Thursday, November 6, 2008

We DID it!!!!!

Yeahhh, we made Kimmy cry! Mission Accomplished!!!
I gotta say you peeps are the GREATEST!!! Thanks to
everyone who wished Kim a Fantastic Birthday... I think this
will be one birthday she NEVER forgets....hahaha
I also want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who left a
message for me... I am sooo overwhelmed, you peeps
really shocked the crap out me with over 1,000 downloads.... yeah!!!!
that's a 1st for me! WAHOOO, doing da
Now that that's over with I can concentrate on my layouts,
I got so many done the past few days. I am finally getting
caught up! Saturday I got 4 done over at Scrap Orchard...
that place is pretty cool and with it being National
Scrapbooking Day they had lots of challenges, which
helped me get my butt in gear. lol Then I couldn't stop
so the rest of week I got ALL my Halloween ones done...
ohhhh, they came out really cool... I wanted to play
with the kids and make them kinda different than the
ordinary Halloween layouts....I think I accomplished that
too....LOL wanna see them???
Well, I do post them in the SBM gallery. I like to have
them all in one spot... kwim... but I will post a few
here too...and hey, It's my blog and I can do
whatever I want with it.....hahahaha

The Boys waiting for the Great Pumpkin....couldn't resist this shot!

I LOVE how this one came out!

Batty Brett.... just tooo cute!

Zander with a new

Brooke could be Hanna Montana's

I used Jazzy's Halloween Word Art on this one, it fit prefectly!
Jazz has a bunch of good
Halloween Word Art for all your layouts...
You can check it out HERE!

Whatcha think??? Pretty Cool huh???? LOL
(credits for these are all in my gallery)
And I got all these printed out and put in books...
Ohhhh I am on a roll.... lmao
I promised Kim I would do her Color Challenge this month,
so I am in the process of that, plus I am doing the Holly
Jolly Blog train for Xmas and still working on that too...
Sooo I got loads to keep me busy!
I guess I am trying to keep busy so I can stop thinking
about this toothache I am having AGAIN.... I am sooooo
afraid to call that dentist AGAIN!!!! I am praying to God
that it's just a filling that needs to replaced and not have
another pulled. That was the most terrifying feeling,
and I never want to do that again!!!! I take such good
care of my teeth, I don't know what the crap is happening
to them....maybe I am just getting old! LOL I guess
I will give it another few days and hopefully it will stop,
if not......UGHHHHH!

Well that's all I got for now, nothing new has been happening
and I don't have anything going on for the next week or so.
But I'll come up with something I am sure.

Ohhh....Before I go I want to wish a new friend a happy
birthday... I know it was yesterday, but with work and all
I didn't really do any bloggin yesterday.
So Eila............ Hope everything that makes you happy was
yours on your special day... And I hope the coming year
brings you all the best. Happy Belated Birthday!

Now take care everyone and stay safe!!!
Chow for Now!!!


Anonymous said...

Hiya Carol!!!

LOVE the layouts!!!! My fave is the dinosaur roar!! Too cool!

Hope the tooth isn't a major job...a filling is liveable...pulling one is me I know!

Have a great day!

eilajean said...

Those Halloween layouts are so freakin' cool!!! I am impressed! I think the photoshop is on the truck hauling that wood your direction. Believe me, if I could send you some of the trees, I would. We found a new lodge pole down on the south lot... May get to it, may not... Right now, we have 4 cords in the wood shed, and about 6 cords in the wood lot. We are covered for the next 3 years, at least, and there is always MORE So grab that pickup, and head on out to Montana!

Yes we get alot of snow - but I still remember being snowed in during the blizzard of 93. Man, that was insane!!! I lived in orchard country. (near Gettsberg) Our township plows were too small - after 3 days, the farmers on our road dug us out. In Montana, a foot of snow is nothing... you can still drive in it because it usually powder. We do have snow shoes, and we use them. Me? I want a snow mobile for Christmas!!! Have a great day Miss Carol. I hope your tooth gets better. drink more water - no soda - remember whatever you put in your mouth when you have a tooth ache... you put into your blood stream.

ciao lady!


Nett (Lady_Grundlefunk) said...

Just thought I'd come check up on you and see what kind of trouble you're causing LOL!
Man, that dino LO is wicked, I love it!! I'm so keeping my fingers crossed for you on the tooth issue. I coulndn't relate more, and feel so sorry for you girl!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol.
Love your blog. It is so full of energy! The Gratitude kit is so pretty, but I'm on dial-up and really need smaller parts. Would it be too difficult to break it into 3 downloads for us poor souls still using dial-up? We would so appreciate it. Thank you and good day.

MrsJayBob said...

Love the halloween layouts! I remember how much fun that was when my girls were little. Sometimes I miss that.