Friday, November 28, 2008

Quick Post!

Just want ya all to know I WON!!!! Yeah!!!
We had TURKEY and NO CLAMS!!!!
Freakin' wacky sisters are sooo lucky!
But they still want grilled cheese sandwiches
for NO WAY... I control the
The day went rather smooth! No fighting or
anything! I gave my family the BEHAVE TODAY
or ELSE talk and get this.... IT WORKED!!!!
I do believe in miracles after all!!! I have
got to say this was the first year there
was no screaming before we left the house.
Now that Heather is driving she drove her and
Amber to Lisa's, so there was no bickering in
the backseat either....pure joy it was!!!
I have some pictures to show....I took loads
again... I think like 300 this year, never know
how they are gonna look until they are on the computer,
ya know! I will show just a few and I did a layout
of our annual family picture... plus, I decided to
do something a little different with it'll

Black Friday:
We were out the door at 5:00 am this morning and I got
home around 4:30 pm, I am dead tired but I did get almost
all my Christmas shopping done, just have to get Lisa, cause
she was with me, and it wouldn't be a surprise if she saw
Plus a few odds and ends, but the gist of it is done! Amen!
Now that Black Friday is done and all my funds are low...its
time to sit back a relax for a few days...aaahhhh, that's going
to be nice...just to relax!!!

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful day and shopped til they
dropped today, cause that's what I am about to do...DROP!
Gonna grab me self a turkey wrap and some pumpkin pie and veg the rest
of this evening!
Here are some photos of Thanksgiving....

This was on the inside of everyones placecard!

The STAR! of the day....hehehe

The 25lb of stuffed potatoes...I just stick this in the crockpot...and WALA!
they are all GONE!!!! lol

The 7 pies I made:

While the pies were baking, I went to my scraproom and whipped
out these little turkeys for everyone as a party favor...these are
peppermint patty

Wait till ya see what I do for Christmas....yeah, I get a tad carried

Here is the group layout.... my crazyyyy family!

This photo is of my hubbys family, which of course we had
to go there after Lisa's! Longgggg day!

and last but not least, a picture of all of us, where we wished
we could all be....I just had to do this
Yes, it was warm and sunny and everyone was wearing their
coats or jackets....hehehe but I still like it! lol

Pretty Cool huh??? LOL
Well that's it for me today.... gonna go rest this
weary body and pray hubby rubs my feet...hey, I can
still dream can't I???? LOL

Take Care Everyone!
Chow for Now!!!


Anonymous said...


Dork dancing my booty all over your blog!!!! Crops got TURKEY!!!!!! No clams for you chicky!!!! Oh I am so happy!!!!! you get a feast!!! Those taters and pies look YUMMY!!!!!! Got any leftovers?!!!

eilajean said...

LOL - I have been checking to make sure you got your turkey! YAY! No shopping til I drop for me - I would have had to leave home by 3 AM. Did I tell you I don't do mornings. Come to think of it, I thought you didn't either! I am holding out for cyber Monday!

Have a great one... I have a leftover turkey, smashed taters, and stuffing casserole in the oven. YUM!

Ciao ...

Anonymous said...

That turkey looked so so yummy.I am glad you enjoyed yourself.Very nice photos.Love the layout.Glad all went well and everyone went home safely.

Anonymous said...

forgot this is eye ha ha

cjpeterson38 said...

We decided to have turkey this year too! I am glad we did. Your pictures are great! Glad you had a good time.