Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Day!!!

Hello everyone! I just want you all to know how happy
you all made me!!! The comments that have been coming in have
certainly have made my DAY! You know, when I first started this,
I thought who would like my stuff???
I knew, I liked them, but would other peeps???
I don't mean to sound egotistical, cause I am far from that,
but digiscrappin' is something I LOVE to do. And I do think
I am pretty good at it, at least I can do something right in
this small world. LOL So to all you peeps who have
downloaded my goodies and left a message THANK - YOU
from the bottom of my heart and to those that just download
and leave no comment, I THANK-YOU too, cause
you downloading it, just goes to show you liked it a little bit,
or you wouldn't even waste your time!
MWAHHHHH to all!!!!
Ok, enough mushy stuff....

My sister came over the other night with her sweet kids,
dressed in their Halloween outfits, they sure are the cutest things!!!
Now why they didn't have these kinda costumes when my kids
were small, is beyond me. I know, I am kinda biased,
cause they are my nephews and niece, but really,
these kids are just tooo cute! Wanna see some photos???
Yes, you say..... GOOD cause I am gonna show them anyway....hahahaha
Just 4 of them, cause you don't want to see all 75 I took....lmao

This is Zander: aka Alligator

This is Zach: aka Dragon

This is Brett: aka Bat

Last but not least...Brooke: Hanna Montana

Aren't they adorable!!!! I am so glad my sister Kim, brought them
over, cause Friday night I have a Halloween Party to attend.
Yep, more pictures! LOL Thank goodness I have plenty of Halloween
goodies to scrap with. My new goal this coming month, before
Thanksgiving, is to get all my Birthday, Fall, Halloween layouts DONE!!!
Yes, I still haven't finished Brett's Birthday yet...
I hate being behind! lol But with Kim's Birthday and all,
all that was on hold, 1 week to go and it's over until next year!!YEAHHHHHHH!!!
Sorry Kim, I love ya and your birthday week is LOADS of Fun, but it is exhausting. LOL
Where is CALGON??? I want to be taken awayyyyyyyyyyyyy.....lmao

Speaking of Kim.....
LOL and don't say "here she goes again." I gotta plug this
girl, she does make awesome stuff and I don't want you to miss
out on anything.... She is giving away free stuff all week....
how cool is that!!! And I hate for you to miss the grab bags too!!! So head on over to her blog and pick up the
freebies,then stop by her store, cause she extended her coupon
for one more day, but ya gotta hurry!!!! lol

Come on Peeps..... $10.00 is CHEAP for all you get!!!

I went playing again to show you some more stuff that is in those bags....LOL
I made this frame with some more of the goodies from both bags.
I still can't spill the beans, but I CAN show you a little every time I blog.....hehehe
Here is the preview... not to shabby! lmao

You can snag it HERE!
Love, love, love reading your comments, keep them coming!!!

And here is another layout I done with some of the CU grab bag! This is Brooke at Zander's Birthday Party.

There are still many MORE surprises coming.......So keep checking back, I am dying to tell ya....its eating away at me like you wouldn't believe.... I HATE keeping secrets!!!! LOL But it will definitely be worth the wait... I promise!!!

Well it's time for me to get dinner going, and I got to start the laundry that has been collecting dust. I think we are each going to get one outfit for the week....LOL Do you know how much time that would save?? Heck, and all that money saved too.... Might have to bring this up at the family meeting..... Yeah, right!!! LMAO
So until next time take care and stay safe everyone!!!
Chow for Now!!!


Laraine said...

Wow, the frame cluster is gorgeous. Thanks...went and bought the bags. First time grab bag buyer :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 30 Oct [LA 09:00pm, NY 11:00pm] - 31 Oct [UK 04:00am, OZ 03:00pm] ).

Melanie said...

(*gasp!*) How stunning is that clustered frame? Oh wow! Beautiful, Croppy! And LOVE the costume pics. Those are so cute! Boy, your new camera takes great pics! (*wink*) I'm sure it does all the work. LOL!

eilajean said...

I am such a sucker for frames! I love these! Thanks for sharing... Went to town yesterday - took a day off from wood piles... WOO HOO!!! Only 2 days, an 2 trees left. The Ponderosa just about killed us! Hopefully the 2 Tammaracks will be better... (not as heavy). Hubby had the splitter turned on end just to get the rounds on. I'll have to take more photos of the process... Craziness.

Have a great day!



makeyesup said...

Thanks for the super cluster frame. The pictures of your sister's children are adorable. Love seeing little ones in costume. Each year I go T&T with my 2 GDs and all their friends. Their neighborhood has tons of little ones and it's so much fun.

Unknown said...

Just poppin by to say hi so....



loved the costumes! Mine were a knight and THE toothfairy. haha!