Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Bunny Loves You Kit

Hello Everyone! Gosh I have been neglecting this
blog lately, I guess it's bound to happen with the
weather getting warmer. Plus I have been working
a few more days lately and just might have a full
time job lined up, but time will tell with that one.
I haven't had much time to do layouts either and
when I do have time, nothing is coming to me. So
I took a few days off from making them. It's not
like I don't have tons of photos, just don't have
the oomph to do them. But I have been playing on and
off with a Easter kit and I finally finished it today.
And with me working the rest of the week I figured
I would let you guys see it. I really love the way the
bunnies came out... I know I still have a ways to go
with this digital designing thing, but I think these
are really cute...LOL So you wanna see it???? LOL

Of course it's in 2 parts, I just don't know how to
make a small kit! LOL Click on the links below. And
please, tell me what ya think!


Yep, I am making this short and sweet, I am dead
tired and it's time to finish dinner. Then Calgon
take me awayyyyyyyyy.

Hope you all have a great week and I will be back
sometime next week!
Chow for Now!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty's Day to all!!! 3 more days till spring!
Bring it on!!! Gosh, I have so much to show and tell today,
geezeee I feel like I am back in kindergarten...wanna see
what's been happening the past few days....lol OK!
Well Saturday was Brett's third birthday, had a wonderful
time at my sisters and of course I got mega pictures of all
the rugrats...lol but there was a new one this time... I swear
my sister Kim is glutton for punishment, like having 4 kids
isn't enough, 3 being under the age of 4... she just needs
something else to keep her busy with and hey might as
well be a dog, and not any kind of dog, a big dog! Well,
she is not that big yet, but she will be...of course I took
her picture....here is Misty.........

Isn't she a cutie, and she listens pretty well too, and bite alots.
But, I don't have to put up with it, so go ahead Kim, have a ball!

Sunday, Lisa and I did get together and do our cards! We did
Birthday and Get Well cards....wanna see??? LMAO of course you do!

Not too shabby....lol

Monday was computer day, played most of the day. Jazz has some wonderful
wordart in her store and one of those goes great with me doing my wedding album.
These are from her I Thee Wed kit....

Yep, that's me and hubby many moons ago, actually it will be 22 years next month.
(Credits are in my galleries)

Here is the preview to I Thee Wed....just click on it to go to Jazz's store.

And I do believe she is having a HUGE sale today, sooo hurry cause I am
really late posting today, which I will explain why in a minute or two...
Here is some more wordart for all of you who do those St Patricks layouts:

One more....Dancing Star, which is perfect for all those little stars in
your life who dance.

Fun, Fun WordArt....just click the previews to get them!

Now, why am I late today, well this morning as I am
enjoying my coffee and reading up on what everyone else
is up too, Heather comes into my room, with this different
voice, yeah, the first thing that comes to my mind, crap,
she's pregnant!!!!! I slowly turn to face her with this huge
pit in my stomach and there she is holding a kitten.....
"Can we keep her" Damn, why do they have to be sooooo cute!
Of course I said NO WAY!!!
Who is gonna take care of this kitten.... Oh, I heard it all,
of course she will take care of it, besides cats don't need
that much attention, they eat, sleep,crap and need a few pets
a day, Mom's it's not like you have to take it for walks
or anything......Yeahhh right!!!!
Well, I am just thanking God she isn't with child
and say, Ok...but she is yours, I am not feeding her,
changing the litter or taking her to the vet!
Will see how long this last.....Just great,
just what I need, a cat!!!!
But she is cute....wanna see....OK! LOL

This is Zoe! Now Heather runs off to work this afternoon
and I am stuck watching this cutie, of course the dogs don't
like her, she hisses like crazy at them. So there I was
babysitting a freaking cat, yeah, I hear you, it could
be a baby!!!!! YIKES! LOL But this is not what I had in mind
to today.... I had stuff to get done on my computer, but nooooo,
I am playing referee between 2 dogs and a cat! Then I have to
surprise hubby when he gets home... Oh this should go really well,
I knew it wouldn't, but I already fell in love with this
little creature, now I have to convince him too....
I hear the car door slam, ohhh man, there's the pit in my
stomach again....Upstairs he comes, looks in on me and
says.... What the hell is that???? He kept saying No wayyyy,
take it back....this wasn't going the way I wanted it too,
he gets up and goes outside, for like an hour.
Heather calls, "how's Dad doing?" Not good Heather...
did he hold her....NOPE, he doesn't want to.....
I'm trying, but I don't think we are gonna keep her....
Well after another hour or so, he comes back in, well
it's dinner time too and says... Why did you give IN!
I say, just look at her!!! Well, to end this story we
are keeping her....Heather doesn't know yet as she works
till 9 tonight...so I think she will be very happy when
she gets home! And DH still hasn't held her....yet! LOL

Well, that's about all I got for today, and personally I
think it's enough for one day.
Work tomorrow...YIPPIEEEE!!!!
So thanks for listening to me babble today,
have a great night everyone!!!

