything, she got so scared of these guys,
runs backs into the house slamming me against the door,
trotting on my bare feet, as I try to balance my coffee, but its too late.... COFFEE EVERYWHERE!!!! So not only am I soaking
with coffee early in the morning I am cussing up a storm!!!
Not a pretty site!!! LOL As I sit here and type I look down
at me feet, and no kidding... I got this paw print on my foot
that is completely RED and it matches KC's
What a way to start the week!!! Just so you know, all you animal lovers out there.... No Animals were harmed in anyway or fashion...
I do believe KC is hiding under the kitchen table and will
stay there until these guys leave!!! LOL

Do you ever have to be somewhere at a certain time and end up
missing every road you were suppose to take??? Well, that happened
to me yesterday. Oh yeah, yesterday was just as good as today started Can I go back to bed and not wake up til tomorrow???? No such luck!!
Yesterday was my monthly meeting with the Stampin' Up! girls.
We have 3 new members and I haven't been to any of their homes yet.
Also I am not familiar with the area where they live. I got the
directions and THOUGHT I knew how to get there,
but honest to God I missed every ROAD... I had to back track
3 times!!!! I was so happy when I finally arrived!!
Parking was fun too!!! Little spot, little car, should have no problems,
yeah right!!! 3 inches away from a boat, I park... If I back straight up
I would be pulling a boat home with me, Hey, not a bad idea,
I always wanted a boat!!! And of course going home should be a breezeeee....
but NOOOOO, the sun was beaming into my eyes and I missed the road
to get back on the highway.... Turn around AGAIN!!! Stop laughing,
it wasn't funny at the time! All in all, as eventful as the ride was,
the time spent with the girls was FUN!!!

Kim has a great freebie over on her blog, wanna see it??? LOL

Isn't it GORGEOUS??!!! She sure makes awesome goodies!
Check it out HERE!
1 million peeps have visited her. How cool is that! I cant even
comprehend the couple thousand that have been visiting me,
I'm beyond ELATED! I cant even fathom 1 million!
Way to go Kim!
Keep up the wonderful things and I see you reaching
2 million in no time!

My dear friend Jazz is missing again, not do to illness, thank God, but her computer got a nasty virus and she hasn't been around in awhile.
Gosh, I am missing her like crazy! I cant wait till she
gets this virus out of her system and can come back!
So this little message to Jazz..... I MISS YA!!!! HURRY BACK!!! XOXOXO

Big, Big.... BIG stuff happening this week and next week!!! I am not at liberty to spill the beans yet, but I would hate for you to miss out on check back all this week and I promise you will NOT be sorry!!!!! Surprises will be flying all over the place!!!! I cant wait to fill ya in!!!

Well, that's about it for the day, I gotta stop talking before I say something I shouldn't yet... I have a way of doing that....not intentionally, but sometimes it just happens. LOL I will be back sometime this week, most likely NOT in the morning, but if I have to, I Take Care everyone! and stay Safe!
Chow for Now!!!!

PS.... Can someone tell me how to work this margin thing?? Everytime I post, it looks okay in the draft, but when I publish it, its WAY OFF!!! and as much time as I spend looking for typos and such, I am not going back to fix all the indents and there away to do this?????

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Short, Sweet and a Freebie!

Hello everyone! I promise not to type a book
I will make this short and sweet and to the point.... (hopefully) LOL
I mostly played today on the computer, I have to get
layouts done for all the monthly challenges...
1 week to go and POOF October will be over!
Time flies, doesn't it!

Someone has asked me if I could do a QP from the one I
did of Brooke. LOL Way ahead of you... I first had to
ask Kim if that was ok and this morning I got the ok.... yippie!!!!
I was just going to make a different one,
but then it hit me like a ton of bricks.......
Just use So Sweet!!! Thanks HappyScrapper....great idea!
I NEVER save my layouts in layers, I don't know why,
but I think I will have to from now on....hahaha
I took it back in photo shop and make a few changes,
nothing that you will see, besides the name taken
off and the picture removed....
Here is the kit I used by Kim called Loryn.

