Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Woke up to a snow covered yard this morning!
It sure looked pretty, but I am glad it
didn't stick around! Rain soon followed
and it was all washed away. I spent
all day Saturday in my jammies, I just love
days like that. I actually try to do that
once a week and wouldn't you know it, every time
I do that, that is the day my mother in law
decides stop by...I swear that lady must think
I live in my jammies, she never says anything,
but I can just see it in her eyes!! Ya know
the look... as she looks you up and down and then
glances over to the kitchen sink and still
see the dinner dishes stacked waiting to be
washed....yep, I will never make it as
Mother of the year....LOL Now if only she
would grab that vacuum cleaner and get the
dog hair off the stairs that has been there
since last time she was here and I was
in my jams, I'd sure be happy! LOL

Today was another card making day, I am 3/4
way through now, I think maybe another day
and they should all be done, I got to get to
the post office and get the out of states ones sent
so they get them before Christmas, so I guess
that's what I will be doing tomorrow, and of
course all the other running around that has
to be done, that's why I am posting tonight,
I won't have the time tomorrow! But I still
ain't running the vacuum down the stairs....
I soo look forward to seeing my MIL's face! LOL
As my kids would tell me...."NOBODY TOLD ME TO DO IT"
Can you image living life and not doing anything
until someone tells ya????? A saying keeps
poppin' in me head....and I am sure you all heard
this one before...."I can't wait till you have children
and I pray to God they are just like YOU!" I say
that more and more these days....LOL
Ok.... I better stop before I can't....LOL

Anyway.... I got a new kit for ya, I think it came
out pretty cool, don't forget I am still new at all be nice....LOL It's in the blues...
Yeah, I love the blues! And it goes perfect with snow!
Here is the previews:

It's rather large, so I have three downloads for ya...
Please leave a ty or something if you like it, cause if
nobody says anything, how I am going to know if I am improving
or not, KWIM??? LOL Good or Bad, I promise, I can take it!!! LOL

You can download them here:


Time for me to relax...have a good night/good day...
whichever applies to you and always Stay Safe!
Chow for Now!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Quick Post!

Just want ya all to know I WON!!!! Yeah!!!
We had TURKEY and NO CLAMS!!!!
Freakin' wacky sisters are sooo lucky!
But they still want grilled cheese sandwiches
for NO WAY... I control the
The day went rather smooth! No fighting or
anything! I gave my family the BEHAVE TODAY
or ELSE talk and get this.... IT WORKED!!!!
I do believe in miracles after all!!! I have
got to say this was the first year there
was no screaming before we left the house.
Now that Heather is driving she drove her and
Amber to Lisa's, so there was no bickering in
the backseat either....pure joy it was!!!
I have some pictures to show....I took loads
again... I think like 300 this year, never know
how they are gonna look until they are on the computer,
ya know! I will show just a few and I did a layout
of our annual family picture... plus, I decided to
do something a little different with it'll

Black Friday:
We were out the door at 5:00 am this morning and I got
home around 4:30 pm, I am dead tired but I did get almost
all my Christmas shopping done, just have to get Lisa, cause
she was with me, and it wouldn't be a surprise if she saw
Plus a few odds and ends, but the gist of it is done! Amen!
Now that Black Friday is done and all my funds are low...its
time to sit back a relax for a few days...aaahhhh, that's going
to be nice...just to relax!!!

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful day and shopped til they
dropped today, cause that's what I am about to do...DROP!
Gonna grab me self a turkey wrap and some pumpkin pie and veg the rest
of this evening!
Here are some photos of Thanksgiving....

This was on the inside of everyones placecard!

The STAR! of the day....hehehe

The 25lb of stuffed potatoes...I just stick this in the crockpot...and WALA!
they are all GONE!!!! lol

The 7 pies I made:

While the pies were baking, I went to my scraproom and whipped
out these little turkeys for everyone as a party favor...these are
peppermint patty

Wait till ya see what I do for Christmas....yeah, I get a tad carried

Here is the group layout.... my crazyyyy family!