Chow For Now!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Showers of Flowers

Hey everyone! How's everyone doin'? Another week
flies by. It's been one of those up and down weeks.
I am sure most of you know about KimB's sister, Gaye joining
the crew at DSO. Man, does she do some wonderful work!
I got lucky and got to work with her first new kit and I
can't wait to play with again at Easter. If you haven't checked
it out yet click on the preview, I do believe it's on sale at moment!

And here is a layout I did with it....

I can't wait to see what is up Gaye sleeve next time...lol

Well, that was the good news, now the sad news. I am sure
some of you know Jenni aka ChaosLounge, well, she lost her
brother yesterday. I've gotten to know Jen working with
her on Kim's CT. She is such a wonderful and funny friend.
My heart just aches for her, losing someone is never good,
but when it hits your family it just never seems real or fair.
I wish I had the words to comfort her at these trying times.
But they never seem to come out the way I want them too,
so I will just say Jen, you and your family are in my thoughts
and prayers!!!

Now back to some good news.....
I finished the CC for DSO....with 2 weeks to spare, I swear I
didn't think I would get in done this month. But it's done and
ready to go. I kinda like the way this one came out, perfect
for the spring that is almost at our doorstep...lol
Wanna see it???? Of course you do! LOL

Here are the elements:

And here are the papers:

It's in two parts so just click the previews to download
and please I really do love reading your comments and
thanks you, so don't stop now....LOL

Hope you all have a great weekend! Kinda busy this
weekend. My nephew Brett is celebrating a birthday.
And Lisa and I promised to get together and make
some cards on Sunday. So ya'll take care and stay safe!!!

Chow for Now!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Natural Moods and Camping Out!

Hello everyone! Gosh do I have tons to chat about today,
so sit back and be prepared for a long post.
We changed the clocks, Ohhh man I hate the change.
I accidentally changed it 2 hours ahead,( don't ask!! LOL)
so I was way off on time all day on Sunday, I am still
not sure what time it is...lol I don't know about
the rest of you, but it takes me a good 2 weeks
to get used to this change. I have a hard time
getting to sleep and even a harder time getting up!
Let's hope these next two weeks fly by!!! lol

Last week was a crazy week for me. I had to work
all week which meant going to bed early and getting
up early and NO jammie days...LOL I tried scrappin'
after dinner, but nothing was coming to me, I was
thinking I lost it! I would shut the computer down
and pray that the next night would be different,
but it wasn't. Saturday finally comes and I should
get stuff done, but nope my mojo was lost. The weather
man says its gonna be a warm day, so off the computer
goes again, I went out shopping for myself and my dogs
of course...lol had a nice day getting some of that warm
air into these lungs of mine. And when I came home and
started to play I couldn't stop...the layouts just started
flowing again, YIPPIE I found my mojo!!!

So now where do I start...
Well, I will start with the kit that inspired me.
Beth RAKed me with her new kit called Natural Moods... It
has everything in it I love, yeah I am a girly girl, I love
flowers and ribbon and it is my favorite color blue! I knew
what photo I wanted to use and everything just came together.
I really like how this one came out, so I emailed it to Beth
and thanked her profusely for giving me back my mojo! LOL
Here is her new kit:

If you would like to get this kit click HERE to go to
Beth's store, it's on sale at the moment... 25%off

and this is what I did with....

This is Ambry, she was at Abbie's birthday party last week,
what fun I had taking pictures of both of these babies.
Ambry turns 1 in about another month.

Sunday me and my sister Lisa were suppose to get together
and make cards with all our new stuff from my Stampin'Up
party, but she wasn't feeling good, so we just decided to
do that another day. Which was fine by me, I had more
layouts to get done anyway.

Kim had gotten her new kit done and I needed to make something from
it. Wait till you see this one! If you like camping you'll LOVE
this one! I haven't camped in many years, we go RVing which is
more up my alley. Gotta have that bathroom and shower...nothing
like camping with those luxuries. Plus electric and cable...LOL
Gotta love those!!!
Anywayyyy, here is a preview of Kim's new kit called Camping Out.
Click the preview and it will take you right to her store, for
this week only it's 30% off...so ya better hurry!!!!

