Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Traditions or NOT???

Although I love my sisters with all my heart,
they sure have a way with toying with me,
some would say they are the down right EVIL!
They do make me laugh, but this time they
have gone to far! First off, I think there is one
thing you all most know, I am a traditionalist.
(Is that really a word??) For the holidays, I
love the old fashion things, ya know, like
pork and sauerkraut for New Years Day,
Ham on Easter and TURKEY for Thanksgiving!!!
There are 3 big holidays with all take turns with.
Kim gets Easter, Lisa gets Thanksgiving and I
get Christmas. I was informed this weekend that
the main dish for Thanksgiving is going to be
clams.... CLAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I can't even tell
my hubby yet, cause he doesn't eat seafood!!!
Now don't get me wrong... I love CLAMS.... in
the summer, for a BBQ picnic, Memorial Day, Labor
Day or even the summer Birthdays. But for
Thanksgiving..... NO WAY!!!!!!!! Then I was told
to make potato salad or pasta salad.... NO WAY!!!!
I make the twice baked potatoes... 20lbs... yeah, way
too much, but they are a hit on the holiday... NOT
a salad!!! Now the tough part, how do I convince
these 2 devils to have a turkey???
I got 2 1/2 weeks to change their minds!!!
I swear they do this just to get my blood pressure
up! And if we have CLAMS on Thanksgiving, we
are having grilled cheese sandwiches on Christmas!!!
Yeah, I say that, but it won't happen... I have to have
the ham and roast beef!! Every year I say I am cutting
back, but that just hasn't happened... YET
But this might be the year to do drastic things!!! LOL
Help me peeps, how do I get Lisa to make a turkey???

Well, I did it... I finished KimB's color challenge at DSO.
I download her swatch every month, but never seem
to find time to do it. All these swatches and nothing
to show for it until this month! Ya know, I don't even
know what the gift is for doing it, actually don't really
care either, I just like to do it for FUN....
it sure got my creative juices flowing and it makes me
practice all the stuff I have to learn! I can't say I am a
pro at this, or even that good, but I am getting there
slowlyyyyy. Want to see it?? "Sure", you say....ok LOL
Here is the preview.

Not too bad, huh? I found the liquify effect and gosh,
I love playing with that!!! I am sure it will come in handy
for alot of things. Give me time, I'll get it down pat!
Anyway you click HERE to get it.

I see 4 shared has done some changes, I for one am
NOT happy with it! You have to sign up to leave a
comment, which really isn't that bad, but then you have
to leave your email address and that to me is a
BIG NO NO.....I don't give out my email address freely
like that! I don't think 4 share is thinking properly, so
until they change that, I am disabling the comments.
I don't need to know all your addresses, and neither
does the whole world!!! So if you like to leave a
comment, and I do LOVE reading them, please leave
it in the comment section here. I know alot of peeps
are NOT going to do that, and it's a shame!
Heck, its was hard for a lot of peeps to leave a
message in 4 share, let alone in the comment section
here. Let's just hope they change it back the old way....
yeah, I see a pattern here, I don't like change....LOL

Before I go, I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to
all our Veterans out there. You all sacrifice so much,
so we all can be safe!!! Our Freedom rests on their
shoulders! THANK YOU for all that you have done and
continue to do! So please everyone, take a few
moments to pray for all our soldiers out there!

Well, its time for me to get something else besides
computer work done for today! Have a great day
everyone and stay safe!
Chow for now!!

**amendment** **amendment** **amendment**

I figured out how to just put a name in 4share...
quite simple, I must say...LOL You have to sign
in and go to My account... then to Public Profile...
Where it says name..put what you want to be called and
I also put that name where it says Publisher....
hit save and WALA! I tried it and it works perfectly.
I guess I will enable the comment section and see
how it goes.....
To Vana63.... I know you had a problem regard signing
out of 4 shared.... at the top next to the question
mark is a little red circle...hit that and it
will sign you out.


Anonymous said...

Morning Carol!!

I'm a traditionalist too..I dont adapt well to change. Christmas Eve we had clam chowder & a fondue as a kid and it is till a tradition I keep up...I dont envy you co-ercing your EVIL (yes I said it) sisters...if it was me I'd just lay down the law, but then I'm cranky like that..LOL

Thanks so much for the freebie!!! LOVE it to death!!! (even though 4Shared is a total shit lately..)


MrsJayBob said...

Clams!?! Bummer! I'm with you on tradition. We're (my hubby's side) a predominantly German family so each holiday has it's own traditional food. Living in the midwest - seafood, of any type, is never on the menu :)
Love your freebie! Excellent work!

mmikes said...

