Monday, October 27, 2008

Not a Good Day.....LOL

Morning Everyone! Yes, I said morning.... lol I lied!! I told you all
I would never post in the morning.... But under my circumstances I was
woken up early with a hammer and a saw...
Nothing like waking up to THAT!! But I was warned.
Still doesn't make it easy, that's for sure! My DH decided
he wants a wood burning stove in the garage. That means we need
ANOTHER chimney... go figure! lol So I got a bunch of guys in
my yard early this morning banging I slowly go to the
door, still in my jams, with coffee in hand and the dogs going NUTS!
KC is afraid of everything, she got so scared of these guys,
runs backs into the house slamming me against the door,
trotting on my bare feet, as I try to balance my coffee, but its too late.... COFFEE EVERYWHERE!!!! So not only am I soaking
with coffee early in the morning I am cussing up a storm!!!
Not a pretty site!!! LOL As I sit here and type I look down
at me feet, and no kidding... I got this paw print on my foot
that is completely RED and it matches KC's
What a way to start the week!!! Just so you know, all you animal lovers out there.... No Animals were harmed in anyway or fashion...
I do believe KC is hiding under the kitchen table and will
stay there until these guys leave!!! LOL

Do you ever have to be somewhere at a certain time and end up
missing every road you were suppose to take??? Well, that happened
to me yesterday. Oh yeah, yesterday was just as good as today started Can I go back to bed and not wake up til tomorrow???? No such luck!!
Yesterday was my monthly meeting with the Stampin' Up! girls.
We have 3 new members and I haven't been to any of their homes yet.
Also I am not familiar with the area where they live. I got the
directions and THOUGHT I knew how to get there,
but honest to God I missed every ROAD... I had to back track
3 times!!!! I was so happy when I finally arrived!!
Parking was fun too!!! Little spot, little car, should have no problems,
yeah right!!! 3 inches away from a boat, I park... If I back straight up
I would be pulling a boat home with me, Hey, not a bad idea,
I always wanted a boat!!! And of course going home should be a breezeeee....
but NOOOOO, the sun was beaming into my eyes and I missed the road
to get back on the highway.... Turn around AGAIN!!! Stop laughing,
it wasn't funny at the time! All in all, as eventful as the ride was,
the time spent with the girls was FUN!!!

Kim has a great freebie over on her blog, wanna see it??? LOL

Isn't it GORGEOUS??!!! She sure makes awesome goodies!
Check it out HERE!
1 million peeps have visited her. How cool is that! I cant even
comprehend the couple thousand that have been visiting me,
I'm beyond ELATED! I cant even fathom 1 million!
Way to go Kim!
Keep up the wonderful things and I see you reaching
2 million in no time!

My dear friend Jazz is missing again, not do to illness, thank God, but her computer got a nasty virus and she hasn't been around in awhile.
Gosh, I am missing her like crazy! I cant wait till she
gets this virus out of her system and can come back!
So this little message to Jazz..... I MISS YA!!!! HURRY BACK!!! XOXOXO

Big, Big.... BIG stuff happening this week and next week!!! I am not at liberty to spill the beans yet, but I would hate for you to miss out on check back all this week and I promise you will NOT be sorry!!!!! Surprises will be flying all over the place!!!! I cant wait to fill ya in!!!

Well, that's about it for the day, I gotta stop talking before I say something I shouldn't yet... I have a way of doing that....not intentionally, but sometimes it just happens. LOL I will be back sometime this week, most likely NOT in the morning, but if I have to, I Take Care everyone! and stay Safe!
Chow for Now!!!!

PS.... Can someone tell me how to work this margin thing?? Everytime I post, it looks okay in the draft, but when I publish it, its WAY OFF!!! and as much time as I spend looking for typos and such, I am not going back to fix all the indents and there away to do this?????


pkdoll said...

GF! You said "my DEAD friend Jazz is missing again"..... I sure do hope you meant "my DEAR friend"..LMAO! She's not dead, I just talked to her, but her puter is dead!!for now. You drive like me--I am always missing my turns!! It's sooo good to hear I'm not the only one that does that! Hope you had a great time with the girls! Love your post-and your stories! Keep it up GF!

Melanie said...

(*rotfl*) OH, MY GOSH! I read my DEAD friend, Jazz and fell off my chair laughing. And I haven't stopped yet! And then you just had to say something about checking for typos, too! (*on the floor again*) You just crack me up!

You need me to navigate for you! I'm real good at reading maps. I'll come up to PA next time, shall I? Nice post today! Thanks for the laughs!

Crops said...

I dont know what you are talking about Paula???!!!! LOL OMG, you have no idea how many times I read this before I hit that publish button!!!! Thank God you talked to her!!! Ok, she is NOT dead any more, she has risen!!! And back to being a dear.....LMAO

Crops said...

YOU BOTH ARE stop, before I die laughing here!!!

eilajean said...

Heavens girl,

I didn't haul that wood. We have an old '47 jeep for that. Hubby attaches a cable... hauls 15 foot sections of tree... cuts with chainsaw... and splits with a wood splitter. I just have to stack. "JUST" she says... Note that we have room between the rows, s we can pull a trailer in, load it, and fill the shed... which currently houses about 5 cords of wood.

Cleaning up the limbs is worse than the stacking. And there are still 3 large trees to go, plus some smaller ones on the south lot. We do have quite an operation going, I do have to say.

Sounds like you have your own special "keystone cops" universe... LOL

Have a great night!


elnorac said...

Hey, thanks for the cute QP and all the stories! BTW, I, too, have a fearful dog, but I've gotten him over a lot of it. If you want to e-mail me, I can give you a couple of easy tips to calm him down in new situations. I had a plumber here all morning and my easily-spooked dog didn't even bark once. Love your blog!