Monday, November 17, 2008

The War is ON!!

My sisters are up to no good again!!! I have to
find a way to keep those two APART!
After reading my blog last week, which I am sure they
had a blast reading it and thinking of ways to make my
life a bit more miserable than it already is.... but I promise
I will not BORE you all with those little teenage problems...the
only thing I am going to say on that subject is... if you have
small children... Love them dearly now, cause I can PROMISE
you that when they become teenagers something takes hold
of their brain and you will not even believe you gave birth
to that child.
The scoop this weekend is this... Kim wants to have Thanksgiving
with her in laws this year, go figure, she never wanted
to do that any other year!!! So yesterday on the way
to our scrap meeting Lisa nonchalantly tells me this and
we are not have Thanksgiving on THANKSGIVING but we
are going to have it Wednesday instead!!!!!!!!!!! What are
these people thinking!!!! I think they both have lost their
damn minds!!!!! My heart just stopped and my brain
went into thinking mode, how am I gonna swing a dinner
on Thanksgiving! Have I told you that they are EVIL!!! LOL
Lisa and I are making our Christmas cards together, she has
a bit more time than me,lol... so she did Thanksgiving cards this
year, wanna see hers???? Oh I think your gonna love it!!!

Funny huh????
The Orchard Knolls is the seafood place where we
usually get our clams!
Then last night after everything finally settles down
here and I get all the screaming out of my system
for one day, I finally get on my computer and head
over to SBM.. Only to almost bust a rib laughing at this
layout by Melanie! I have to show ya all, and I think
my sisters will get a kick out of it as well!!! Thanks Mel,
you ended my night in laughter... I soooo needed that! LOL

I love it and I sure hope to see my
name as the winner!!!!! At this point of the game I am
not sure who is gonna win, I am really not looking
forward to clams that's for sure! And the grilled cheese
sandwiches for Christmas are a bit extreme for me, as
my dear sisters offered to bring Turkey soup for the
sandwiches!!! The nerve, I tell ya! Actually, they better be
kidding, or I am not going to be a happy camper this
year!!!! Can someone adopt me just for the holidays???
I promise I won't bring any baggage, I will leave
it all at home!!! LOL
Now with all this talk about turkey I decide to make my own...
in digi form of course...LOL I know there are others out there
that are more nicer and I was going to do a whole kit, but I
am really sick of doing the browns and oranges. I am in the
greens and reds mode at the moment....LOL I did finish my kit
for the train and I really LOVE the way it came out. My next
adventure is doing something like a blue Christmas.....but I
haven't even started it yet, just in the thinking mode! But for
now I got this turkey if ya want it, I think its fitting with all
the turkey talk
Here is the preview:

Click HERE to download it.

My dear friend Jazz is BACK!!! YIPPIE....she's not DEAD!!!! LOL
(private joke, some will get it and laugh)
others just ignore that ok?? LOL
She has some AWESOME wordart up in her store. I am sorry
to say, I haven't done a layout with any of it,
(preparing myself for the wet noodle)
I tried!!! I swear!!! But I will! I promise!!! Everything just needs to
click, and NOTHING was clicking for me last week. I tried several
layouts, but nothing seemed to come together. It will come back
to me, don't know when, but it will.... But you got to see this
word art.... Here are some previews....

I love the teenage ones, and even though I have them, I don't
wish to be taking pictures of them right now, I don't want to
remember these times, I hope they go away and I totally forget
they even existed, so that is why you do not see too many of
my kids now....maybe later when they get their BRAINS back!
Love the Christmas ones too and they will go perfect with all your
holiday layouts!
Click HERE to get all her wonderful wordart!

I know this is a long post and you all must be so BORED by
now but please just bear with me for a few more minutes.
My dear friend Renee, whom you all might remember, started
me on this blog adventure has given me the Sweety Award...

how sweet is that! Thanks so much Renee! Now I am suppose
to give this to 7 peeps.... This is the hard part... I went blog hunting
last night to see who doesn't have this award, cause I figured I
would give it to the people that I visit regularly and don't have it..
There are 2 peeps that I visit daily that don't have it and I think
they are really sweeties. So, I give this to... Eila and Melanie!

