Monday, December 29, 2008

Xmas Photos and Challenge is Done!

Hiya Peeps!
How was your Christmas? Hope you got
everything you wanted! Mine was pretty good.
It had a rocky start but ended rather well. Of course
my sweet daughter Heather made it a Christmas to
always remember! I am wondering if I can sell her
on EBay, oh heck I'll give her away for FREE at
this stage of the game! I promise I won't bore
you all with the teenage problems...oh man, she
is NOT a teenagers any more, what do you
call them now??? Jerk Years! Stupid Years??
Well whatever it is I am looking forward to
the packing days! It can't come soon enough!
After the morning ruckus here I ended up
having a wonderful day with my family... All
month long of preparations for a total of
10 hours....I think I am going to Disney
next year for Christmas!!! LOL
I didn't take a bunch of pictures this year, but I
did some good shots. Here are just a few of them.
This is Xmas Morning...
These are my rotten kids...oops I mean sweet children...This is the Chocolate Fountain... yummmmmmm
Family gathered around the fountain...
Brandon got a remote control helicopter... hence the arrows so you can see it....
Zach and Brett wrestling...boys will be
And last but not least... Zander, who didn't say a word the entire day! LOL

So, what are your plans for New Year's Eve?
Mine are simple, just staying home!! I used
to go out and party with the gang, but now I
am a good girl and stay put! I'll make a few
appetizers for me and the old man and try to
stay awake to watch the ball drop. The kids
will be out and all will be good!
New Year's Day traditions include making pork
and sauerkraut, putting the silver in the sink for
good fortune and I can't go shoppin that day,
cause it's suppose to mean you'll be broke all
year, geeze I have been doing that forever and
I am still broke, maybe I should try shoppin' on
New Year's Day and see how that really works! lol
Also the first man to walk in the door is suppose
to bring good luck. I remember my father getting
up early every New Year's Day so he could be
the first man to walk into his sister's houses. He had
5 sisters and it took most of the morning, then off
the to club he would go and we wouldn't see
him till dinner time. So what are some of your
traditions?? I'd love to hear some!

Well, Kim should be happy I finished her color
challenge... and I still have 2 more days left in the month! LOL
Hey, it was a hectic month!!!I didn't realize how
big it got until I went to upload it....Holy Cowwww...
I had to make it into 2 parts. LOL
Here is the preview for the DSO Color Challenge,
I named it You're a Star!

And you can download it here:

Now I must get to work on a few things around the
house, everyone is gone and I am enjoying the peace
and quiet! So until next time, take care and stay safe!
Chow for Now!!


Susie said...

Hi Crops, thanks for the kit, my New Year's Tradition? None, Sometimes we stay up to see the new year in, most times we don't, sometimes make pork and kraut, most times we don't, oh am I repeating myself?LOL, Have a Happy New Year!! Hugs,Susie

Sue said...

Thank you very much for the cute kit! :)

Vicki said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 29 Dec [LA 09:07pm] - 30 Dec [NY 12:07am, UK 05:07am, OZ 04:07pm] ).

TerriK said...

Thank you for the lovely kit. (p.s. how DO people live thru the teen years? mine just turned 14 . . . .)

Pattycakes said...

Awesome kit!! Thank you and have a Happy New Year!! :)

pkdoll said...

Happy New Year!!! That is an awesome kit and thank you sooooo much for sharing it with us!!!!! As far as New Years traditions-we don't always do the same thing every year, but we do try to do our fondue on New Years Eve and than play cards and ring in the New Year. And so that's what we will be doing this year. It is soooo much fun and the kids love it--young and old. We do it by candlelight and we do pork, beef and chicken with our different sauces, baked potato and salad. It's a great bonding time and awesome family time. Hope you have a very Happy New Year too with your family. And yes, maybe you should shop on New Years!hahaha! Never heard of that one before. My word verification is "trythu" I think it is trying to tell you "trythis" and go shopping my friend!!!hahaha!

Melanie said...

Love the Christmas pics! Thanks for sharing them. I don't do ANYthing for New Years! When I was a kid, we spent it at church, as a teen I used to sit up and watch Dick Clark but now I just sleep through the whole thing. (Unless the gunshots wake me up. I'm gonna beat that guy if I ever find out who does that!)My daughters are always out and sometimes I have to babysit but the babies and I are all still in bed when the ball drops. That's my plans for this year, too! I'm such a party-pooper. lol!

Anonymous said...

Morning Crops,
Not sure if our New Years plans will come thru or not. I'm still sick and our friend's have family issues. I guess we'll find out tomorrow night. No biggie if I have to stay home..
Zander is just too sweet! I love his little cheeks!!!
Have a good one ! I'm off to play wiht the arrived yesterday! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! :P

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your marvelous Holiday pictures... Keep the faith as far as the kids are concerned. My daughter made me nutz, and now she's 35 and my best friend!

My New Years Tradition is trying to stay awake long enough to see the New Year in LOL!!!

Thank you for this darling kit! I'm off to scrap a couple of pages with it, I have two grandsons, so it will surely be used often. Thank you!

makeyesup said...

super job on the color challenge, thanks, Wishing you a wonderful 2009. I'm totally with you for a quiet safe evening at home on New Year's eve.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much

Jewel said...

You did a great job on the colour challenge :) Thanks for charing!

eilajean said...

HI Crops - Thanks so much for sharing. Love the kit! I thank my lucky stars everyday that I raised a boy. I am not sure I could have survived teenage girls.

We don't have any traditions for the New Year - just the conviction to make it all it can be. LOL. We are going to cook a Prime Rib - but mostly cuz we just want to. As far as partying - I always thought of New Years as amateur hour. It is just best to hang out at home with those you love.

Have a wonderful eve, no matter what you do. Loved the Chistas pics. Zander is such a little cutie... they always are at that age - then they become teenagers and start piercing and tatooing everything. ICK LOL! She will be a best friend sometme in the not so distant future... have a little faith.

ciao for naio


MemoryKeeper said...

Thanks for sharing your awesome your kids are ADORABLE! Thanks for the YOU'RE A STAR kit, it's great to have some more masculine kits to add to my treasure chest!

Here’s to more happy scrapping, and
Hugs from the heart,

Come scrap your blog with me…
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great new kit! Loved your Christmas pictures; looks like such a perfect tree and setting! All your hard work surely paid off! We're similar with the chocolate fountain, and hubby got the remote helicopters!! We stay in on New Year's eve; comes with age, the desire to stay safe. Thanks so much for sharing all your scrapping inspirations with us during 2008! I made 10 scrapped albums for gifts this year and literally had to see my computer as "off limits" so I could pull them together and get everything done on time! Couldn't have made many of my pretty pages without your shared gifts! Was so proud of "us"!! Now anxious to return to my habit of checking in on my digi-scrap mentors like you! Bless you and Happy New Year! Much Love!!

xashee's corner said...

LOVE your pictures!! your tree is BEAUTIFUL!! and chocolate, well, YUMM!! lol Thank you for ALL that you have shared!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for your MARVELOUS contribution!!!!!!!!

Teri said...

I love these colors. Thank you so much for this great kit.