And its still on sale, so what are you waiting for....go get it HERE!!!!! LOL

And Here is the QP.

Click HERE to download.

I love reading your comments and if you like,
I can do more QP's but you gotta let me know,
I am not a mind reader.....hahahaha

Well, I told ya this was going to be short tonight...
LOL thats all I got for now! Take Care and stay safe!!!
Chow for now!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Read a good book lately?? How about a good post??

Yes, this is a long one.......grab a glass of wine and someone do a
shot of Baileys Irish Creme for me.....LOL

Hello everyone, I got so much going in my head right now, its spinning...
I am trying to figure out where even to begin. So please bear with me
as I try and remember everything I gotta say and do. First thing I gotta
say, I am NOT a morning person, never was and never will be, so you
will NEVER see a post from me in the morning... hahaha I love the smell
of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, nope it's not Folgers but it
sure does smell wonderful and tastes awesome too.
I also love to read my morning paper in peace and quietness,
then do the sudoku, the cryptogram and the daily crossword puzzle.
They say that doing these puzzle makes the brain
stronger, I am not sure about that as my brain seems
to be in a frenzy at the

I work on Wednesdays. I was working 4 days a week, but the
sweet doctor I work for seems to think its crowded in his
office, when he is there, so now I only go in when
he isn't there....LOL What I miss most beside the
is the great friendship I have formed with the girls...
ohhhh the stories I hear, I cant even repeat them on here....LMAO.
But these girls are a blast to be around and they are sooo sweet too!
*waving to Linda and Leslie* LOL
See what I do now that I don't work.... I Blog!!! hahahaha
But anyway, where was I going with this.....Oh crap, I don't remember
......see, I told ya my brain is getting worse! Oh, OK, I remember...
work on Wednesdays....To show you that I am not a morning person,
I don't even start work til 10:30am....Now that is a GREAT JOB!!!! LOL

Now onto to scrappin things.......

Yesterday was one heck of a day, I didn't realize all the stuff you
got to do when you give people an award....LOL I went to every ones
site, to let them know and of course I had to read EVERYTHING....LOL,
at least I am up to date with everyone now....but it sure did seem to
take forever....hahaha I gotta learn to pace myself better...
As I was giving this award away, I was getting more too, who would
of thought....LOL Honestly, I thought that was my 1st and only award
I would ever get, yeppers, what was I thinking??? ...
oh soooo wrong I was.....LOL
Gosh, I am on cloud nine, now I gotta make some room in here for them,
ohhhh, and my ego is about to burst......hahaha But I promise it wont
stay in my head that long, nothing ever does lately....hahaha
So Eila, I Thank You soooooo much!!!!! How sweet of you to make an award,
yep, you heard me right, she made it all by herself and its gorgeous!!!!!!!!

And get this....
I dont have to do anything with it!!!! NOT ONE THING!!!!! LOL
And I don't mean to sound ungrateful to anyone, but for right now,
I am gonna hold onto this one and not share....LOL I will at some point,
but just not yet! Because I have another to share.....from Eila also...
that girl is just full of surprises isn't

I have to name 7 things I love and pass it to 7 people, I think that's what I gotta do anyway...... so here it goes
seven things I love:

1. My Hubby Buzz, I picked him to spend the rest of my life with, through the good and the bad, he is always here.....He IS always here, how do I get him to go away for a few days???? LMAO

2. My two teenage girls, Heather 19, and Amber 16, yes I DO love them, I don't like them at the moment, and I don't think I will like them until they stop knowing EVERYTHING! and move out of my house, but YES, I do love them! (I think if I say that often enough, I will start to believe that) hahahaha

3. My dogs...Shelby and KC....aka Lazy and Crazy.... Need I say anything more....hahaha But I do love them, more than my kids sometimes... I know that sounds
really cruel, but you dont have to live with these 2 girls, I DO!