The next 5 are my CHILLS group!
Someday I will explain CHILLS...but not
Smile, Jazz, Eye, Eng and Sue
(Not all have blogs....YET...but I think they still deserve it!)
Love ya guys and I think you are all soo sweet...
yes, even you Eye....LOL (You got me on a good day) LMAO

Well, that is about all I got for today, I need to go food shopping
today since I didn't go last week and we are out of everything.
Plus the wash is gathering dust so I better tackle that today too.
Have a great day everyone and stay save!!!!
Chow for Now!


Melanie said...

Hahaha! You're welcome! What are friends for except to bring laughter and sunshine to our friends.......and a shoulder to cry on when they get clams for Thanksgiving dinner! I'm not at all sure you're going to win this one, Crops. So just remember, I'm here for ya, GF!

So glad to see Jazz is back and not "Dead" after all! (slapping my thigh, now. LOL!) Love her wordart!!! And she's such a good friend to everyone that I'm sure she'll lend you a shoulder to cry on too. (rotfl!)

Thanks for the award, my friend! You deserve it more, though, since you really are a sweetie down deep inside. I knew you really liked Eye! (a clue for those not in the know- go to SBM and check out the forum) And I agree with all your choices. They are a bunch of sweeties, too.

Anonymous said...

Your turkey is so so cute.Love your layout.When I get feeling better I shall make something sweet with it.

Inspired Mommie Designs: Creative Team said...
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pkdoll said...

Crops I always love to read your blog--it's guaranteed to make me smile!!! Most times laugh out loud!!! I love your turkey--it's soooo darn cute! As for coming to my place for fondue--you have an open invitation to come whenever you want. Let me know when you will be here and I will make sure I have everything we need for fondue and lots of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 17 Nov [LA 09:00pm] - 18 Nov [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 04:00pm] ).

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards for Thanksgiving… both of you have done a great job.

Anonymous said...

Love your turkey, thank you very much for sharing with us!

Dianna said...

Truth be told, I'm sick of fall colors. However, I've got one more week of Talkin' Turkey to put together and your Turkey will be a great add on! Thanks a lot!

eilajean said...

Great blog - sisters, always such an interesting dynamic! I think (hope) they are just messing with you. We can set a place for you at our table - but you have a really long way to travel - LOL!

Thank you for the award... it is too sweet, as are you. I hope to post today - in a little more sane manner than yesterday. The wedding book I am working on is not completely your traditional wedding layout. The bride had a fall motif - sunflowers and leaves. It was sweet, so I am using the fall splendor stuff, as well as yours to create the pages... And guess what Crops - the reception was....

TURKEY dinner with all the trimmings. I even made a big ole batch of southern sweet potatoes.... well yams actually. I make them with yams and apples and pecans... YUMMY. I thought of you while we were feasting - all 200 of us. LOL

The sun is shining and I have work to do, but you have a great day!

mega hugs!

and tell those sisters of yours to KNOCK IT OFF - cuz eila said so... LMAO

lwlittlebit said...

Thanks so much for the cute turkey!

Diana said...

OMG!! That turkey/clam thing is just too too funneeeeeeeeee!! Just when we think things are a little boring, someone (nope, not mentioning your name, Melanie... oops *GASP*) comes along and just SLATHERS us with laughs!!

Thanks for the drop-by on my blog and leaving me the wonderful thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

OH Crops my friend you never fail to make me laugh in some way..The TDAY Battle is so funny and Mel's page turned over my tickle box...but ya know girl you have me to vent to and I will put a nice soft pad on my shoulder for you to cry on just cause I love ya! Your turkey is so him
Thanks for the very nice comments and plug for my new word art..I sure thank you. Now I know how you feel about the teenage years but one day you will look back and wish you had them again..believe it or not LOL
Im not really looking forward to the holidays this year so keep the funny stuff coming..I love ya hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh yes my feeble mind forgot to thank you for the award..CHILLS are the best love all of them dearly!

eilajean said...

Hi there, hope the potatoes haven't gotten the best of you yet - I am downloading this "bird" in honor of a layout I am going to post on my blog - yes - 2 days in a row - 2 in one day!!! and now 3 days in a row - the third being dedicated to you ... LOL and the Thrilla in PA!

Vicki said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carol for your freebie Wonderland, beautiful as always!xo

Anonymous said...

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