This photo is of my hubbys family, which of course we had
to go there after Lisa's! Longgggg day!

and last but not least, a picture of all of us, where we wished
we could all be....I just had to do this
Yes, it was warm and sunny and everyone was wearing their
coats or jackets....hehehe but I still like it! lol

Pretty Cool huh??? LOL
Well that's it for me today.... gonna go rest this
weary body and pray hubby rubs my feet...hey, I can
still dream can't I???? LOL

Take Care Everyone!
Chow for Now!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!!!

The holidays are upon it just feels like last
week we were taking down the tree, now at the end of
the week it will go back up again. My dog isn't going
to be a happy camper that's for sure, we won't see her
for about 2 weeks. It takes her that long to start
coming around. Yes, she is afraid of all the decorations
and we just get a kick out of her when she has to go
outside....yep, we have the reindeer out there that are...
animated of course... but we don't have to worry about
KC chewing on them....she will never get that
close. LOL Heck that dog stays away from me when I come
home from grocery shopping. She doesn't like the
bags.....go figure!!! I told ya she was a nut! lol
But I wouldn't trade her for anything!

I have so much stuff that has to been done, and yet
I sit here and type to you fine folks! LOL I have 25
lbs of twice baked potatoes to make, 2 pumpkin pies
and 2 apple crumb pies. Plus I went out and got a turkey,
just in case my sister is serious about those clams.
I figured I would make that Wednesday night, that way
I don't have to get up early Thursday, I did mention I
am NOT a morning
Except for black Friday...yes, I am one of those crazy
people pushing and shoving at 5 o'clock in the morning.
It's tradition, Lisa and I have been doing it for years!
Actually I don't push and shove anyone,
cause I still got sleep in my eyes and peeps are usually
pushing me out of the way. There is NEVER nothing I
need that day, but we do get some good deals, and of course
I always see something for me, that I just gotta have.
Yes, every year I buy myself a few gifts, just in case
I don't like anything hubby gets me, I got my back ups....LOL
I wrap them too, sign them from Santa. When I open them I
act sooo surprised, my family thinks I'm nuts, but I don't
really care, I LOVE Christmas!
But before all the talk about Christmas we gotta celebrate
Thanksgiving. My second best holiday! LOL The family is
together and I have the 'please be nice just for one day talk'
with my girls and off to Lisa's we go.
We eat and eat and then eat more.....gotta love it! LOL
The sad part is my Mom is no longer with us, there is always
that empty place in me, that wishes we could all be together,
just once more! But I guess that isn't going to happen, here on earth.
One of our traditions we have is to go around the table and say what
we are thankful for, the one year, Brooke sang for us and 2 years ago
Lisa had a list so long the turkey was getting Besides the
usual, being thankful for my family...and yes... I am thankful for I would like to say to all of you who read my antics
and such I am thankful for all of you. You give me the courage
to do something I love to do and I love sharing it will all of you!
May you all have a wonderful day with family and friends and be
thankful for all the little things we all take for granted.
Now enough of this mushy stuff.... I just can't handle to much
I got some layouts to show ya. The first one is of Ambry,
that little girl is sooo darn cute and I swear she just keeps
getting cuter and cuter.
The second one is my daughter Heather when she was 9 mths old,

Ambry's driving!!! She hasnt even got all her teeth yet and
she is taking over the car....LOL Look Ma...NO BRAKES!!! lol
Ambry and her family were heading back from Disney when
they stopped to take a break, Ambry got in the driver seat
and Daddy snapped the photo.
This is just priceless! And that look on her face....LOVE IT!

