Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Fridayyyyy

Ok, so not really, as I am getting this ready Thursday night.
This way its already to go in the morning! Hope everyone is
doing good...Me, I am ok...its been raining here all month,
I think they said we had 4 days of sunshine this entire month
and they want more rain this weekend...
someone send the SUN please!!!
Before my entire body looks like a
2 more weeks before vacation, yippieeee, all that quality
time with the family. I can't wait...yeahhh right...
but we are planning a few trips all in the Poconos,
so it should be pretty good. Weather
Hopefully Mother Nature is getting all this
rain done and over with so it will be a sunny vacation!
The worst part about going away is NO computer..
how am I going to survive????
I see major withdraws heading my way....LMAO
Ok, now onto some scrappin' goodies....
As promised to Michelle.... who gave me an award last week, or was
it the week Days, weeks all seem to
clump together anymore..
Here is the award..

I am not sure what the rules are for this, as I am
sure its to pass it onto other peeps...So what my plan is to pass
it onto everyone on the KimB CT....These girls have a way of making me
laugh soooo hard, even on the gloomiest days they can all make me smile...
So here we gooooo...the LIST.....

Kristine aka Josephineeeeeee
Netters aka Lady Garfunkle

I want to give Jodiann and Becca a warm welcome to the team! Glad you
are with us and I look forward to getting to know you guys....
(even if you are in straight

And to my good friend Eila...who always gets me in trouble! LMAO

Whewwwwwwwwwwww, glad that's done with!!! Now onto other news...
Since its Friday that means Kim's new grab bag is up and ready
to play if you liked her last
are really going to want these goodies....

Click on the preview to get it NOW, cause its only on sale
during the weekend...soooo hurrryyyy!!!!

And yeppers I got to play with it, so instead of a QP I just
made you all a clustered frame...

Just click on the preview to snag it...

Jazz has a new grab bag up too and it filled
to the brim with 60 wordart phrases all for
the summertime...can't beat the price either!!!!

So what are you waiting for.....LOL
You can click on the bag and it will take
you right to her shop!

Ok, I think that's it for this week. Have
a great weekend everyone and stay safe.

Chow for Now!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mezzaluna QP

Hello everyone....Really quick post today...
I have a graduation party to attend to.
A huge thanks to Michelle for the award she sent me.
I promise I will hand it out early next week.
Now down to business... Have you guys seen Kim's new kit....
OMGGGG its beyond fantastic....
I truly love it and I think you will too....

You can get it HERE...its on sale at the moment!!!!!

Stop by Kim's Blog to see some eye candy and I do believe there are
some freebies floating around too. And of course I was playing with it.
Still working on my wedding pictures and this kit is perfect for it.
So here is my wedding party way back in the

I used Jazzy's I thee wed wordart too...Which you can get HERE.
And I made it into a QP for anyone who wants to grab it....

Don't forget a THANKS goes a long

Ok...gotta run... have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!!!
Chow for Now!