Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Read a good book lately?? How about a good post??

Yes, this is a long one.......grab a glass of wine and someone do a
shot of Baileys Irish Creme for me.....LOL

Hello everyone, I got so much going in my head right now, its spinning...
I am trying to figure out where even to begin. So please bear with me
as I try and remember everything I gotta say and do. First thing I gotta
say, I am NOT a morning person, never was and never will be, so you
will NEVER see a post from me in the morning... hahaha I love the smell
of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, nope it's not Folgers but it
sure does smell wonderful and tastes awesome too.
I also love to read my morning paper in peace and quietness,
then do the sudoku, the cryptogram and the daily crossword puzzle.
They say that doing these puzzle makes the brain
stronger, I am not sure about that as my brain seems
to be in a frenzy at the moment....lol

I work on Wednesdays. I was working 4 days a week, but the
sweet doctor I work for seems to think its crowded in his
office, when he is there, so now I only go in when
he isn't there....LOL What I miss most beside the money....lol
is the great friendship I have formed with the girls...
ohhhh the stories I hear, I cant even repeat them on here....LMAO.
But these girls are a blast to be around and they are sooo sweet too!
*waving to Linda and Leslie* LOL
See what I do now that I don't work.... I Blog!!! hahahaha
But anyway, where was I going with this.....Oh crap, I don't remember
......see, I told ya my brain is getting worse! Oh, OK, I remember...
work on Wednesdays....To show you that I am not a morning person,
I don't even start work til 10:30am....Now that is a GREAT JOB!!!! LOL

Now onto to scrappin things.......

Yesterday was one heck of a day, I didn't realize all the stuff you
got to do when you give people an award....LOL I went to every ones
site, to let them know and of course I had to read EVERYTHING....LOL,
at least I am up to date with everyone now....but it sure did seem to
take forever....hahaha I gotta learn to pace myself better...
As I was giving this award away, I was getting more too, who would
of thought....LOL Honestly, I thought that was my 1st and only award
I would ever get, yeppers, what was I thinking??? ...
oh soooo wrong I was.....LOL
Gosh, I am on cloud nine, now I gotta make some room in here for them,
ohhhh, and my ego is about to burst......hahaha But I promise it wont
stay in my head that long, nothing ever does lately....hahaha
So Eila, I Thank You soooooo much!!!!! How sweet of you to make an award,
yep, you heard me right, she made it all by herself and its gorgeous!!!!!!!!

And get this....
I dont have to do anything with it!!!! NOT ONE THING!!!!! LOL
And I don't mean to sound ungrateful to anyone, but for right now,
I am gonna hold onto this one and not share....LOL I will at some point,
but just not yet! Because I have another to share.....from Eila also...
that girl is just full of surprises isn't she....lol

I have to name 7 things I love and pass it to 7 people, I think that's what I gotta do anyway...... so here it goes
seven things I love:

1. My Hubby Buzz, I picked him to spend the rest of my life with, through the good and the bad, he is always here.....He IS always here, how do I get him to go away for a few days???? LMAO

2. My two teenage girls, Heather 19, and Amber 16, yes I DO love them, I don't like them at the moment, and I don't think I will like them until they stop knowing EVERYTHING! and move out of my house, but YES, I do love them! (I think if I say that often enough, I will start to believe that) hahahaha

3. My dogs...Shelby and KC....aka Lazy and Crazy.... Need I say anything more....hahaha But I do love them, more than my kids sometimes... I know that sounds
really cruel, but you dont have to live with these 2 girls, I DO!

4. My Sisters, Lisa and Kimmy. Without Lisa, I'd be dead by now....so you can all thank her for my existence today.....LOL Kimmy has too many babies at the moment, if you think my brain is fried, you should see her....and wait....they all are gonna be teenagers....whewwwwww, by then, I'll be done! Probably onto grand kids then.....YIKES!!!!!

5. My Friends, Yes, there are way too many to mention, and I cant think of all the names anyway!
But what a wonderful feeling to have to know that there are soooo many!