I just loved it when she was a baby! Little Baby, little problems,
Big Baby, big problems! LOL
The kits I used are from Moonbeam over at Scrapbook Max! She
makes some really gorgeous stuff. I have always loved her style!
The Ambry layout I used 2 kits together, Perfectly Pink and Basically
. Heathers I just used the Basically Beige.
If you find some time stop on by her store and check out all
her wonderful goodies. I also used some of Jazz's wordart...this one is called Smiles. She has
loads of new kits in her store too, so what are you
waiting for? You got 2 stores to shop in and nobody is going
to be pushing and

Well its time for me to start working on my to-do list.
It's never gonna get done if I sit in front of this computer.
I must tell ya I got my blue kit all done for ya, so expect
it next week sometime, I have to get the previews done yet.
It turned out pretty cool, and I called it Winter Wonderland...
yeah, I know, how original...but it works for me....LOL
So until next time.... Have a Great Thanksgiving and stay safe!!!
Chow for now!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brrr...It's Penguin Weather!

Yeppers, it's COLD outside! Got the fire going
and it's nice and toasty in here!

Hello everyone!!!! Hope ya'll are doing good!
Me, I am still hanging in there. Things have been
rather quiet around here, which is a very good
thing!! And NO, I didn't kill the kids...YET! They are
still breathing at the moment. As for my sisters...
YES they are still EVIL, but I am ignoring them
at the moment. I refuse to talk to them until I see
a receipt for a I have oodles to talk about
so I am gonna get this ball rollin'!

KimB has a new grab bag up for Christmas and
OMG I LOVE it!!!!

She makes the cutest stuff! When she emailed me the
goodies, I fell in love instantly with it and have been
playing with it since. There is so much wonderful stuff
in this bag and it's all only $6.00!!! Now that is
cheap and its all CU stuff!!!
You just gotta get this for your Xmas layouts!!!
You won't be sorry! Have I steered you wrong yet?
Nawww, I don't think so!! lol
This Grab Bag has 4 element packs and 2 overlay
kits... That's $1.00 a kit!!!!!! I told you it's CHEAP!!!!
You can get it HERE. While it's on SALE!!!

I made this layout with Zander and his 1st Christmas,
which was last year, cause I don't have any pictures
this year...YET ..But ohhh am I gonna have fun with
my camera this year! is the layout...

Isn't he precious! And look at that penguin....awwww,
too cute! Told ya Kim makes cute stuff!! lol
And I didn't forget about you peeps!!!

If you want the QP just click HERE to get it!
And don't forget to leave some luv!
I also used Jazzy's wordart, which is a must for
all your Christmas layouts and she has got some
more in the store this morning! Ohhh, the Christmas
layouts this year are gonna ROCK!!!! So while you are
at DSO getting Kim's grab bag, stop on over to Jazz's store
and see all her wonderful word art and grab some
of those too!!!!! Here is her new wordart which at the moment
is 25% off!!!!

After your done getting these terrific deals head
on over to these sites... They all have great goodies
for ya and you can see some more stuff from Kim's grab bag.
Kim likes to play with the hiding game...hehehe and we as
her CT get to show ya little by little what's in them...So here
are 3 more places to head to:

Jenn has added this to her Whimsical Winter Goodies:

Pam has this CUTE QP page:

And last but not her post, that girl is NUTS! LOL
She made some alpha to go with the bag! Now don't forget your manners!

Well, that's about it today! Have a GREAT day everyone and stay safe!!
Chow for Now!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The War is ON!!

