Monday, February 1, 2010

Hellooo...anybody in here??? lol

I'm I know its been a long time coming, and seriously
I didn’t think I would ever get back into scrappin again.
A lot of things have happened and although I won't bore
anyone with the details, to make a long story short,
I have lost a few peeps in my life and it some how affected
me in some weird way. As much as I tried to scrap, it just wasn’t
coming to me. I know I am not the only one this happens to as
I have seen a lot of peeps gone from scrappin these days.
I am just one of the lucky ones who found their way back.
I didn't even know it was happening, it just happened.
So for the past few weeks I've been making layouts again
and I gotta say, its GOOD to be back! I've missed so
many of my friends here and I can't wait to meet some new ones too.

So now that life seems to be getting back to normal
(yeah right! as normal as it can be! LOL)
and scrappin is back in my life I figured I would start this blog thing again,
and KimB was gracious enough to keep me on her team! Gosh, I really
do love her work and she is coming out with some
fantastic things, and of course I've been playing with
everything I can get my hands So within a few days
you'll see what I have come up with.

Today I am going to start the Color Challenge at DSO...
man, its been so long since I've done one of those, thank God we got all
But first I want to show off what I've been doing the last few weeks...
I have to apologize for not having the credits for these,
as I didn’t think I would need them for my blog at the time
I was doing them, just want to say that none of this was made by me,
and if you see your stuff, know that I loved it enough to use it!
And from here on out, credit will be given.

My favorite subject to scrap is my family..especially my niece and nephews..
Yeah, I do have 2 girls, but they don't like getting their
pictures taken these days and its okay with me, cause I don't
want to remember these teenage years anywayyy! lol
My sister Kim actually thanked me the other week for taking
so many pictures of her kids through the years, she had all her
pictures on camera, and little Zander got her camera and deleted
all her photos...which wouldn’t be too bad if her computer just
didn’t crash and she lost everything! Hopefully she learned the
lesson of SAVING stuff onto a disc!

Anywayyy here are some layouts I did...
These are my niece and nephews last summer...

This photo was taken Thanksgiving, felt like altering it a My sister doesnt live by the mountains and there isn't a lake in her yard

Zach turned 5 in January, this kid is a pistol!

And now a message to all my Facebook game buddies:
Gosh I loved playing the games and it really has helped me escape
life some days. And although I will never give up FB, cause I
really do love keepin in touch with everyone, I am giving up
a lot of my games. Ohh not all of them, cause that would be just wrong!!!
LMAO But I am going to keep just 3 of them going. That way I can still
play with you And to my Bejewel Friends, and you know who you are... SORRY! that is one that I will keep playing...hehehe
You guys will know which ones I not playing
I will not delete the games, cause as you know, the more friends
you have for these games, the better game you play. I just want
and need to find time for my scrappin again, I know you'll all understand!

Well, its Monday and that means I gotta go stupid food shoppin or this family of mine will starve to So have a great day and I will be back later this week with some surprises! lol


pkdoll said...

WELCOME BACK GF!!!@! I soooo missed you and am so excited to see you back!!! You sure do have your mojo back-the LO's are gorgeous!!! Keep in touch.

eilajean said...

I am glad you have made it back - want to take my hand and lead me back as well... I love your layouts, and have been so happy to see your creative flow going again. I hear you on the games, and it is a walk I will be taking with you. Have to keep the Yo... although, may have to sell a few houses LOL... so glad you are back doing what you were doing when I first met you. I used to look forward to your blog. Guess I need to get with mine again, and do some heavy apologizing for being so neglectful. Have a great day my "croppy" friend. See you in cyberspace... and for the record, as for the jewels, bring it! ;o)

txbubbles said...

WooHoo!!! It's so good to see ya, GF! Repeat after me...Bad Facebook,BAD! And I really must say, your mojo is definitely back. I am lovin' these LO's.
Big hugs,

Marion said...

So glad to have you back!