Monday, October 20, 2008

I love Mondays!

Yes, I do love Mondays! Amber is in school, Heather went to work and Buzz is working, I get the whole day to myself.....aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Hear that???? PEACE and QUIET! Gotta love it! lol

Hello Everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! As promised, I have my
picks ready for the award, gosh that is really hard!!! I am not sure how this works,
can I give it back to the person who gave it me??? Can I give it to peeps who
already have it??? How many peeps can I give this to??? So many questions
and no one around to answer Well I guess I will wing it and if I do it wrong whats the worst thing that can happen?? Don't answer that!!! lol Ok, here is just a small list....

1. Paula, well you gave it me and I only feel its right to send it right back to you! You have done so much for me, and I am truly thankful from the bottom of my
heart that we have become friends!!!

2. Jazz, You know how much I admire you! I love ya bunches!!! I sure hope your computer gets fixed cause I miss ya like crazy!

3. KimB, You are one of the most craziest persons out there! There is a good reason you live so far away from I could only image the trouble we could get into if we lived close to each other! lol

4. Renee, You got me going on this blog thing, I do love reading your blog, you just got to update it more

5. Silvia - phillsboo, Kristine - wenchdgrafix, Jen - chaoslounge, Beth, JeanetteP - ladygrundlefunk, Doodle - castle dreams, Andrea - boyervillescraps, Pamela-midnightcharms, Bonnie - bouncingbonbon
******** All you girls CRACK ME UP!!!!!!! My email would be EMPTY without these girls!!! So I thank you all for your friendship!! And you all are NUTS!!!!! lol
(see how I got all those people in one, I think that's Go ahead call the blog police! LMAO)

6. Eilajean, I know I just met you, but your blog is very intriguing! Your photos
are outstanding and I just know that I will keep going to your blog just to see all your wonderful work! (as long as you keep showing them) lol

7. Melanie, OBGYN-Hope, (that's what I call her) Your new blog is coming long nicely!
I look forward to reading your adventures as you begin your designing career!

There are sooo many more to name, but I think it would start sounding like a convention and we all know how boring they can So here is your AWARD, I give to you all graciously and thank you all so much! OK, GROUP HUG!!!!!!! hahahaha

This weekend, I started making stuff for the Christmas Blog Train, ohhh I cant
wait to show you peeps! But you got to wait until December, I just thought I would get started on it, cause I usually am a procrastinator, wait till the day before, but by then my brain will be fried with all the other wonderful, time consuming things that have to be done before Christmas.

Sunday, I made a huge pot of French Onion Soup, I think it was the best I ever made.
Which is something I say every time I make it.... but it was really good and went perfect for a cool fall day. Yes, it finally got chilly here, YIPPIE!!! sweat pants and a sweat shirt, comfy clothes besides my jams! lol The soup took about 4 hours to make, all the time waiting for the 20lbs of onions to caramelize, I could of been scrappin, but actually it was worth the wait! Now the next time I am hungry for it, I can just pop it out of the freezer!

I did find some time to play last night, still on the fall Well it is FALL! lol I made this leaf charm and I was trying to figure out what it would go with.... hmmmm.... Word that's what I dabbled with, then I thought I need paper to go with today you get the word art and a ripped paper. I do love those, I think it adds a little dimension to a layout. Here is the preview:

And if you like it you can click HERE to get it!

Well, I better get my butt in gear, I still have to do a layout or 2 for Kim, before she gets back from her visit with her niece. I think I got a good 24 hours to get something done! lol
And Hey, if you got some time, which of course you do.....LOL Check out my slide at the bottom, it's all the good fall pictures I took last weekend. I also did a slide of all my layouts, took forever to upload, but I think I will wait for a bit to show it, it's starting to get too cluttered around here. I think I am getting addicted to widgets! LOL
Until next time stay safe everyone!! Chow for now!!!


Jenni said...

Tee Hee, thanks for the award!!!I am honoured!! I am quite terrible with blogging and passing awards forward, but I will really try, this is a cute one!!
xxx hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sweety...what a it and will pass it on...thanks

eilajean said...

Thanks for the award - Back atcha! You can pick your award up at my site.

LOVE the paper and Wordart!


Kim B said...

ROTFLMAO- WHAT- no LO yet??- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH- ok, I just got back and girl I think we were meant to stay so far away from each other- or they would send that sherrif posse after BOTH of us- HAHAHAHAHA
Thanks so much for this award GF- we love ya right back!! And I'm like Jen- BAD at passing these on- but know I accept it with gracious and thankful heart!
Will catch up tomorrow- and LOVE the LO's and freebies -YOU GO GIRL!! *wooot woooot*-
lol- can you see I'm over tired-??

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Carol!!!! You made my day!!! I'll try and pass it forward tomorrow!


pkdoll said...

TY GF!!! So sweet of you to pass it right back at me!!! You are a hoot! And look at you designing some gorgeous WA and I LOVE that charm!!!! I was just looking at all the new widgets you got on here-wow! You got some neat ones. Love that visitor one by country--that is cool!! Keep up the fantastic work girl!! I got two LO's done for Kimmy!! Good thing she's sleeping now-I will send them to her so when she wakes up they are there for her, along with a million other emails!!hahaha!

Beth said...

Awww..... ***warm fuzzies*** are such a wonderful surprise today!!!! Thx sweetie!!! I LOVE getting emails from all of you crazy gals too.... so I 'ditto' that! LOL! Big {{{{{HUGS}}}}} for ya!!! Thx so much!

Pamela said...

Oh wow!! You've come a long way with your blog. It's looking AWESOME!! You go girl LOL!!! And thank you for my award. HOW COOL. It's so pretty. BIG BIG HUGS!!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks Carol...I am touched...So sweet of you! MWAHH!!!

Melanie said...

Well....but....uh....well...I'm just speechless! My first award and such a nice one, too. Thanks, Crops. I don't know how but I'll send it on (soon as I email you and ask how. LOL!)Love the freebie. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol, love it!

Anonymous said...

I love all your stuff.Yippee.Thank you xo