Monday, December 8, 2008

Snowgirl finds her Brother...

Hello ya'll! I must say you peeps know
how to make someone feel good! The
responses I got on my snowgirl certainly
made my day!!! I thank you all!!! Now
that my ego has been adjusted,
for the better, I might
I went back to the drawing board.
Why, I never save my stuff in a psd file,
is beyond me! So yes, that snowgirl I just
saved as a jpeg. And since the response was
soooo good I did her brother! LOL
Maybe it's a good thing I
don't save them as psd's...since starting
from scratch again, I got to learn more
this time and I gotta tell ya, I am loving
this one....LOL I guess it's the vest on
him, I played with smudging, blurring, adding
shadows with a brush...not the shadow button
and I really like the way it looks....I wanted
the bulging out of the seams look.. then I
wanted the stitches...ohhh, that look a bit
of time, but well worth it, I think
But before I show you my snowboy you just gotta
see these layouts from my friends at SBM.
I was totally floored when I went into the
gallery this weekend and every time I went in
I saw someone using my stuffs.... That really
made my head swell....LOL So I wanted to share
them with all you peeps!
This first one was mailed to me from PkDoll...
I do love it! Thanks Paula

This one was done by one of my CHILLS friend...Sue
I just love how she used the candy cane for his name!
Thanks Sue!

And these 2 are from Omajo. They don't have
snow where she lives, but she used them anyway...
what a sweetie!!! Thanks Jo....

and this one she changed the color to green!
How COOL is that!!!!!

Ok, now onto your freebie....I loved reading
your comments, so don't stop
Here is the preview:

If you want to snag him just click the preview!
(Hopefully I did that right??) LOL

Okie Dokie, time for me to get something done in this
house, I am expecting my MIL and I had to get out
of my jams...dang it!!! LOL So have a great day everyone,
and stay safe!!!
Chow for Now!!


Susie said...

Crops, he is just as adorable as his sister, lol. It's the eyes, I love the eyes. Thank you for your goodies, it looks like you've been doing this forever!!

Anonymous said...

OMG - he's so cute!! I just love these snowpeople!! I'm going to snag him right now!! Thanks loads from M&M!

Anonymous said...


pkdoll said...

Crops I agree with Susie--it's the eyes!! They are adorable. Your snow peeps are gorgeous and I for one am loving them!! Wow I also love what others have been making with your stuff!! Beautiful pages-all of them!! You go girl! You are getting so goooooood at this, it only took you a day to do the man NOT a whole week!!hahahaha! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

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Jazzy said...

Crops you have talent in leaps and bounds girl friend..these snow people are beautiful..just out of this world I love them..I just got the freebie..but didn't leave a msg on 4shared but I thank you very very much..I am so proud of are just getting better and you lots..hugs meee

LouCeeCreations said...

An AMAZING little Fella! thankyou for sharing him...

xashee's corner said...

Snooow CUTE!!! lol thank you so very much for sharing such a sweet little guy!! Have a FANTASTIC day! :D

Peggie said...

This little fellow is beautiful. Thank you,

Anonymous said...

How adorable, thank you so much!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for both of your ADORABLE snow people!!!!!!!!

aquascrap said...

OMGosh these snow people are just the best. It's when I see these that I wish I lived where it snowed. Crops, they look as if you've been designing them all your life.

Anonymous said...

They're both adorable, thank you.

Vana63 said...

Luv this boy, Thank You!!! Ive caught DH's cold so Im not gettin outta my jammies today, hehe

mmikes said...

This is adorable. I love it. Thanks

nancypinct said...

He sure is a handsome dude! They are so fluffy - how did you do that? They are the nicest snow people I have seen! Thank you for this very nice gift!

BoosAngel said...

He is sooooooo cute!!!
I have looked and looked on your site and I cannot find the snowgirl can someone please help me find her?
Thank you for all the wonderful stuff that you have gave to everyone!!


grammy201 said...

Thank you for the snowboy and snowgirl; they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

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clubiani said...

OMG! He's adorable!! thank you so much!!