6. The warmth of the sun beating down on my face!

7. Pizza, yes I LOVE pizza, anytime, anywhere, any day! LOL

Yes, there is more that I Love, but that will have to wait, I can only name 7 today....LOL who makes these rules anyway???? The blog police???? LMAO
These are the seven peeps I give this too, I am sorry, I am not running off to all your sites tonight...if you see your name, please pick up the award and RUN.....lol But seriously, I am so behind in everything and still have a ton of things to get done...and if I just didn't do it yesterday, I would go to your sites, I SWEAR!!!! A few are repeats from yesterday but I want to acknowledge some others too...so here it goes..... Paula, Jazz and KimB....blah, blah, blah, same as yesterday.....hahahaha
Michelle (Crafty Scraps), MaryH(MH Mixes), Rachel (steelcityscraps) and Vanessa! Whewwwwwww, thank goodness, that's over with....lol

Kim is back.... yippie, the slave driver she is.....hahahah caught me yesterday, I didn't think she was coming home until today, so she found out I hadn't done a layout yet....but I got one done while she was sleeping, gotta love the time difference.... anyway look at this kit.... It's called Loryn and get this, she is doing a series of these of her friends, I can't wait to see who the next friend is gonna be..and when and if she ever does Deon....ohhh that's gonna be something to see.....LOL Should be very interesting to watch....lol

Gorgeous huh???? Run HERE to get this before it's not on sale.... I personally wait until a sale.....lol And here is a layout I did with her new stuff....this is Brooke, I told ya I got some
good photos of her.....lol

And last but not least I want to say a special thanks to Irene aka Eye and to Jan aka Janytime
Eyeball you nut.... I love the halloween one you did, looks fantastic and your fall layout in Nova Scotia is a WOWSER!
And Jan sent me 2 layouts she did of her parents....how cool is that!!!! It just warms my heart to know people are actually using my freebies......LOL Thanks Jan!!!! and I thought I would show you them.
The first 2 are from Eye:

And this 2 are from Jan:

They did a great job on them! ***standing on my desk*** clapping!!! YEAHHHHHH

Well, I think thats it for now, sorry no freebie today....maybe later this week, I got to do some more birthday layouts and the rest of these fall pictures need to get done. And of course a busy weekend is in store for me.
Thanks to everyone who made it through all this reading....This has actually taking me hours to do....
in between grocery shopping, running to a notary, doing wash, sewing a hole up that somehow miraculously got on my throw pillow, taking the dogs out for the umpteenth time, freezing soup, sweeping the floor, washing dishes, cleaning the vacuum cleaner, and starting dinner....I think I am done for the night!
Calgon take me away!!!!!! I can't wait to go to work tomorrow, I get a BREAK!!! But I dont have gas in my car....Ohhhhhh Buzz..........guess what you are doing tonight..... hahahaha...
Take Care everyone and stay safe.....Chow for now!

PS... As I was typing this I got an email from Renee....the sweet thang she is returned that award to me, thanks sweetie...I'll just keep it stacked over on the side there------> LOL Thank god, I don't have to dust those awards.....hahaha
and what a brilliant idea just to send emails to peeps....instead of blog hopping
all day.... live and learn.....Renee, that's a clever idea and I will do that from now on! hahahaha
Now I am really going........ I still got to take this document put it into blogger and create this post and put all the stuff in....ohhh that should take me another few hours.....LMAO!

Later Peeps!


Michelle said...

Thanks for the award sweetie...Really made my day!! Love ya, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Thank you honey for the award, goodness you don't half make me feel guilty. It is ages since I posted on my blog - so many things going on and all. I have to make a concerted effort to get back to designing bits and writing some more and yes babs I do have a little something for you to over there, but you will have to wait. (It's coming, and yes I hear you, so is christmas) Love you girl.

pkdoll said...

And you were worried about what to say on your blog???!!! You are doing magnificant my friend! Loved reading all of it, and thank you for the award!

eilajean said...

Yay, I made it to the end, and to the comments... would have loved a little Bailey's in my coffee as I enjoyed te read - but it's a little early... LOL. You sound like you could use a good massage therapist - What Luck! I know one who live in the same town as you.

Really, thanks for making it to the end of your day, and gtting this out to us...


happyscrapper said...

Absolutely love your QP from Kim's kit with the photo of Brooke. It is in my opinion the best I've seen so far using this kit. Is there anyway you could be convinced to offer it as a freebie?

Melanie said...

I love a good book.......uhm...I mean post! LOL! I so enjoy reading about your day. Keep up the great blogging, GF!

Anonymous said...

Oh Crops what a lovely surprise that you did by posting these.Ilove your stuff.xo.Luv yah .