Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Color Challenge

Whewwwww....I am gonna make it before March What a tough month! I've been working on this all month off and on. Wanted to make more goodies, but there just isn't enough time in the day anymore. I have been preparing for Easter and I think I am almost done, just gotta bake some goodies yet and of course dye those eggs...but that is for Saturday. I am pretty exhausted after work today so I am gonna make this short and This is what I came up with for the Color Challenge at DSO...

If you like to snag it, just click on the preview.

I wish you all a Blessed Easter!! Eat all those chocolate bunnies on Sunday cause rumor has it there are no calories in them on
Take Care everyone and lets hope April will be a less stressed month!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Fridayyy!

Hello Peeps!! I didn't forget about this blog, just been going
though alot of family problems the last few weeks and I feel
like I have been through hell and back. God, I love my kids but
boy do they do a number on me sometimes. In my next life
I am NOT having children!!! I could never imagine in all my
life how tough raising teenagers can be. To those of you with
young ones, please...just enjoy them!!! Cause when those freakin
teenage years'll want to kill them sometimes...
God, give me strength!!!! I could go on and on but I am afraid
I won't So I better get going with what I have been
doing on and off....

It's the beginning of March and that means new color challenge,
that is a work in progress and hopefully will get it finished,
just know that I have at least started it. lol
And KimB has been keepin all of her CT really busy.... Heck I am
not even sure where to start with her stuff...but before I do I
just have to show ya what I did.
Jen aka Chaos Lounge RAKed me when her new kit, My Big Adventure.
I fell in love with as soon as I opened it and knew right away which
little guy I wanted to use with it...Zander... It's a great boys
kit and those boys kits are always hard to find...
Here is a look at her new kit:

And here is the layout I did with it:

Isn't that adorable?!!! lol
And if you want details about this kit, go to Jen's blog and get all the details.

Ok, now back to Kim...lets see..... Since its the beginning of
the month, DSO has the March Pick Ur Bits Kits called Southern Comfort
and its GORGEOUS!!! Here is the preview of all the kits:

The previews of Kim's goodies:

If you want any of her bits, just click the previews and it will take you right to her store.

And of course I got to play with Kim's part, which is really, really pretty!
Here the layout I did:

And yeppers, you guessed I made it into a Quick Page for
anyone who wants it..
Just click on the preview.

Jazz did some beautiful word art too. Wanna see it?
Of course you
If you are interested in getting this just click the preview
and it will take you right to her store.

Kim and Bunny also did a Collab together, I should of blogged about
this earlier in the week, but you can still get it for 86% off...
It's only $6.00 till the Sunday, so if you want to get your hands
on it, run, don't walk to get all the goodies before they go into
the store full price.

You get all this:

Bloomers 6
Itty bitty bloomers
Doodled craft flowers
Itty bitty Ferns
Bright Buds
Playful petals 3
Flowers and Leaves
and a Spring bonus pack.
7 full sized products in PNG + Bonus pack.

You can find the bundle here at DSO

Or Here at DSV

Ok, I think I got everything, keyword being I got a
hectic weekend coming. My niece is having her baby shower Saturday
and I have lots of cooking to do and then Sunday I am hosting a
Stampin' Up Party with a bunch a crazy women...LOL I sure do look
forward to these get togethers. But for now I have to get ready for
lunch with a girlfriend who is in town for a few days. I guess I
won't be getting any scrappin' done this weekend... maybe during
the week, if things calm down here a bit.
You all have a great weekend and I promise I will be back!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Color Challenge done!