My sisters are up to no good again!!! I have to
find a way to keep those two APART!
After reading my blog last week, which I am sure they
had a blast reading it and thinking of ways to make my
life a bit more miserable than it already is.... but I promise
I will not BORE you all with those little teenage problems...the
only thing I am going to say on that subject is... if you have
small children... Love them dearly now, cause I can PROMISE
you that when they become teenagers something takes hold
of their brain and you will not even believe you gave birth
to that child.
The scoop this weekend is this... Kim wants to have Thanksgiving
with her in laws this year, go figure, she never wanted
to do that any other year!!! So yesterday on the way
to our scrap meeting Lisa nonchalantly tells me this and
we are not have Thanksgiving on THANKSGIVING but we
are going to have it Wednesday instead!!!!!!!!!!! What are
these people thinking!!!! I think they both have lost their
damn minds!!!!! My heart just stopped and my brain
went into thinking mode, how am I gonna swing a dinner
on Thanksgiving! Have I told you that they are EVIL!!! LOL
Lisa and I are making our Christmas cards together, she has
a bit more time than me,lol... so she did Thanksgiving cards this
year, wanna see hers???? Oh I think your gonna love it!!!

Funny huh????
The Orchard Knolls is the seafood place where we
usually get our clams!
Then last night after everything finally settles down
here and I get all the screaming out of my system
for one day, I finally get on my computer and head
over to SBM.. Only to almost bust a rib laughing at this
layout by Melanie! I have to show ya all, and I think
my sisters will get a kick out of it as well!!! Thanks Mel,
you ended my night in laughter... I soooo needed that! LOL

I love it and I sure hope to see my
name as the winner!!!!! At this point of the game I am
not sure who is gonna win, I am really not looking
forward to clams that's for sure! And the grilled cheese
sandwiches for Christmas are a bit extreme for me, as
my dear sisters offered to bring Turkey soup for the
sandwiches!!! The nerve, I tell ya! Actually, they better be
kidding, or I am not going to be a happy camper this
year!!!! Can someone adopt me just for the holidays???
I promise I won't bring any baggage, I will leave
it all at home!!! LOL
Now with all this talk about turkey I decide to make my own...
in digi form of course...LOL I know there are others out there
that are more nicer and I was going to do a whole kit, but I
am really sick of doing the browns and oranges. I am in the
greens and reds mode at the moment....LOL I did finish my kit
for the train and I really LOVE the way it came out. My next
adventure is doing something like a blue Christmas.....but I
haven't even started it yet, just in the thinking mode! But for
now I got this turkey if ya want it, I think its fitting with all
the turkey talk
Here is the preview:

Click HERE to download it.

My dear friend Jazz is BACK!!! YIPPIE....she's not DEAD!!!! LOL
(private joke, some will get it and laugh)
others just ignore that ok?? LOL
She has some AWESOME wordart up in her store. I am sorry
to say, I haven't done a layout with any of it,
(preparing myself for the wet noodle)
I tried!!! I swear!!! But I will! I promise!!! Everything just needs to
click, and NOTHING was clicking for me last week. I tried several
layouts, but nothing seemed to come together. It will come back
to me, don't know when, but it will.... But you got to see this
word art.... Here are some previews....

I love the teenage ones, and even though I have them, I don't
wish to be taking pictures of them right now, I don't want to
remember these times, I hope they go away and I totally forget
they even existed, so that is why you do not see too many of
my kids now....maybe later when they get their BRAINS back!
Love the Christmas ones too and they will go perfect with all your
holiday layouts!
Click HERE to get all her wonderful wordart!

I know this is a long post and you all must be so BORED by
now but please just bear with me for a few more minutes.
My dear friend Renee, whom you all might remember, started
me on this blog adventure has given me the Sweety Award...

how sweet is that! Thanks so much Renee! Now I am suppose
to give this to 7 peeps.... This is the hard part... I went blog hunting
last night to see who doesn't have this award, cause I figured I
would give it to the people that I visit regularly and don't have it..
There are 2 peeps that I visit daily that don't have it and I think
they are really sweeties. So, I give this to... Eila and Melanie!

The next 5 are my CHILLS group!
Someday I will explain CHILLS...but not
Smile, Jazz, Eye, Eng and Sue
(Not all have blogs....YET...but I think they still deserve it!)
Love ya guys and I think you are all soo sweet...
yes, even you Eye....LOL (You got me on a good day) LMAO

Well, that is about all I got for today, I need to go food shopping
today since I didn't go last week and we are out of everything.
Plus the wash is gathering dust so I better tackle that today too.
Have a great day everyone and stay save!!!!
Chow for Now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Traditions or NOT???

