Friday, July 17, 2009

Toof Fairy

Ohhh man have I been slacking on this blog!!!!
Go ahead yell at me, I deserve it!!! LOL
But it is summer and we did just come back
from our vacation last Saturday....
A vacation I don't think I will ever forget...but that
story is for another time....Going through a few family
problems too....Kids!!!!! But I am not gonna bore you
peeps with that either. Its just a stressful time at the
moment but as with all things....this too shall pass!
I have soooo many layouts to do of all the things that
have been going on this summer and I should get my butt
in gear, but for the life of me I have no desire to scrap...
so I am chalkin it up to summer time...

If it weren't for KimB, I wouldn't be doing any scrappin...
but I must do a good job for her or
I will get fired!!! LMAO and I don't
want that to happen!!!!!! lol So that's what brings
me back today! Kim and her sister Gaye got
together, man are these
two good together, and made a kit
called Toof Fairy.

My mouth dropped to the ground
when I saw this kit!!!!!
Sooo many things went through my mind
what to do with it
and I am sure you will have those
thoughts too...wanna see it???
Sure you do......

Told ya it was AWESOME!!!!

Toof Fairy is huge and filled with beautiful papers, scenic papers too, two teeth charts and a whole load of elements! You can grab it at DSO

The character set and hand drawn elements are 25% off this week only HERE

And stop by Kim's and Gaye's Blog, I am sure there is going
to be tons of freebies.

My layout of Zach....

Cute huh?

And I didn't forget to make you peeps something too.
Just click on the preview to download it...hope you like it!

Jazzy made this FANTASTIC *Toof Fairy* word art set to match the HUGE kit!

6 page 12x12 QP Album (created by Beth Long)
(this is ONLY available with the BUNDLE)

Please note that the FULL BUNDLE will be 35% off for only ONE WEEK only!!!

Well, that's about it for today...gotta go walk on the treadmill do I hate that thing!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!