I agree..no email address with 4 shared.
This is wonderful. Thanks so much.

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

Very pretty CC kit!!! I did read somewhere that if you go into your 4shared profile, you can change what gets displayed so you're email addy doesn't!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this LOVELY kit!!!!!!!!!

Kim B said...

HAHAHA- well we don't do Thanks giving- but I'm a traditionalist too when it comes to holiday food- so Clams sort of sounds like a big no no to me- BWHAHAHA

WOOOHOOOOOO- you did the challenge- OMG, I haven't even been in there today- will have to check in the morning- *might snow here still tho*- hahaha
Crops it looks AWESOME GIRL!! WOWZA's! Thanks for sharing it too

eilajean said...

OK, so I have been busy since I popped in to comment on your recent entry. Here is the 411 on the 4shared think. You can go into your account and under settings, take off the ability to send private message. You can also go to public profile and uncheck show email. I think you need to do both of those things.

As far as Thanksgiving, let the sistas know that clams will be a lovely addition to the APPETIZERS. Ham is for Easter, Prime Rib is nice for Christmas - although when I live in Pennsylvania, we had Lasagna at my sister's because her husband was Italian, and we used to g have champagne every year at the neighbors... so a lasagna in the oven was easier after SEVERAL bottles LOL. Anyway TURKEY is for Thanksgiving... it is what the Pilgrims had and it is a TRADITION!!! Tell them I said so. and my one little tip - cook it breast down for the first 2/3rds of the baking time. The juice from the dark meat will run into the white meat, and the white meat will melt in your mouth... after you flip it back to breast up... baste it, and it will be perfect. I never lie about food!

Maybe you can buy your sistas a book about the first Thanksgiving.

Now, in case you wonder if I read the entire post, my DH is currently out playing with fire. LOL. We have several slash piles from all the freaking trees we cleaned up. Send your DH on over if he feels the need to burn wood! ROTFL!!! We use our wood stove, but open the doors to keep the temp balanced. Since it is too warm to have the furnace turn on there can not be issues about heating the outdoors.

OK, I am almost finished with my book! In regards to the comment on my post...the CS4 has been purchased. I agree that everyone should be able to rent a college kid... As for the backups. I had 90+ GB of photos... I was burning many many DVDs. I just have to remember in the future to burn them when I get to 4GB of photos. I have a big ole notebook to store them and everything...

Love your latest kit. You do really nice work! And I sat and watched your slide show for a little while. I love your photos... there are a couple I found incredible... Later tater!


Vana63 said...

First and foremost...you did a wonderful job with Kims challenge colors, its turned out beautifully, Thank You!!!

2nd...argh, I hate what 4shared did :-( I for one fell for their "sign up for an account to leave a comment" and havent been able to sign out of it ever since! Plus, it still doesnt give me a comment box, argh again!

3rd...Im with you, CLAMS for Thanksgiving just isnt right for this ole midwestern girl either, haha

pkdoll said...

Gorgeous kit GF!!! You have done it again. I'm so jealous!! I agree with you on the Thanksgiving thing. I can see if they want clams as a secondary dish for those who would enjoy it, but for those who don't eat seafood or prefer the turkey thing they should be serving that as well. I'm big on tradition too. Thanksgiving just isn't thanksgiving without turkey.
I'm upset about the 4shared thing!!! I signed in to leave a comment and it has published my email addy. That's very upsetting to me. As big as 4shared is they should know that it is not a good thing to publish everyone's email addy, and I can see I wont be leaving any comments on there anymore. But once again-your kit is absolutely beautiful.:)

Sue said...

Thanks for the beautiful kit! :)

makeyesup said...

Great job on the color challenge. Sure hope that you have your turkey on thanksgiving, don't think clams is such a super idea. A lot of people wouldn't like that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 12 Nov [LA 01:27am, NY 04:27am, UK 09:27am, OZ 08:27pm] ).

Anonymous said...

Lovely kit. Thank you so much for sharing!

Melanie said...

I have GOT to stop reading your blog at work. I read this one and when you said you'd have grilled cheese for Christmas I burst out laughing and all the customers in my waiting room looked at me like I was nuts. Which, of course, is debatable, but still.......do you HAVE to be so funny?