Although I love my sisters with all my heart,
they sure have a way with toying with me,
some would say they are the down right EVIL!
They do make me laugh, but this time they
have gone to far! First off, I think there is one
thing you all most know, I am a traditionalist.
(Is that really a word??) For the holidays, I
love the old fashion things, ya know, like
pork and sauerkraut for New Years Day,
Ham on Easter and TURKEY for Thanksgiving!!!
There are 3 big holidays with all take turns with.
Kim gets Easter, Lisa gets Thanksgiving and I
get Christmas. I was informed this weekend that
the main dish for Thanksgiving is going to be
clams.... CLAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I can't even tell
my hubby yet, cause he doesn't eat seafood!!!
Now don't get me wrong... I love CLAMS.... in
the summer, for a BBQ picnic, Memorial Day, Labor
Day or even the summer Birthdays. But for
Thanksgiving..... NO WAY!!!!!!!! Then I was told
to make potato salad or pasta salad.... NO WAY!!!!
I make the twice baked potatoes... 20lbs... yeah, way
too much, but they are a hit on the holiday... NOT
a salad!!! Now the tough part, how do I convince
these 2 devils to have a turkey???
I got 2 1/2 weeks to change their minds!!!
I swear they do this just to get my blood pressure
up! And if we have CLAMS on Thanksgiving, we
are having grilled cheese sandwiches on Christmas!!!
Yeah, I say that, but it won't happen... I have to have
the ham and roast beef!! Every year I say I am cutting
back, but that just hasn't happened... YET
But this might be the year to do drastic things!!! LOL
Help me peeps, how do I get Lisa to make a turkey???

Well, I did it... I finished KimB's color challenge at DSO.
I download her swatch every month, but never seem
to find time to do it. All these swatches and nothing
to show for it until this month! Ya know, I don't even
know what the gift is for doing it, actually don't really
care either, I just like to do it for FUN....
it sure got my creative juices flowing and it makes me
practice all the stuff I have to learn! I can't say I am a
pro at this, or even that good, but I am getting there
slowlyyyyy. Want to see it?? "Sure", you say....ok LOL
Here is the preview.

Not too bad, huh? I found the liquify effect and gosh,
I love playing with that!!! I am sure it will come in handy
for alot of things. Give me time, I'll get it down pat!
Anyway you click HERE to get it.

I see 4 shared has done some changes, I for one am
NOT happy with it! You have to sign up to leave a
comment, which really isn't that bad, but then you have
to leave your email address and that to me is a
BIG NO NO.....I don't give out my email address freely
like that! I don't think 4 share is thinking properly, so
until they change that, I am disabling the comments.
I don't need to know all your addresses, and neither
does the whole world!!! So if you like to leave a
comment, and I do LOVE reading them, please leave
it in the comment section here. I know alot of peeps
are NOT going to do that, and it's a shame!
Heck, its was hard for a lot of peeps to leave a
message in 4 share, let alone in the comment section
here. Let's just hope they change it back the old way....
yeah, I see a pattern here, I don't like change....LOL

Before I go, I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to
all our Veterans out there. You all sacrifice so much,
so we all can be safe!!! Our Freedom rests on their
shoulders! THANK YOU for all that you have done and
continue to do! So please everyone, take a few
moments to pray for all our soldiers out there!

Well, its time for me to get something else besides
computer work done for today! Have a great day
everyone and stay safe!
Chow for now!!