And here is my 1st layout with the kit....

This is Abbie, of course I extracted her and put her in the
tent, worked perfectly! LOL

And this one I just played with more stuff from kit.

After playing with this I thought it would make a
great QP for all my dear readers. So if you like to
have it, just click on the preview below.

Now onto other stuff... I have this very good friend at SBM.
She is such a sweetie, she hasn't been around for awhile but
now she is back and I am so happy she isn't gone for good! LOL
She has done some remarkable layouts with my kits, gosh this
girl makes my head so big sometimes...LOL Hey Elle, gotta a pin??
to deflate my ego! LOL So I wanted to show off some of the work
she has been doing, I put them on 2 pages, I would love to show
them one by one, but she has been really busy!!! LOL
Here they are:

Thanks so much Elle! I love these layouts!!!! You are really
a sweetie!!!!

Now I must go food shopping, UGH, I hate food shopping! Well, not
so much the shopping itself, but the carry the bags into the car,
then into the house, then up the stairs and putting it all away,
then taking it out to cook....UGH.....LOL But someone has got to
do it! Might as well be ME!!! But first I need a list of what I
am making, decisions, decisions!!! I am thinking simple this week,
maybe cereal, those boxes aren't heavy! LMAO....

I still have to get the color challenge done for DSO. I tried
making stuff, but it just wasn't working last week, so hopefully
this week will be better! I should have it done by the end of the
week, hopefully!
Well, that's about it!!! Hope you all have a great week!!!

Chow for Now!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bring on the Leprechauns!

Yippieeee February is over and goodbye to all that
lovey dovey crap! March is a FUN month and its the
only month where if anything goes wrong I can blame
it on the leprechauns! Poor little guys get blamed
for sooo much! LOL

Well we had our blizzard for the year, snowed all
night and most of the day too. I love these days...
I call them jammie days! LOL I was suppose to work
today, matter of fact I have to work all week, but
since we got the snow, I got to stay home! I sooo
wasn't ready to put in a full day work, hey I had
a busy weekend, so I needed a day just to recoup
and of course play on my computer...LOL
And that is what I did! I got my kit done and got
2 challenge layouts done! But that is gonna be it
for the rest of week.

Saturday was Abbie's 1st birthday party, wow a
whole year went by so fast, for those that don't
know who Abbie is, she is one of my friends daughter
whom I been making layouts of since she was born,
so I could give her the book for her 1st birthday.
The party was great, but I have to admit, I was really
happy to go home, there where 4 babies there, all
under the age of 1, I am soooo not used to that
anymore....LOL I am not sure what is worse, having
a screaming baby all the time or puttin up
with a teenager...kinda tied if you ask me! lol

Sundays all my friends got together and we played
Dollar Store Bingo. What a blast it was, ok,
I hear ya, what it $$ store bingo?? You go to the
dollar store by 3 gifts, or something you have around
the house that is new and you wrap it up. You play
Bingo and then if you win you get to pick out a gift,
they are all wrapped, so you never know what you are
getting, makes it more fun....LOL And if you get something
that can be worn, you MUST wear it!!!
Like wigs, thongs, boas...that sort of thing, and I am
there with my camera....lol One of the girls bought
scratch off lottery tickets and the winner won 50 bucks...
nope that wasn't me, I got a box of tissues!!!
Yeah I tried to trade it, but nobody wanted my tissues....lmao
I did get more things but I like to talk about the
tissues! All in all we had a great time and I got lots
to scrap with! What a week to have to work!

Okay enough rambling, as I mention before I did get
a kit done, and it may be a little early, but I need
to get it done, cause Kim Color challenge
started and I need to start on that, soon!
But anywayyyy here is a new kit called
Bring on the Leprechauns.....

I didn't include all the papers, there are 4 more!
Click on the preview if you would like to snag it and don't
forget those 2 simple words, I swear it won't break your
fingers typing it and I bet you'll feel a bit better about
yourself for doing so, I know it would make me feel better! LOL

Okie Dokie, time for me to grab some supper and get
ready to watch the season finale of the Bachelor... who is
he gonna pick???? Hmmmm, maybe NO ONE! LOL
Looking forward to seeing what happens!
Ok, peeps have a great week!!

Chow for Now!!!