Hey everyone! Quick post today, its hubby's birthday and I have so much to get done before he gets home, gotta bake a cake and make his favorite dinner...Shepard's pie...ewwww, but its his fav, so I gotta do what I gotta Then I gotta go find a gift, geezee men are so hard to buy for. I haven't a clue what to get him!! So shoppin' should be loads of fun! lol

I did get to meet ET on Monday. We had a wonderful lunch at Paneras. Then did some shopping, had a few laughs in between. I don't think she liked my driving... bwahahaha. But she is still alive, so that counts for Maybe next time you can drive...hahaha

Ok, so I got the color challenge for DSO done, the real challenge for me is how do I post it on DSO, I haven't done that in a few months and things changed over there so much. So I am gonna show you what I did and head over there quick and try to figure that out. Then head to the kitchen and do some major cookin... Hope ya'll like it, I think it turned out rather If you do like it and snag it, a simple thanks goes a long wayyyy...
Ok here's the preview, just click it to download...

Have a good one peeps and I will be back next week!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hey Everyone! Since I last chatted with ya'll we not only had 1 snow storm but another one came in called a blizzard. It sure is pretty out there, but I don't like driving in the stuff. Got stuck one too many times. So now I just stay indoors and pray they get the roads cleaned up quickly so I can get out of this house for a few hours. Its one thing being inside and knowing you can go out, but its another when you are stranded inside and can't get out.
And that is usually when I need to get out most! LOL But some good did come out of me staying inside, I did get some more scrappin done. I've been playing with the DSO Feb. 2010 Pick Ur Bits Kits from KimB and Gaye. Here are all the goodies and you get to pick which ones you like to use, instead of getting a huge mega kit and not wanting or using everything, you get to pick the bits you want... All ranging from only $1.00-$2.25

And here is everyone else who is particapating...

The Feb Collab is titled Forever & After and you can find it in the DSO COLLAB category in the store.

Here is the layout I did with some of the bits:

This is my bosses grand-daughter, she is such a cutie!!
And of course I made it into a QP for you all... I just took out the
word art so you can add your own or better yet, Jazz has bits in this

Just click the preview to download.

Kim is also having a sale this weekend, but only for the weekend!
So if you been wanting something of hers and you have been waiting for a sale, now is time to do it! 35% off in both stores... Digi Scrap Obsession and Digi Scrap Vault Feb 12-14. I don't want ya to miss out on this great sale, cause Kim doesn't have them too often!

Jazz also has new word art out in the store today too, just in time for Valentine's Day called

For The Love of Family...perfect for all those Valentine layouts.

Still working on the color challenge, that should be done by next Friday,
hopefully A very good friend is coming into town and we are
planning a lunch for Tuesday. I am sooo excited to finally get to meet her
face to face. I met her on my blog over a year ago and ever since then we have become very good friends. She is a total nut job, just like me!
LOL Some of you just might know who I am talking Eilajean...
as I call her ET... Her and another friend are the ones responsible for draggin me into we all are addicted to the But anywayyy,
I am jumpin for joy that we finally get to meet! Will let ya'll know how that goes...heck she could be a mass murderer for all I know... hahaha So if you don't hear from me next the police! LOL

Well its Friday and that means hubby takes me out to dinner, yeah,
I don't cook on Fridays or Saturdays for that matter....LOL So I
gotta decide where we are going.. hmmmm, maybe Mexican tonight...
we'll see. I guess that's it for now have a great weekend everyone and as always....stay safe!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sunshiney Day??? It's gonna snow!!

Howdy peeps! Told you I would be back this week. And not with one
surprise, but two of them. We are waiting for the blizzard of the year
to begin, so I am going to get this up and quick get out of this house
before I am trapped in all weekend. What a weekend to be trapped too,
it's Super Bowl Sunday, my team didn't even get close, so I really
don't care who wins, but if I have to root for a team, it will have to
be the Saints and since I will be stuck inside, instead of going to
the scrap stores I better start getting in the
Ok...enough of me babbling, probably to myself anyway...
here it goes.....

Where to start??? hmmm, ok, KimB got her February Grab bag
up now and I did play a bit with it. It's jammed packed with many
wonderful goodies. And since I am not allowed to show everything
in the bag, here is just a small peek at whats inside....

And here is just a little frame I made with some of things in the bag.
If you like it, just click the preview...

Then head on over to Kim's store to grab it, I hear it's
pretty cheap at the moment!

