Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Only a few more hours left in 2008!!
What a year it has been! I am not going
to say it was the best of years, but it wasn't
the worst either. The good part is nobody
close to me has gone over to the other side,
and for that I am so grateful! My health
has been rather good, except for the occasional
toothache, but if that's all I have to gripe about,
then I consider myself one lucky person!
One thing I did great this year was start this
blog, it utterly amazes me how kind people
can be, ya know, I stood in a huge line at the
grocery store today and just watched peoples
faces, nobody was ya had to stand
in a long line, whoopiedodah....
I was thinking, just be grateful you
can stand and then I started chuckling to myself...
see, life is what you make it. I had a blast standing
in line, and I even let this little old lady go in front
of me. ( My good deed for the day is done) LOL
If I had one digi-wish (is that a new word?) LOL
It would be that I could personally meet you all,
I do see the smiles in your writing and what a feeling
that is to see. To try and explain this to someone
who is not in the digiscrappin world is so hard,
they just don't understand how one can be so
involved with people they never met, but even
though we will never see each other face to face,
I can feel the true friendships I have formed and
WOW I am sooo LUCKY! So, to my old and new
friends... I wish you all the best in the year 2009!
May it be a year of good health and lots of laughter!
I would raise my glass of champagne to you all, but
I don't drink anymore....someone get me a glass
of sparkling cider please...LOL

CHEERS to you all!!!

Ok, I am done being won't see too
much mushy stuff from me....only a few times a
year... and New Year's Eve is one of them! lol
All my shopping is done, got the appetizers for
tonight and the pork and sauerkraut for tomorrow
all that is left is my warm jammies and hubby
to get out of work. So until then, I will work on
my new kit, ohhhh, this one is gonna be fantastic!!!!
Wait till ya see this keep an eye out for it.
Think fantasy and

So until next year peeps, have a great night and
if you are drinking DON'T DRIVE!!! and if you
are driving DON'T DRINK!!!! Stay safe, ok!!!
Chow for Now!!!


pkdoll said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!!! You are one of my special friends that I will always be close to and hope you have a very Happy one tonight! We are going to our son's and doing the fondue thing. It is soooooo cold out I would rather stay home in my jammies!! But I do love my fondue. Can't wait to see your new kit!!! I haven't had any time to play so I'm not sure what will come up next for me. Take care and wishing you and all your readers a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!!

Melanie said...

Happy New Year my dear, dear friend! I wish for you all great and wonderful things to occur and the healthiest and happiest of times. And your asyrat sounded like "I's a rat" when I said it so I guess your sisters have been leaving the word verifications around. LOL!

Crops said...

Someone told me this isnt working, so this is a test...I repeat, just a test.....LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the beautiful Holly Jolly Kit!


Susie said...

Hi, Crops, just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a very happy new year!! I love reading your blog and am so thankful for all your expertise, and especially thankful for you sharing it with those of us not as talented. Keep up the great work, pleeeeeeeeeeeeese!! LOL HUGS, twpclerk

Beth said...

Hi there Croppy.... hope that the fact that you haven't blogged yet this year doesn't mean that you're still tired out from party-ing too hard!!! LOL! (OR.... maybe I SHOULD wish that.... we could all use more fun in our lives eh???) Just wanted to stop by and give ya a {{{HUG}}}. Luv yuns.