4. My Sisters, Lisa and Kimmy. Without Lisa, I'd be dead by you can all thank her for my existence today.....LOL Kimmy has too many babies at the moment, if you think my brain is fried, you should see her....and wait....they all are gonna be teenagers....whewwwwww, by then, I'll be done! Probably onto grand kids then.....YIKES!!!!!

5. My Friends, Yes, there are way too many to mention, and I cant think of all the names anyway!
But what a wonderful feeling to have to know that there are soooo many!

6. The warmth of the sun beating down on my face!

7. Pizza, yes I LOVE pizza, anytime, anywhere, any day! LOL

Yes, there is more that I Love, but that will have to wait, I can only name 7 today....LOL who makes these rules anyway???? The blog police???? LMAO
These are the seven peeps I give this too, I am sorry, I am not running off to all your sites tonight...if you see your name, please pick up the award and But seriously, I am so behind in everything and still have a ton of things to get done...and if I just didn't do it yesterday, I would go to your sites, I SWEAR!!!! A few are repeats from yesterday but I want to acknowledge some others here it goes..... Paula, Jazz and KimB....blah, blah, blah, same as yesterday.....hahahaha
Michelle (Crafty Scraps), MaryH(MH Mixes), Rachel (steelcityscraps) and Vanessa! Whewwwwwww, thank goodness, that's over

Kim is back.... yippie, the slave driver she is.....hahahah caught me yesterday, I didn't think she was coming home until today, so she found out I hadn't done a layout yet....but I got one done while she was sleeping, gotta love the time difference.... anyway look at this kit.... It's called Loryn and get this, she is doing a series of these of her friends, I can't wait to see who the next friend is gonna be..and when and if she ever does Deon....ohhh that's gonna be something to see.....LOL Should be very interesting to

Gorgeous huh???? Run HERE to get this before it's not on sale.... I personally wait until a And here is a layout I did with her new stuff....this is Brooke, I told ya I got some
good photos of

And last but not least I want to say a special thanks to Irene aka Eye and to Jan aka Janytime
Eyeball you nut.... I love the halloween one you did, looks fantastic and your fall layout in Nova Scotia is a WOWSER!
And Jan sent me 2 layouts she did of her cool is that!!!! It just warms my heart to know people are actually using my freebies......LOL Thanks Jan!!!! and I thought I would show you them.
The first 2 are from Eye:

And this 2 are from Jan:

They did a great job on them! ***standing on my desk*** clapping!!! YEAHHHHHH

Well, I think thats it for now, sorry no freebie today....maybe later this week, I got to do some more birthday layouts and the rest of these fall pictures need to get done. And of course a busy weekend is in store for me.
Thanks to everyone who made it through all this reading....This has actually taking me hours to do....
in between grocery shopping, running to a notary, doing wash, sewing a hole up that somehow miraculously got on my throw pillow, taking the dogs out for the umpteenth time, freezing soup, sweeping the floor, washing dishes, cleaning the vacuum cleaner, and starting dinner....I think I am done for the night!
Calgon take me away!!!!!! I can't wait to go to work tomorrow, I get a BREAK!!! But I dont have gas in my car....Ohhhhhh Buzz..........guess what you are doing tonight..... hahahaha...
Take Care everyone and stay safe.....Chow for now!

PS... As I was typing this I got an email from Renee....the sweet thang she is returned that award to me, thanks sweetie...I'll just keep it stacked over on the side there------> LOL Thank god, I don't have to dust those awards.....hahaha
and what a brilliant idea just to send emails to peeps....instead of blog hopping
all day.... live and learn.....Renee, that's a clever idea and I will do that from now on! hahahaha
Now I am really going........ I still got to take this document put it into blogger and create this post and put all the stuff in....ohhh that should take me another few hours.....LMAO!

Later Peeps!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I love Mondays!

