Thursday, October 23, 2008

Short, Sweet and a Freebie!

Hello everyone! I promise not to type a book
I will make this short and sweet and to the point.... (hopefully) LOL
I mostly played today on the computer, I have to get
layouts done for all the monthly challenges...
1 week to go and POOF October will be over!
Time flies, doesn't it!

Someone has asked me if I could do a QP from the one I
did of Brooke. LOL Way ahead of you... I first had to
ask Kim if that was ok and this morning I got the ok.... yippie!!!!
I was just going to make a different one,
but then it hit me like a ton of bricks.......
Just use So Sweet!!! Thanks HappyScrapper....great idea!
I NEVER save my layouts in layers, I don't know why,
but I think I will have to from now on....hahaha
I took it back in photo shop and make a few changes,
nothing that you will see, besides the name taken
off and the picture removed....
Here is the kit I used by Kim called Loryn.

And its still on sale, so what are you waiting for....go get it HERE!!!!! LOL

And Here is the QP.

Click HERE to download.

I love reading your comments and if you like,
I can do more QP's but you gotta let me know,
I am not a mind reader.....hahahaha

Well, I told ya this was going to be short tonight...
LOL thats all I got for now! Take Care and stay safe!!!
Chow for now!!!


Melanie said...

Oh!Boy! Thanks for the QP! It's truly beautiful! And thanks for the advice you left me. I think I'll go that way, then. I was actually leaning in the other direction before your comment. LOL! But, chicken that I am, it'll be lights out for me!

Mumure said...

Thank you so much :))

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol, I love this quickpage!

Carena's Designs said...

Fabulous quick page. Hugs from Carena

happyscrapper said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I meant every word I said...this is a gorgeous layout and I'm so glad that you decided to share it!

Diana said...

I finally made it in here, LOL! You are doing such a great job, Carol! Your designs are STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL! Kepp it up, girlfriend! I've added you to my blog list... yes, I started my own... gotta get as much coverage as possible, right? LOL! Love ya! C'mon over and see me sometime! {{HUGZ}} :D