Monday, October 13, 2008

What happened to Fall?

It's 80 degrees here today! I thought it was
suppose to get colder not hotter. Thank goodness
I didn't pack the summer clothes away yet.
But today is a jammie day, I've been so busy this
entire weekend, running all over place that I decided
not to do a darn thing except work on this computer.
First things first... updating this blog! I want to thank all
you wonderful peeps for the sweetest comments. And
those that put humor in for me to read about my
squirrel issue had me in stitches...suicide squirrel was the
winner in my book! Thanks for the laughs everyone!

Saturday was my nephew Zander's 1st birthday. I just love
going to my sister's house. I also love leaving there. hahaha
It's like a nursery school, little kids
She has 3 little boys all under the age of 3.
It might just be me, but she has the most gorgeous
little boys! And of course there is Brooke who is 8 and what a
sweetheart she is. I got so many pictures at the party and this
time it was Brooke who I got the best pictures of. But I have
to work on Zander's pictures first, he was the main reason for
this gathering, besides he is a real cutie too. I got one layout done
of him. Wanna see?? lol

More to follow. I have to get this brain in scrap mode and out of
picture taken mode.

Sunday was quality time with hubby. We spent the entire day together.
Which was rather nice. We headed north to do some site seeing and
get fall pictures. I brought 2 cameras and half way through my small
camera died on me, I was click just point and shoot out
the I was bound to get some good Lots of poles
too and street signs and sooo many utility wires! hahaha But I must
say my Canon was well worth every penny! I got some great pictures
with it. Out of the 238 pictures I took, I got 57 keepers, now I have to
decide how I am going to use all I don't think I will be doing
57 layouts!!! lol Here are 2 pictures for ya'll to see:

The colors are spectacular in the mountains!!! Don't ya think??
So between the party and the fall pics I got plenty to
work on, for awhile at least! lol

Last week I was playing with Halloween stuff for a challenge at SBM.
Here is the preview.

If you like to use it click HERE to download.

Well I better get this butt in gear, I got tons of layouts to do!
Thanks for stoppin by!!! And until next time....Chow for now!


Kim B said...

Ok- you can ride them over and I'll just use my golf balls- LOL
Popped in to say hi
LOVE the halloween freebie girl- you on a roll!

sending hugs

nanwu said...

wow love the fall (autumn) photo's...those colours are amazing. Isn't Zander just so cute?? Love reading your blog it always makes me smile

Anonymous said...

Love your fall pics. I'm in Pa too and the trees by me are at the same stage it really was beautiful this past weekend.

pkdoll said...

Hey GF! I have an award for you--just come on over to my blog to pick it up!! Great blogging going on here!! Love your freebies too.

Anonymous said...

This is eye and I love all your work.Luv it so much I want more more

clubiani said...

great kit! thanks