Yes, I do love Mondays! Amber is in school, Heather went to work and Buzz is working, I get the whole day to myself.....aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Hear that???? PEACE and QUIET! Gotta love it! lol

Hello Everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! As promised, I have my
picks ready for the award, gosh that is really hard!!! I am not sure how this works,
can I give it back to the person who gave it me??? Can I give it to peeps who
already have it??? How many peeps can I give this to??? So many questions
and no one around to answer Well I guess I will wing it and if I do it wrong whats the worst thing that can happen?? Don't answer that!!! lol Ok, here is just a small list....

1. Paula, well you gave it me and I only feel its right to send it right back to you! You have done so much for me, and I am truly thankful from the bottom of my
heart that we have become friends!!!

2. Jazz, You know how much I admire you! I love ya bunches!!! I sure hope your computer gets fixed cause I miss ya like crazy!

3. KimB, You are one of the most craziest persons out there! There is a good reason you live so far away from I could only image the trouble we could get into if we lived close to each other! lol

4. Renee, You got me going on this blog thing, I do love reading your blog, you just got to update it more

5. Silvia - phillsboo, Kristine - wenchdgrafix, Jen - chaoslounge, Beth, JeanetteP - ladygrundlefunk, Doodle - castle dreams, Andrea - boyervillescraps, Pamela-midnightcharms, Bonnie - bouncingbonbon
******** All you girls CRACK ME UP!!!!!!! My email would be EMPTY without these girls!!! So I thank you all for your friendship!! And you all are NUTS!!!!! lol
(see how I got all those people in one, I think that's Go ahead call the blog police! LMAO)

6. Eilajean, I know I just met you, but your blog is very intriguing! Your photos
are outstanding and I just know that I will keep going to your blog just to see all your wonderful work! (as long as you keep showing them) lol

7. Melanie, OBGYN-Hope, (that's what I call her) Your new blog is coming long nicely!
I look forward to reading your adventures as you begin your designing career!

There are sooo many more to name, but I think it would start sounding like a convention and we all know how boring they can So here is your AWARD, I give to you all graciously and thank you all so much! OK, GROUP HUG!!!!!!! hahahaha

This weekend, I started making stuff for the Christmas Blog Train, ohhh I cant
wait to show you peeps! But you got to wait until December, I just thought I would get started on it, cause I usually am a procrastinator, wait till the day before, but by then my brain will be fried with all the other wonderful, time consuming things that have to be done before Christmas.

Sunday, I made a huge pot of French Onion Soup, I think it was the best I ever made.
Which is something I say every time I make it.... but it was really good and went perfect for a cool fall day. Yes, it finally got chilly here, YIPPIE!!! sweat pants and a sweat shirt, comfy clothes besides my jams! lol The soup took about 4 hours to make, all the time waiting for the 20lbs of onions to caramelize, I could of been scrappin, but actually it was worth the wait! Now the next time I am hungry for it, I can just pop it out of the freezer!

I did find some time to play last night, still on the fall Well it is FALL! lol I made this leaf charm and I was trying to figure out what it would go with.... hmmmm.... Word that's what I dabbled with, then I thought I need paper to go with today you get the word art and a ripped paper. I do love those, I think it adds a little dimension to a layout. Here is the preview:

And if you like it you can click HERE to get it!

Well, I better get my butt in gear, I still have to do a layout or 2 for Kim, before she gets back from her visit with her niece. I think I got a good 24 hours to get something done! lol
And Hey, if you got some time, which of course you do.....LOL Check out my slide at the bottom, it's all the good fall pictures I took last weekend. I also did a slide of all my layouts, took forever to upload, but I think I will wait for a bit to show it, it's starting to get too cluttered around here. I think I am getting addicted to widgets! LOL
Until next time stay safe everyone!! Chow for now!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yippie, I got an Award!

