Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yippie, I got an Award!

I know, I know, what am I so excited about, but I am, it's my first one, well actually second one, cause I got one before, but I didn't have a blog that I could rant and rave So let me get this out of my system...YA YA YA I got an AWARD YAHOOOOOOOOO....ok, see I am done, that didn't last long, did it? LOL
Thank You Soooo much Paula! Now I got to to give this to some peeps....hmmmmmm, let me think about this one and I promise by Monday I will have my list ready...there just are so many wonderful people out there, how will I ever decide????? LOL

Here is the layout I did of Zander trying to eat his cake, I really don't think anything made it into his He actually was a lot neater than his brother, Brett! But they are always so cute when you put a full cake in front of them, wish someone would do that for I promise to eat the whole thing!!! lol

Lets see what else do I have to share...hmmmmm....lots!!!! I have been working on my fall layouts, I gotta say, even I am impressed how they came out....but I do LOVE fall and hopefully by tomorrow the weather will feel like it too. I am ready to put my air condition back on!!! I sure am hoping its not the mid-life hot flashes!!! I am so not ready for that....hahaha
I will show you just two layouts I did, I couldn't wait to use Jazzy's Autumn Splendor Word Art, but I needed the pictures first!! lol

Pretty Good, huh?? Have I told you how much I LOVE my new It sure does take beautiful photos! hahaha .... And that word art fits PERFECT!!!!
Here is the word art:

And click HERE to go to Jazzy's store!

I want to give Melanie a warm welcome to the Blog World! She started her blog this week and I just found it this morning. Mel's dream is to become a designer, I wish you nothing but the best girl! And I am really looking forward to all your creations!

Did you peeps like that paper on the bottom autumn layout??? Well if ya did I have a surprise for ya.... LOL I figured I would share with you guys! I also dabbled with a flower and even a string of beads.... Here is the preview:

If you like it click HERE to download!

( A small thank you is always

Well I probably won't be posting till Monday. Kim has a new series coming out and I got lots of work to do. She went to see her niece for the first time and won't be around, but keep your eyes open cause she has some gorgeous stuff coming!
Now I got to get back to Zander's birthday...I have so many pictures its hard to decide where to go next! lol
Everyone stay safe and until next time.....Chow for now!


Melanie said...

I LOVE those layouts! Wow! Those are beautiful! And I know it's not all the camera either! Great shots! Thanks for thinking of me and giving me a mention, too. Hope you'll stop by again, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Just found you through Jazzy's blog! Love your designs! Am going to follow you through RSS feed so I won't miss anything! Keep going! I love reading your posts, you have good humor about every day! Kudos from another blog newbie at, and my digi-handle is SunBum. See ya!!

Penny S said...

Wow what absolutely gorgeous LO's. Thanks for sharing your talents and for the kit.

pkdoll said...

I absolutely love those LO's Crops!! You continue to amaze me with your talents and I will be back every day. You are so welcome for the award!! You truly do deserve it because you have one very big heart GF!!! Take care and talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Love your layouts and really love that you are sharing that great freebie!

eilajean said...

love the music - which surprises me, since I have never been a huge fan of country... I guess my taste changes as I get older. Love your photo work... a good camera makes so much difference, but then, s does a good eye - which you have. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts and thanks so much for the freebies!! Your pictures are outstanding!!

Hugs, MaggieMae aka Julie

eilajean said...

I lived in Carlisle. Rickett's Glen is not very far from where you are. You could drive up in the AM, play in the falls, and be home by dinner. I did it many times from Carlisle... so much closer! My sister lived in AT for about 30+ years, so I was very familiar. I spent many Christmas Days in Coopersburg.

Are you using a digi camera - Canon? If you do use a tripod on a water shot, you can do a few things - one is to go to AV mode. You set the aperture (to a higher number) and the camera will automatically set the shutter speed. I actually have a degree in Photography. I was 45 when I graduated, so feel comfortable tat it is never to late to learn. If you ever need some help, email me... Also, something you can do when you have a photo where the foreground is dark and lighter in the background... (Look up bracketing in your booklet) under expose the foreground as much as necessary for it to be lighter... ten the background normal. In photoshop, layer them, (photo with darker foreground on top) then basically, you erase the foreground on the top layer, and have the better exposure come thru.
You'll need a tripod... this is what home magazines do all the time. You take an indoor shot and the window is blown out (bright). The you take the better exposure of the window and the room is dark... photoshop is a very useful tool.

Anonymous said...

This is SO beautiful. I love the colors. And this time of year, it's so nice to find fun stuff that isn't Christmas-y. I'm all Christmas-ed out and I LOVE fall stuff. Thank you!!!

clubiani said...

Beautiful! thanks for your kindness!