Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I sure hope ya'll are ready for Santa!
I know I am! I do have to venture out today for some
fresh strawberries, well as fresh I can get at this time
of year anyway. They are must for the Chocolate
Fountain. I like to say it's for the kids, but I would
be just fooling myself, chocolate is at the top of the
list of my favorite things, lol and there is nothing
I love to see besides presents under the tree all for me
and a fountain of chocolate screaming at me to
But before the fun begins, I still have a few things
to get done, so before I get busy with all festivities
I just wanted to quickly wish all my friends out
there a Wonderful Christmas... may it be everything
you wished for and more!!
The other night I got my camera out and just started
taking pictures of the tree and all the other
decorations I have, I tried the picture
of the Christmas ball, but I still got some
experimenting to do with that... I have to figure
out how to take the close up picture and not see
me in the ball...LOL oh well, maybe next year...LOL
But anyway... I think I did capture the essence of
my tree this year, so I made it into a card for everyone...

Well, time for me to run!
Have a Very Merry Christmas Everyone!
Take Care and Stay Safe!!!
Chow for Now!!


xashee's corner said...

Merriest Christmas to you & yours!!! :D

grammy201 said...


The strawberries where I live were a $1.99 lb last week; this week they are $5.99 lb...So whatever they had leftover at $1.99 they pulled the stickers off and put new stickers on them for $5.99. (I worked in a grocery store for some time and that is what they do)Hmmm older strawberries must get better with age; that must be why they put the price up...I just thought they went rotten with age...silly me, lol.

Have a wonderful day!

eilajean said...

Hi Crops - just checking in with my peeps - Hope you had a fabulous day. When we get home, I will post some photos. One word - in regard to your delemma - TRIPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you even ask Santa for a tripod? also, the angle you shoot from... but a tripod is your very best bet. You can also cover yourself with a black cloth LOL - but kind of serious... just let the lense pop out. Get creative - which I know is EASY for you.

Ciao 4 niao!


Melanie said...

Merry Christmas!!!! Yes, do use the tripod so the camera is not in front of you and then put a big smile on your face and push the button! Then send me the pic so I can always have an ornament on my tree with your face in it to remind me to be thankful for my friends at Christmas time! What an awesome gift that would be. Love ya, GF!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks from M&M!!

Anonymous said...

Love your Christmas card! Looks so warm and inviting, just like one thinks of HOME! Thanks for letting us see it! You're amazing to work a job and still be able to get so much done! Whew!