Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a Warm Welcome!

Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome.
I literally had knots in my stomach after I hit
that publish button...lol I just kept repeating
what have I done!!! I quickly called my sister,
as she is the one I always run to, hey what
are sisters for anyway...lol She says what are
you afraid of....I simply say REJECTION....lol
Of course, Lisa who knows EVERYTHING...hahaha
reassured me with the fact that the majority
of people in the digi-world are one of the most
caring and loving people....thanks Lisa, again....
your right! lol And a big THANKS to you all
for listening to me. Now onto my second post...

Yesterday was my daughter Amber's birthday. We
just had a small and simple birthday... Although
is was suppose to be a big one, sweet 16, but
my dear daughter decided to get into a heap of
trouble last month. She is grounded for one month
and no party. Gosh, that was really hard, I sooo
wanted to give in, but I had to stick to my words
and hopefully what has happened in the past will
NEVER occur again. I will skip the horror story, but
what I can tell ya'll, it wasn't good. And I always
cave in, but this time I didn't...kinda shocks me,
but I need her to know we mean business this time.
Hopefully things will get better, yeah right...lol does it
ever get better??? As I have said many times over
and will say it until it happens, I cant wait until the
teenage years are OVER!!! LOL Well enough about
that, onto to happy news....

Kim has a new kit out called Precious Angel Memories.
Its in Pink and Blue and its gorgeous!!!

I did a layout last night of it, wanna see it??
Ok, ok, even if you don't I am gonna show it....
lol I really love the way this one came out.
This little bundle of joy is Ambry, she is the
cutest little girl with most hair I have ever seen on a
baby in my life. Her mom, my friend, Amanda sent me
pictures the other night and I went right to work on them.
So here is the first one I did...

Isn't she a doll??? Everything in this is from Kim's Precious Angel
kit (except the flower on the frame)
and the word art is All About Fairies by Jazz.
You can find both these exclusively at digital-scrapbooking.org

Well, that's it for today, I got tons of wash and a Rec Room that
needs my attention. Then the dreaded question what's for dinner
tonight....lol Stay safe everyone and chow for now. xoxoxo


makeyesup said...

Your layout is adorable, she sure is a sweetie. Love that big smile. And thanks for your pretty kit.

Kim B said...

HOLEY TOLEDO GF- I didn't even know- ROTFLMAO! followed a link from Jazzy's- WOOOHOOOO- you go girl!! And those LO's are just STUNNING! Did I miss your mail??- arrgh I must have- lol
Croppy your blog is awesome and girl I can never get bored with your yakking!

Sorry to hear about the party etc- man- it's hard being a parent- hahaha
Hope it's all ended well though.
Sending hugs

pkdoll said...

You go girl! Your new pages are awesome. You never seize to amaze me!! Great start to your blogging days. Keep it up--and who doesn't like a nut???!!!!hahaha! Love ya girl!!