**amendment** **amendment** **amendment**

I figured out how to just put a name in 4share...
quite simple, I must say...LOL You have to sign
in and go to My account... then to Public Profile...
Where it says name..put what you want to be called and
I also put that name where it says Publisher....
hit save and WALA! I tried it and it works perfectly.
I guess I will enable the comment section and see
how it goes.....
To Vana63.... I know you had a problem regard signing
out of 4 shared.... at the top next to the question
mark is a little red circle...hit that and it
will sign you out.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Smaller download files

It was brought to my attention about my files being
to big to download. This is all a learning
experience for me and I promise to get it
right one of these days....LOL I too, used to have
dial up and still remember how slowwwwww it
took to download stuff.
Gratitude was my first kit I ever made and uploaded.
I must of uploaded it at least 20 times, to get it right...
then I thought, (stupid me) that having it in one huge
file would be easier for everyone, so the 21st time I
put it all together! LOL I am still not sure what
is easier for everyone, cause I personally like
to download everything in one shot....well, I do have
high speed Internet But for those that don't
I have rezipped up my part of the Gratitude Kit into
3 parts....GO FOR IT.... dial-up Now for
anyone who has downloaded the other zip file DON'T
download this one too....I promise it's the same, just
smaller files! I think what I will do from now on is have
my stuff, if its 2 for elements and one
for papers.... Hope that helps EVERYONE out... I know I
can't please everyone but I hope this will help!
You can download them here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Ohhhh, my tooth.... I don't know who is praying for me,
but whoever it is...please keep going....ITS WORKING....
pain finally went away yesterday. YIPPIEEEEEEE....
maybe something just got stuck in the gum or something.
I was soo relieved to wake up and be pain free.....
and I don't have to call that stupid
Anyway.....I am off to do my Christmas Cards with my sister....
Yesterday it took all day just to figure out what I am
doing with it, but now that I know I got a ton of work to do.
So have a wonderful Sunday ya'll!!!!
Chow for now!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We DID it!!!!!

Yeahhh, we made Kimmy cry! Mission Accomplished!!!
I gotta say you peeps are the GREATEST!!! Thanks to
everyone who wished Kim a Fantastic Birthday... I think this
will be one birthday she NEVER forgets....hahaha
I also want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who left a
message for me... I am sooo overwhelmed, you peeps
really shocked the crap out me with over 1,000 downloads.... yeah!!!!
that's a 1st for me! WAHOOO, doing da
Now that that's over with I can concentrate on my layouts,
I got so many done the past few days. I am finally getting
caught up! Saturday I got 4 done over at Scrap Orchard...
that place is pretty cool and with it being National
Scrapbooking Day they had lots of challenges, which
helped me get my butt in gear. lol Then I couldn't stop
so the rest of week I got ALL my Halloween ones done...
ohhhh, they came out really cool... I wanted to play
with the kids and make them kinda different than the
ordinary Halloween layouts....I think I accomplished that
too....LOL wanna see them???
Well, I do post them in the SBM gallery. I like to have
them all in one spot... kwim... but I will post a few
here too...and hey, It's my blog and I can do
whatever I want with it.....hahahaha

The Boys waiting for the Great Pumpkin....couldn't resist this shot!

I LOVE how this one came out!

Batty Brett.... just tooo cute!

Zander with a new

Brooke could be Hanna Montana's

I used Jazzy's Halloween Word Art on this one, it fit prefectly!
Jazz has a bunch of good
Halloween Word Art for all your layouts...
You can check it out HERE!

Whatcha think??? Pretty Cool huh???? LOL
(credits for these are all in my gallery)
And I got all these printed out and put in books...
Ohhhh I am on a roll.... lmao
I promised Kim I would do her Color Challenge this month,
so I am in the process of that, plus I am doing the Holly
Jolly Blog train for Xmas and still working on that too...
Sooo I got loads to keep me busy!
I guess I am trying to keep busy so I can stop thinking
about this toothache I am having AGAIN.... I am sooooo
afraid to call that dentist AGAIN!!!! I am praying to God
that it's just a filling that needs to replaced and not have
another pulled. That was the most terrifying feeling,
and I never want to do that again!!!! I take such good
care of my teeth, I don't know what the crap is happening
to them....maybe I am just getting old! LOL I guess
I will give it another few days and hopefully it will stop,
if not......UGHHHHH!

