Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!!!

The holidays are upon us....man it just feels like last
week we were taking down the tree, now at the end of
the week it will go back up again. My dog isn't going
to be a happy camper that's for sure, we won't see her
for about 2 weeks. It takes her that long to start
coming around. Yes, she is afraid of all the decorations
and we just get a kick out of her when she has to go
outside....yep, we have the reindeer out there that are...
animated of course... but we don't have to worry about
KC chewing on them....she will never get that
close. LOL Heck that dog stays away from me when I come
home from grocery shopping. She doesn't like the
bags.....go figure!!! I told ya she was a nut! lol
But I wouldn't trade her for anything!

I have so much stuff that has to been done, and yet
I sit here and type to you fine folks! LOL I have 25
lbs of twice baked potatoes to make, 2 pumpkin pies
and 2 apple crumb pies. Plus I went out and got a turkey,
just in case my sister is serious about those clams.
I figured I would make that Wednesday night, that way
I don't have to get up early Thursday, I did mention I
am NOT a morning person....lol
Except for black Friday...yes, I am one of those crazy
people pushing and shoving at 5 o'clock in the morning.
It's tradition, Lisa and I have been doing it for years!
Actually I don't push and shove anyone,
cause I still got sleep in my eyes and peeps are usually
pushing me out of the way. There is NEVER nothing I
need that day, but we do get some good deals, and of course
I always see something for me, that I just gotta have.
Yes, every year I buy myself a few gifts, just in case
I don't like anything hubby gets me, I got my back ups....LOL
I wrap them too, sign them from Santa. When I open them I
act sooo surprised, my family thinks I'm nuts, but I don't
really care, I LOVE Christmas!
But before all the talk about Christmas we gotta celebrate
Thanksgiving. My second best holiday! LOL The family is
together and I have the 'please be nice just for one day talk'
with my girls and off to Lisa's we go.
We eat and eat and then eat more.....gotta love it! LOL
The sad part is my Mom is no longer with us, there is always
that empty place in me, that wishes we could all be together,
just once more! But I guess that isn't going to happen, here on earth.
One of our traditions we have is to go around the table and say what
we are thankful for, the one year, Brooke sang for us and 2 years ago
Lisa had a list so long the turkey was getting cold....lol Besides the
usual, being thankful for my family...and yes... I am thankful for
them...lol I would like to say to all of you who read my antics
and such I am thankful for all of you. You give me the courage
to do something I love to do and I love sharing it will all of you!
May you all have a wonderful day with family and friends and be
thankful for all the little things we all take for granted.
Now enough of this mushy stuff.... I just can't handle to much more....lol
I got some layouts to show ya. The first one is of Ambry,
that little girl is sooo darn cute and I swear she just keeps
getting cuter and cuter.
The second one is my daughter Heather when she was 9 mths old,

Ambry's driving!!! She hasnt even got all her teeth yet and
she is taking over the car....LOL Look Ma...NO BRAKES!!! lol
Ambry and her family were heading back from Disney when
they stopped to take a break, Ambry got in the driver seat
and Daddy snapped the photo.
This is just priceless! And that look on her face....LOVE IT!

I just loved it when she was a baby! Little Baby, little problems,
Big Baby, big problems! LOL
The kits I used are from Moonbeam over at Scrapbook Max! She
makes some really gorgeous stuff. I have always loved her style!
The Ambry layout I used 2 kits together, Perfectly Pink and Basically
. Heathers I just used the Basically Beige.
If you find some time stop on by her store and check out all
her wonderful goodies. I also used some of Jazz's wordart...this one is called Smiles. She has
loads of new kits in her store too, so what are you
waiting for? You got 2 stores to shop in and nobody is going
to be pushing and shoving....lol

Well its time for me to start working on my to-do list.
It's never gonna get done if I sit in front of this computer.
I must tell ya I got my blue kit all done for ya, so expect
it next week sometime, I have to get the previews done yet.
It turned out pretty cool, and I called it Winter Wonderland...
yeah, I know, how original...but it works for me....LOL
So until next time.... Have a Great Thanksgiving and stay safe!!!
Chow for now!!


eilajean said...

Hi there!

Can you believe I posted two days in a row! Shocking I know!!! I love the layouts you did of Aubrey and Heather. Simply marvelous! I know we wish we could freeze time when our babies are young. How ironic that we turn of that memory switch of just how much work babies are too! That is only because the teen years come along, and we understand why some species eat their young... LMAO!!!

I hope your dinner goes nicely. It is hard to have the big family meals when someone is missing - especially Mothers. You will be in my thoughts!



Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Carol!

pkdoll said...

YIPPPEEEEE! She gets to have turkey!! I'm happy to see you get the traditional turkey on Thanksgiving. Love your LO's!!! Ohhh! and I can't wait to see your new kit! Carol you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and eat turkey till it comes out your ears!!hahaha! Talk to you soon.

Melanie said...

Sorry you have to fix your own turkey but at least you get to have some! I'm gonna be all alone for Thanksgiving this year so I think I'll just spend the entire day in bed with a good book! I"ll be thinking of you tonight and wondering if those girls really made the clams or were just out to tease you! Luv ya and hope you have a wonderful day!

eilajean said...

Glad I could make your day! For the record - that would be Captain Morgan AARRRRR LOL. Actually, there were these Photobucket logos over my blinkies (about 6 of them - so I deleted them form the HTML code - but I don't know why it happened... I am blonde and quite proud of it!!!!

Send my image to your sisters, and show them what a free range turkey really looks like. I really hope you have a great day tomorrow. It really is all about family!

Ciao now
later tater..

makeyesup said...

Ok, it's the day after Thanksgiving and I'm sure everyone is anxious to hear if your sister cooked a turkey. Hope the day was super.

Unknown said...

Lovely creations! In reply to your questioning...Yes please, do keep up the great work!
Flo from France