Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty's Day to all!!! 3 more days till spring!
Bring it on!!! Gosh, I have so much to show and tell today,
geezeee I feel like I am back in kindergarten...wanna see
what's been happening the past few days....lol OK!
Well Saturday was Brett's third birthday, had a wonderful
time at my sisters and of course I got mega pictures of all
the rugrats...lol but there was a new one this time... I swear
my sister Kim is glutton for punishment, like having 4 kids
isn't enough, 3 being under the age of 4... she just needs
something else to keep her busy with and hey might as
well be a dog, and not any kind of dog, a big dog! Well,
she is not that big yet, but she will be...of course I took
her picture....here is Misty.........

Isn't she a cutie, and she listens pretty well too, and bite alots.
But, I don't have to put up with it, so go ahead Kim, have a ball!

Sunday, Lisa and I did get together and do our cards! We did
Birthday and Get Well cards....wanna see??? LMAO of course you do!

Not too shabby....lol

Monday was computer day, played most of the day. Jazz has some wonderful
wordart in her store and one of those goes great with me doing my wedding album.
These are from her I Thee Wed kit....

Yep, that's me and hubby many moons ago, actually it will be 22 years next month.
(Credits are in my galleries)

Here is the preview to I Thee Wed....just click on it to go to Jazz's store.

And I do believe she is having a HUGE sale today, sooo hurry cause I am
really late posting today, which I will explain why in a minute or two...
Here is some more wordart for all of you who do those St Patricks layouts:

One more....Dancing Star, which is perfect for all those little stars in
your life who dance.

Fun, Fun WordArt....just click the previews to get them!

Now, why am I late today, well this morning as I am
enjoying my coffee and reading up on what everyone else
is up too, Heather comes into my room, with this different
voice, yeah, the first thing that comes to my mind, crap,
she's pregnant!!!!! I slowly turn to face her with this huge
pit in my stomach and there she is holding a kitten.....
"Can we keep her" Damn, why do they have to be sooooo cute!
Of course I said NO WAY!!!
Who is gonna take care of this kitten.... Oh, I heard it all,
of course she will take care of it, besides cats don't need
that much attention, they eat, sleep,crap and need a few pets
a day, Mom's it's not like you have to take it for walks
or anything......Yeahhh right!!!!
Well, I am just thanking God she isn't with child
and say, Ok...but she is yours, I am not feeding her,
changing the litter or taking her to the vet!
Will see how long this last.....Just great,
just what I need, a cat!!!!
But she is cute....wanna see....OK! LOL

This is Zoe! Now Heather runs off to work this afternoon
and I am stuck watching this cutie, of course the dogs don't
like her, she hisses like crazy at them. So there I was
babysitting a freaking cat, yeah, I hear you, it could
be a baby!!!!! YIKES! LOL But this is not what I had in mind
to today.... I had stuff to get done on my computer, but nooooo,
I am playing referee between 2 dogs and a cat! Then I have to
surprise hubby when he gets home... Oh this should go really well,
I knew it wouldn't, but I already fell in love with this
little creature, now I have to convince him too....
I hear the car door slam, ohhh man, there's the pit in my
stomach again....Upstairs he comes, looks in on me and
says.... What the hell is that???? He kept saying No wayyyy,
take it back....this wasn't going the way I wanted it too,
he gets up and goes outside, for like an hour.
Heather calls, "how's Dad doing?" Not good Heather...
did he hold her....NOPE, he doesn't want to.....
I'm trying, but I don't think we are gonna keep her....
Well after another hour or so, he comes back in, well
it's dinner time too and says... Why did you give IN!
I say, just look at her!!! Well, to end this story we
are keeping her....Heather doesn't know yet as she works
till 9 tonight...so I think she will be very happy when
she gets home! And DH still hasn't held her....yet! LOL

Well, that's about all I got for today, and personally I
think it's enough for one day.
Work tomorrow...YIPPIEEEE!!!!
So thanks for listening to me babble today,
have a great night everyone!!!

Chow For Now!!!


txbubbles said...

Look at it this way, the day is almost over! LOL! Love those wedding LO's.
Vicki in Texas

Melanie said...

Awwwww......she DOES have a sweet face. I've got one that looks a lot like her except he's 10 times her size. If it wasn't dark, I'd show you a pic. He stays outside and is probably sleeping by now.

Diet? What diet? (as I scarf down 3 slices of pizza.) LOL! I've only lost 15 pounds. Think it could be the Tues night pizza parties?

pkdoll said...

Wait till he holds the cute lil kitty--he will love it too!!! hahahaha! I love your cards!! Now that's talent--they are gorgeous--I'm coming to your next card making party ok!!! Talk to you soon GF!!

Cindyrelly said...

Oh, I LOVE your sister's puppy! and your kitten too... I want a dog like that, German Shepherds are BIG but SMART so not such a bad combo ;) I have a Siamese cat and he is the sweetest ever but he is getting to be an old man and the grandkids just terrorize him. Not that I let them but they just have to "handle" him all the time and he is patient but set in his ways LOL. Well, I snagged your CC goodies so Thank You :)

sdwrdt said...

I'm not a cat person, but that kitty is ADORABLE! No way could I have said "no" either!

Anonymous said...

How could you say No to that sweet little kitty. So glad your daughter gets to keep her. Your sister's puppy is adorable too.
Love your cards and tour wedding LO's.

GSCreations said...

Zoe is too adorable LOL, so you granny to a kitten hehehe!! And your sisters pup is beautiful, had a german shepard when i was small they are amazing animals! Love your wedding LO's, you and hubby looks so elegant and happy, wow 22 years next month, huge congratualtions!
have a great day

LouCeeCreations said...

Hee hee! don't listen to it! kids only look after the pets for the first week and then its ALL yours... litter tray and all.. haahaa!
your cards sre fantastic... pity we can't get together and make some lol!

eilajean said...

She's a cutie - Between Max our dog... and the wild life, I do not think a feline would have much of a shelf life in my world. OK with me. I hate litter boxes.

Sorry I haven't been by sooner - meant to. Still hoping for some spring... getting and staying way too gloomy here!

Your cards and the wedding layoutare beautiful. Golly woman, you are so freaking talented.

Have a nice eve - Who is your pick on Idol?


code word - orewo - is that short for "WO! no oreo"?!! LOL!!!

Barbara said...

Oh, that kitten is just precious! We have 2 cats and my Bear looks a lot like your kitten...except grown-up. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Eila thought you might like the animal kit.