Well that's all I got for now, nothing new has been happening
and I don't have anything going on for the next week or so.
But I'll come up with something I am sure.

Ohhh....Before I go I want to wish a new friend a happy
birthday... I know it was yesterday, but with work and all
I didn't really do any bloggin yesterday.
So Eila............ Hope everything that makes you happy was
yours on your special day... And I hope the coming year
brings you all the best. Happy Belated Birthday!

Now take care everyone and stay safe!!!
Chow for Now!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Kimmyyyyyyyyy,
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Wishing You...Time to enjoy the gifts of each day.
Laughter to help meet life's many challenges.
Friends to share your joys. Dreams to keep you going.
Happiness through all the seasons of your life.
You are a very special person with very special gifts.
You are loving, cheerful and creative,
genuine and gentle. I thank you for sharing
all of your gifts with us. Have a wonderful BIRTHDAY!

Here is a layout done by Beth...with all your girls on it!

And now our gift to you.... we all have been working so
hard on this special gift, and all want to see you cry....LOL
I can't tell you how often we have all have emailed each
other, no kidding, some days the emails would never stop.
We laughed till we peed our pants. We knew the work
before your birthday would keep us busy, so we had most
of these kits done before hand...thank goodness...LOL
I just gotta tell you, well, you already know... But you
got yourself one HELL of a team. Not only are they creative
and the sweetest peeps in the world, they are extremely FUNNY!
I had a blast getting to know them better, some more than others,
like underwear on the garage roof,(and they weren't mine!!!! LOL)
NIPPLES (did I just say that out loud??)
(and they weren't mine either!!!! LOL)
but I won't mention any names.....hahahha
But the one thing we ALL have in common is we LOVE ya Kimmy
and we THANK-YOU for all you do!
Here is just a small token of all our love! It's called..... GRATITUDE!
(Are ya crying yet??? ) lmao
***handing you a box of puffs***

And for everyone else reading this......don't FRET.... you get it ALL too....
How cool is that????!!!! A Celebration of Kim's Birthday wouldn't be fun
if we kept it to ourselves!!! So all you wonderful peeps get to join
in the celebration....1 condition!!!! You have to go over to Kim's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday! Ok????

Now onto the gifts. Here are the previews of some of the goodies:

Not everything could be shown, cause its wayyyyy toooo much!
There are tons of embellishments, alphas, papers, wordart and Brag Book Pages.
Here is the preview to mine:

Click HERE to get it.
***If this file is too big for you to download please see Sunday, Nov. 8th post!***
Now the fun part..... Kim's CT created a blog HOP on it and enjoy
the ride! Don't forget your manners! Everyone has worked very hard on
this! Show some luv!!! And when your done.... dont FORGET!!! Go over
to Kim's blog and wish her a great birthday!

(I always wanted to say that) LOL

Kim's Birthday Blog Train.... the next stop is:

Jenni (Chaos Lounge)
Kristine (Wench'd Grafix)
LeAndrea (Doodle)
Linda (Jazzy)
Nett (Lady Grundlefunk)
Pamela (Luna)
Paula (PKDoll)
KimberlyRae - available at Renee's blog
Silvia (Phillsboo)

**please note** we are all in different time zones, so if you go to one of the blogs and its not up yet, please check back! They should all be on before tomorrow morning USA times.

Have A Great Time ya'll!!! Enjoy the scenery.....

Now dont forget Kim's grab bags are still on sale till Wednesday so if you haven't grab them, better hurry before the sale ends!!!!
Well it's time for me to head to bed, just wanted to get this
post up before Kimmy wakes up. So everyone have fun downloading!!!

Chow for Now!!!