I know, I know, what am I so excited about, but I am, it's my first one, well actually second one, cause I got one before, but I didn't have a blog that I could rant and rave So let me get this out of my system...YA YA YA I got an AWARD YAHOOOOOOOOO....ok, see I am done, that didn't last long, did it? LOL
Thank You Soooo much Paula! Now I got to to give this to some peeps....hmmmmmm, let me think about this one and I promise by Monday I will have my list ready...there just are so many wonderful people out there, how will I ever decide????? LOL

Here is the layout I did of Zander trying to eat his cake, I really don't think anything made it into his He actually was a lot neater than his brother, Brett! But they are always so cute when you put a full cake in front of them, wish someone would do that for I promise to eat the whole thing!!! lol

Lets see what else do I have to share...hmmmmm....lots!!!! I have been working on my fall layouts, I gotta say, even I am impressed how they came out....but I do LOVE fall and hopefully by tomorrow the weather will feel like it too. I am ready to put my air condition back on!!! I sure am hoping its not the mid-life hot flashes!!! I am so not ready for that....hahaha
I will show you just two layouts I did, I couldn't wait to use Jazzy's Autumn Splendor Word Art, but I needed the pictures first!! lol

Pretty Good, huh?? Have I told you how much I LOVE my new It sure does take beautiful photos! hahaha .... And that word art fits PERFECT!!!!
Here is the word art:

And click HERE to go to Jazzy's store!

I want to give Melanie a warm welcome to the Blog World! She started her blog this week and I just found it this morning. Mel's dream is to become a designer, I wish you nothing but the best girl! And I am really looking forward to all your creations!

Did you peeps like that paper on the bottom autumn layout??? Well if ya did I have a surprise for ya.... LOL I figured I would share with you guys! I also dabbled with a flower and even a string of beads.... Here is the preview:

If you like it click HERE to download!

( A small thank you is always

Well I probably won't be posting till Monday. Kim has a new series coming out and I got lots of work to do. She went to see her niece for the first time and won't be around, but keep your eyes open cause she has some gorgeous stuff coming!
Now I got to get back to Zander's birthday...I have so many pictures its hard to decide where to go next! lol
Everyone stay safe and until next time.....Chow for now!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What happened to Fall?

It's 80 degrees here today! I thought it was
suppose to get colder not hotter. Thank goodness
I didn't pack the summer clothes away yet.
But today is a jammie day, I've been so busy this
entire weekend, running all over place that I decided
not to do a darn thing except work on this computer.
First things first... updating this blog! I want to thank all
you wonderful peeps for the sweetest comments. And
those that put humor in for me to read about my
squirrel issue had me in stitches...suicide squirrel was the
winner in my book! Thanks for the laughs everyone!

Saturday was my nephew Zander's 1st birthday. I just love
going to my sister's house. I also love leaving there. hahaha
It's like a nursery school, little kids
She has 3 little boys all under the age of 3.
It might just be me, but she has the most gorgeous
little boys! And of course there is Brooke who is 8 and what a
sweetheart she is. I got so many pictures at the party and this
time it was Brooke who I got the best pictures of. But I have
to work on Zander's pictures first, he was the main reason for
this gathering, besides he is a real cutie too. I got one layout done
of him. Wanna see?? lol

More to follow. I have to get this brain in scrap mode and out of
picture taken mode.

Sunday was quality time with hubby. We spent the entire day together.
Which was rather nice. We headed north to do some site seeing and
get fall pictures. I brought 2 cameras and half way through my small
camera died on me, I was click just point and shoot out
the I was bound to get some good Lots of poles
too and street signs and sooo many utility wires! hahaha But I must
say my Canon was well worth every penny! I got some great pictures
with it. Out of the 238 pictures I took, I got 57 keepers, now I have to
decide how I am going to use all I don't think I will be doing
57 layouts!!! lol Here are 2 pictures for ya'll to see:

The colors are spectacular in the mountains!!! Don't ya think??
So between the party and the fall pics I got plenty to
work on, for awhile at least! lol

Last week I was playing with Halloween stuff for a challenge at SBM.
Here is the preview.

If you like to use it click HERE to download.

Well I better get this butt in gear, I got tons of layouts to do!
Thanks for stoppin by!!! And until next time....Chow for now!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Surprises!