If this were MY sisters, I'd swear they did it on purpose so I'd do Thanksgiving next year along with Christmas. But since they're yours, they probably have the same thing in mind. LOL! And did you threaten them with the grilled cheese sandwiches? And that didn't scare them off? I'd say you're in trouble, then. Why don't you make up a petition and if that doesn't work, rent a stadium, set up some greek columns and take a vote on it..........What? It could work. It's happened before.

Love the CC kit. Everything is just gorgeous! Especially the papers. Thanks for sharing!

Pamela said...

Good luck on that Turkey thing LOL!! I'm in the same boat, Auntie decided to have chili and tamales, me making the tamales?????? UGH!!! That's ok, I fixed ours, we're having 2 dinners, one at noon with family and another that night with me and the kids, never done that before so I reckon we'll make some special memories and who knows, maybe we'll start a new family tradition!!. They're getting older and will have their own families soon so they can go to in-laws during the day and momma at night?? Thinkin positive ROTF. LOVELY job on your kit Carol. You'll be a designer in no time :-).

Anonymous said...

This is really pretty, thank you for sharing.

Lisa said...

I also have to have my traditions on the holidays, but I've gotta say the clams and grilled cheese sandwiches cracked me up! You did a wonderful job on Kim's cc kit! Thanks so much for sharing and good luck with the holiday meals!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gotta have the traditions. That is what being part of a family means to me. CLAMS?? oh hell no. LOL!!! Thanks for your lovely kit, too. You do really nice work. Bless you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello sister dear! So you are still not jumping on board with some clams...Hmmm...how bout we make some ribs and coleslaw with them. Corn on the cob? I bet that would cheer them Pilgrims up just a bit! I see some other great ideas on here. Lasagna? Tamales? Hmmm...we could do a whole mexican theme. Come on Crops, come to other side...It'll be fun. I'll even get a pinata! I know we could fill it with turkey! By the way, Grilled Cheese for Christmas, How wonderful. Nothing says downhome comfort like grilled cheese. I find myself singing...Hark, the Herald Angels sing, Carol is the grilled cheese king...I'm sure me and your other sister could have it all written in time for Christmas. Our little present to you! Happy Holidays Croppie...See ya on Thanksgiving!

Love, (your SWEET sister) Lisa

Anonymous said...

Yikes, sorry about the clams. I'm with you, Thanksgiving should be turkey! By the way, love the kit!

Crystal Johnson said...

Carol GF! this is great you did an amazing job!!!! WTGo! Keep it up and wait until you see Kimbob's pressie. I make scrap recipe cards with mine all the time with the mini kits they are so nice. I will probably be doing my color challenge with this kit this month though, life is so crazy right now, getting ready for the remodel and my body has declared WAR on my skin ROFL don't laugh I posted it all on the blog. make sure to catch the sweet tart kit this month it is a mega one again. Hugs you did awesome hun!!! CrystalInMinn

Carmen said...

Awesome elements. Thank You

Peggie said...

Thank you. This is gorgeous. Lovely Elements!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh are you ever doing excellent.Wow love this kit.What program are you using.
I bet they are buggin you and when you go it will be what you want ha ha

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh I forgot this is eye ha ha.Wrote you a message and forgotmy name xo

Anonymous said...

tfs your great kit!

Anonymous said...

Stand your ground Croppie see if you can't get some of the men in the family to stand behind you..I bet they want the big traditional TGD too..Love the kit you made for Kim's color challenge..you just get better n better..
I have an award for you on my blog for you to pick up...Hugs and Luv Jazzy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely kit. Love the colors.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the gift, its lovely. I am with you, clams have thier place but its not on thanksgiving. Not trusting 4shared, I have a 2nd addy I use for odds and ends and I used that one as alot of blogs require google ID or blogger and I dont have either. Within days my email was flodded with advertising spam, comments are far and few why make it harder for people to leave them?


nanwu said...

hey just wanted to say great job with the colour challenge and thank you for sharing with us....we don't celebrate thanks giving, but you have my vote traditions are very important....and a note about teenagers..did you know that aliens abduct them on there 13th birthday and screw with there brains (thats why the drive a crazy) it's an evil plot to try and take over the world...but stay sane and eventually the teenagers brains revert back to human brains...so hang in there and don't let the Aliens win LOL

Anonymous said...

I leaved coments and thank yous whenever I can. Sometimes it won't allow an anonymus but thats Ok I love the girls in my heart. when they have the choice, I leave some love---lots of love...and then I put my name Corrine in WA

Anonymous said...

Lovely kit - thank you for sharing!

Vicki said...

Thanks a bunch!

clubiani said...

thank you so much for sharing your time and talent