Today Kim released her Sunshiney Day Kit...ohhh where is that sun???
So if your tired of the winter snow and cold days, this is a perfect kit
to brighten up any pictures. And the quality of Kim's stuff is always
perfect! So here the kit:

This is the layout I did with it...

You like??? ok, if so, it's yours too....

Just like before click on the preview and heyyy, leave some love,
cause that would just make my day!

And when your done downloading, head on over to Kims blog,
I do believe there are more gifts from the kit over there, or if
you are coming from her blog, head over to her store and pick
up the kit! I promise your gonna LOVE it! And its 30% off for 1 week!

I did use Jazzy's wordart for this layout. So if you
like to collect her gorgeous sayings head over to her
store and snag that too.

Ok. well, its time for me to head out...Thanks to all that stop back
here, I am on a roll with the DSO Color Challenge, ohhhh, wait
till ya see what I did, have to say I am quite pleased with myself...
But that you will have to wait till next week for be sure
to check back...until then have a great weekend and stay safe!
anddd GOOOO SAINTS!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hellooo...anybody in here??? lol

I'm I know its been a long time coming, and seriously
I didn’t think I would ever get back into scrappin again.
A lot of things have happened and although I won't bore
anyone with the details, to make a long story short,
I have lost a few peeps in my life and it some how affected
me in some weird way. As much as I tried to scrap, it just wasn’t
coming to me. I know I am not the only one this happens to as
I have seen a lot of peeps gone from scrappin these days.
I am just one of the lucky ones who found their way back.
I didn't even know it was happening, it just happened.
So for the past few weeks I've been making layouts again
and I gotta say, its GOOD to be back! I've missed so
many of my friends here and I can't wait to meet some new ones too.

So now that life seems to be getting back to normal
(yeah right! as normal as it can be! LOL)
and scrappin is back in my life I figured I would start this blog thing again,
and KimB was gracious enough to keep me on her team! Gosh, I really
do love her work and she is coming out with some
fantastic things, and of course I've been playing with
everything I can get my hands So within a few days
you'll see what I have come up with.

Today I am going to start the Color Challenge at DSO...
man, its been so long since I've done one of those, thank God we got all
But first I want to show off what I've been doing the last few weeks...
I have to apologize for not having the credits for these,
as I didn’t think I would need them for my blog at the time
I was doing them, just want to say that none of this was made by me,
and if you see your stuff, know that I loved it enough to use it!
And from here on out, credit will be given.

My favorite subject to scrap is my family..especially my niece and nephews..
Yeah, I do have 2 girls, but they don't like getting their
pictures taken these days and its okay with me, cause I don't
want to remember these teenage years anywayyy! lol
My sister Kim actually thanked me the other week for taking
so many pictures of her kids through the years, she had all her
pictures on camera, and little Zander got her camera and deleted
all her photos...which wouldn’t be too bad if her computer just
didn’t crash and she lost everything! Hopefully she learned the
lesson of SAVING stuff onto a disc!

Anywayyy here are some layouts I did...
These are my niece and nephews last summer...

This photo was taken Thanksgiving, felt like altering it a My sister doesnt live by the mountains and there isn't a lake in her yard

Zach turned 5 in January, this kid is a pistol!

And now a message to all my Facebook game buddies:
Gosh I loved playing the games and it really has helped me escape
life some days. And although I will never give up FB, cause I
really do love keepin in touch with everyone, I am giving up
a lot of my games. Ohh not all of them, cause that would be just wrong!!!
LMAO But I am going to keep just 3 of them going. That way I can still
play with you And to my Bejewel Friends, and you know who you are... SORRY! that is one that I will keep playing...hehehe
You guys will know which ones I not playing
I will not delete the games, cause as you know, the more friends
you have for these games, the better game you play. I just want
and need to find time for my scrappin again, I know you'll all understand!

Well, its Monday and that means I gotta go stupid food shoppin or this family of mine will starve to So have a great day and I will be back later this week with some surprises! lol