Hi ya'll! What a morning! I am a killer!!! Yeah, you heard
me right....this morning as I was going to the store to get
a few things, I saw a little squirrel in the road, I slammed on
my brakes as I watched this little critter decide which way to go,
man, it happened so fast and the next thing I heard was SQUISH!
My heart went into my throat as I looked in the rear view mirror..
Yep, his little body laid squished in the road.... I kept saying, I'm a
KILLER....I think this is the first time I ever hit an animal before, yeah,
there were close calls, but NEVER did I hit one! I felt so bad. I pulled
over cause I had to get myself together. Then I was thinking what am
I gonna do...should I call the police and have them arrest
NOT.....hahaha So off I drove, but I couldn't stop thinking about that
poor little squirrel!!! Will that squish sound ever leave my mind????
I sure hope so! So that was my eventful morning and I hope that it will
NEVER happen to me again!I better get this butt to church so God
can forgive me for killing one of his

Have you guys seen Jazzy's new word art??? She tried something
different this time and I must say I am very impressed! If your into
heritage pages these will work beautifully. (Even if your not, have a look
they will go well with lots of stuff)

I haven't gotten around to making any layouts, cause I am out killing
squirrels at the moment. hahaha No seriously, I just haven't had the
time to make any the past few days, but hopefully this weekend,
sometime in between my nephew's 1st birthday party and going to
the Poconos to get some fall pics. So hop on over to Jazzy's Store and
pick them up and I do believe they are on sale at the moment....
gotta love a

Today I have a little fall freebie, something that I have been playing around
with. And I thought I would share with you guys. As you will all find out
I love swirls and play with them a lot! Hope you like it! There is one paper,
a swirl with leaves, a leaf and I tried my hands at a border. Here's the preview...

Click HERE to download.

Well, I think that's it for today. I am going to try and have a quiet afternoon,
maybe read a book or something to get my mind of that poor little squirrel.
So have a great day ya'll! And be careful driving out
Chow for now!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a Warm Welcome!

Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome.
I literally had knots in my stomach after I hit
that publish I just kept repeating
what have I done!!! I quickly called my sister,
as she is the one I always run to, hey what
are sisters for She says what are
you afraid of....I simply say
Of course, Lisa who knows EVERYTHING...hahaha
reassured me with the fact that the majority
of people in the digi-world are one of the most
caring and loving people....thanks Lisa, again....
your right! lol And a big THANKS to you all
for listening to me. Now onto my second post...

Yesterday was my daughter Amber's birthday. We
just had a small and simple birthday... Although
is was suppose to be a big one, sweet 16, but
my dear daughter decided to get into a heap of
trouble last month. She is grounded for one month
and no party. Gosh, that was really hard, I sooo
wanted to give in, but I had to stick to my words
and hopefully what has happened in the past will
NEVER occur again. I will skip the horror story, but
what I can tell ya'll, it wasn't good. And I always
cave in, but this time I didn't...kinda shocks me,
but I need her to know we mean business this time.
Hopefully things will get better, yeah does it
ever get better??? As I have said many times over
and will say it until it happens, I cant wait until the
teenage years are OVER!!! LOL Well enough about
that, onto to happy news....

Kim has a new kit out called Precious Angel Memories.
Its in Pink and Blue and its gorgeous!!!

I did a layout last night of it, wanna see it??
Ok, ok, even if you don't I am gonna show it....
lol I really love the way this one came out.
This little bundle of joy is Ambry, she is the
cutest little girl with most hair I have ever seen on a
baby in my life. Her mom, my friend, Amanda sent me
pictures the other night and I went right to work on them.
So here is the first one I did...

Isn't she a doll??? Everything in this is from Kim's Precious Angel
kit (except the flower on the frame)
and the word art is All About Fairies by Jazz.
You can find both these exclusively at

Well, that's it for today, I got tons of wash and a Rec Room that
needs my attention. Then the dreaded question what's for dinner Stay safe everyone and chow for now. xoxoxo

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ready, Set, Blog

OMG I did it, I did it! I never thought I would have a blog. But everyone and their brother has one and it was time for me to learn how to do one. I still have lots to learn, so bare with me as I enter into this new adventure.

Putting everything together wasn't that hard. The hard part, for me anyway, is what am I gonna say. I think to myself, who wants to read about lil' ole me?? LOL Maybe I am just putting to much thought into this... So here I go...

Hello everyone! I am so happy you stopped by! My name is Carol, but in the
digi-world I go by Crops. As ya'll can tell this is my first time posting to a blog, but I am not a newbie when it comes to blogs. I'll never forget the first
time I found a blog... I was in AWE, blog hoppin all over the
world just fascinated me.

I am not a designer, nor do I wish to be at this time. I love
spending my time learning everything I can about digi scrapping.
I must say I have came along way since the first time I started
with scrappin. I used to scrap the old fashion way with the paper
and the tons of embellishments. Heck, I even made my dining room
into a scrap room. Now that stuff sits in photo boxes... lol
Maybe one day I will go through all that stuff....yeah right! hahaha
I have tons of stamps too, I love making cards, its just sending
them out that I have a problem with... I belong to a
Stampin' Up club and once a month a group of girls get together
and make stuff. Oh, it's just a good excuse to get out with a bunch
of girls and chit chat the afternoon away. But my heart is in digital...
I absolutely LOVE it!!! I found Scrapbook Max! in July of 2006 and
been hooked ever since.
Then I wanted to start making stuff...
So I downloaded that program called GIMP. Not a bad program for a beginner.
I learned alot on that and when I got PSE4 I at least knew the basics.
Then adobe came out with PSE6....OMG I fell in love with this program.
From then on I have Googled everything on PSE and learned so much.
Still have more to learn but I got the rest of my life to learn
So on occasion I will offer my freebies. I have no TOU, all that I ask
is that you don't claim as your own. You may use them any way you wish,
(use common sense) and no credit is required, although it would be nice.

I have met so many wonderful and generous people in the digiworld...
The friendships I have made are too numerous to least in my first post....hahaha It's like one big happy family out there and I am so grateful to be part of it!

I am on two creative teams... which you most certainly will hear me talk about them... alot.
Kim...what can I say about her that hasn't been said many times over...she is one of the most sweetest and nuttiest person out there. I have been on her team for over a year now and her creations are ya sweetie!!!
And Jazz...who has a heart of gold! I love her to death! She makes the most beautiful word art I have ever seen. So if you want to see any of their work stop by their blogs or DSO.

Are you bored yet???? lol

My DH, Buzz surprised me a few months ago with a Canon Rebel...Oh man, I love it! I just need to practice and practice a lot!....LOL So don't be surprised to see a few photos I take, remember, I am still new to this and I want to learn it all.... A BIG THANKS to my sister...Lisa...she taught me tons!!! (She is the expert in this field)and she is pretty good at taking pictures...but don't tell her I said that cause it will go to her head and I will never hear the end of it...
I love macro shots and in the process of learning that....
read, read and read some more and when I think I got it all, read it AGAIN! LOL

Just a few more things before I show you my freebie....
I need to thank a few people who have helped me start this blog....
Renee, I blame you for all this....LOL Thanks for giving me the courage to do this!
Bonnie aka bouncingbonbon....your tut was amazing!!! Thanks sooo much!
Paula....thanks for listening to me on the phone babbling on about this and
And most of all I want to THANK all of you for reading this!!! If you got this far I think you deserve a I love blues, so with that in mind I created this mini... I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a preview of my first blog freebie.

Click HERE to download it.

I know not everyone likes to leave comments, some of you are too busy, some just shy
and some that don't know what to say. I'm okay with that. It would be nice to see a simple "ty".... that way I know you at least liked it a little. Plus it will build my ego a Cause believe it or not...I am a shy Well at new things

Well, I think I did Got through my first post and I didn't have a heart attack....hahaha
Hope to see you again, as I continue in this new journey.
Chow for now....xoxoxo