Monday, January 26, 2009

Made with Love QP

Good Morning Peeps!
Gotta busy day planned today,
so I am going to TRY and make
this short and sweet!
No, I didn't get out this weekend
to take pictures, it was toooo darn COLD!
Hubby and I had a date night on Friday,
we try to do that at least once a month.
Nothing too elaborate, just to spend
some quality time together. I feel like
I should do that once a month, since I
am on this computer so much! LOL
We went to a flea market type of place,
just to look around. Then out to dinner.
Nice evening with hubby and back on the
computer this weekend.

Now to some scrappin' stuff...
Kim has some new CU items in her store and
Jazz has the Funky Love Lines Word Art..all this
lovey dovey stuff.... I guess that is what
Valentines is all about, ughhhh... I don't
have any lovey dovey photos laying around here,
except of my wedding album, which I was planning
on making a scrapbook of this year, so this
got me scanning my wedding pictures...I love
to be organized, and go in order, but it's not
gonna happen with I started in the middle...
LOL We will be married 22 years in April, gosh,
does time fly...anywayy, here is my layout, I did
use Kim's new goodies and Jazzy's wordart.

And the good news for all you peeps, if you want
the QP... it's yours....just click on the preview,
leave some lovin'... and you can have it!

If you want to make your own page with this
gorgeous stuff, head on over to their stores and
pick it up, it's still on sale!!!
Go HERE to Kim's store.
Here is a peek of all her new goodies:

Here is Funky Love Lines:

And Jazz got some new wordart coming out today
called Girl Power, check it out!

Just click the preview and it'll take you right
to her store!

Well, that's got to be it for today, I have
got to run.... Ya'll have a great day and
until next time, take care and stay safe!
Chow for Now!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hearty Tarty QP

Hello Peeps! The house is quiet! Everyone is
where they should be, at last, a day to myself,
pure heavennnnnnnn....LOL I am loving it!!!
I have a bunch of stuff to get though today,
even a freebie!!! And to stir things up I am going
to start with the freebie!
I used Kim's new kit, Hearty Tarty and Jazzy's word
art All about Kids. I kinda scraplifted Jenni aka ChaosLounge's
layout, with my own twist, I just love her clustering!!!
This is my niece Brooke.

And if you like to grab the QP just click below on the
preview. Don't forget your manners!!!

And if you haven't gotten the kit yet,
click the preview to get it, it's still on sale!

Now, about my President layout, although I am
honored that some would like the layout to add
to your scrapbook, I gotta say, I don't think you
want this one, I spelled his name wrong!!! I
can be such a numphy sometimes, so I have
to somehow fix that, and at this time, I don't have
time! But I have a great idea, why don't you make
your own (Barack is spelled with one 'R') LOL
and share it with everyone!!! I am sure
we would all love to see it!

I got an award for Shirley aka Xashee's Corner!
She is sooo sweet, she stops by all the time
and leaves such wonderful comments to alot of peeps!
And now she is giving out this Lemonade Award!
How excitingggggg!!! Thanks so much Shirley!!!!

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post with the person from whom you received your award.

I am going to try and NOT duplicate her peeps, but if I do, sorryyyyyyyy! LOL
Ok, here it goes my ten peeps:
1. Paula aka PkDoll
2. Kristine aka wenchdgrafix
3. Mel aka CreeksideCottageDesigns
4. Michelle aka Craftyscraps
5. Mary aka MH51
6. Diana aka Heart of Knzus
7. Omajo aka Omajo's Scraps
8. Linda aka MrsJayBob
9. Evee
10. Vanessa
Now it's your turn, have fun!

Before I end this for the day, I want to let you all
know Kim got 2 new CU items up and they are
awesome!!! Made with Love part 1 and 2..
Both are 25% off at the moment..
Here is a preview of them, just click on
them to go to her store!

Well, it's time to make the chicken.... Have I ever told
you how much I HATE chicken!!!! But I gotta have it
at least 2 times a week, along with tuna fish and tons
of salad!!! But so far, so good, I'm down 6 lbs and 2 inches
from my waist..YIPPIEEE, but I still got a long way to gooo.
I have been drinking so much water, I think I am floating
sometimes, that and running to the bathroom, now who
is using all the TP....hahahahahahaha, NOT ME.....LOL

Ok peeps have a good weekend, I think I am going
out somewhere and get practice with my camera, not
sure where yet, but I am itching to use my new zoom
lens. Take Care and be safe!
Chow for now!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You!

Just a quick post tonight.
I just wanted to say thank you
to everyone who left a comment
about the teenage situation.
I know I am not the only one
in this world who is having a
difficult time with these years.
I have just needed to vent lately,
cause it seems like anything I say
to these kids anymore just goes in
one ear and out the other, I know
this pass and I can't wait. Just want
you all to know how grateful I am
to have others out there knowing
what I am going through.
I thank you for all your advice!!!
See, at one time, I would
go to my mom, cause she just knew
everything and would tell me like
it was, it's times like these that I
miss her the most!! Now I have to
rely on others and that is kinda hard
for me. Soooo THANK YOU!!! I have
took everyone you said to heart and
will get through this come hell or high

Today history was made! As I sat and
watched the 44th president being sworn
in, I prayed for a better world for all us.
I am sure it's going to be one rough road
for us all and not everyone is happy about
this, and those of you who have prejudices,
you will have to come to terms with that
in your own way. I personally don't care
what color his skin is, as long as he does his
job and does it well!!! May God give
Barrack Obama the strength he is going
to need to steer this country back to were
it belongs!
This layout I did for future generations...
well, I guess, they all are....LOL

Ok, gonna get going, got to go to bed
early, have work in the morning!

Chow for Now!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

What a day!

Good Evening Peeps, sorry I didn't blog
this morning, but I had to work today,
I knew last week, so I got all my running
around done yesterday. I guess I made
my kids happy when they found out I wasn't
going to be home today, actually so happy
they decided to have their friends over
and eat all the food I just bought. Heather
had the day off from work and Amber
had off from school because of the holiday.
As you can probably tell, I am not very happy
this evening!!! I came home to find
a sink full of dirty dishes and newspaper
thrown all over place, Calgon take me AWAY!!!
Maybe I can suck my brain into this
computer and forget they exist for a few hours,
I just might feel better!!! I sure hope it works!!!
I told my hubby the other night, that in 2 to 3 years
we are moving out of state, I think that
is the only way to be free of them,
they won't want to move with us, cause I am sure
they can't leave their friends.
I am so serious, this might be the perfect
plan for all of us!
I figured Heather will be 23 and Amber 19,
they can go live their lives and I can see
them only on holidays! I talked to hubby
and he is more than fine with it!!!
We want to move south, so we are thinking
North Carolina, there are a few people that
I know, that live there and I hear the beaches are
beautiful! It's a bit warmer there too.
And I think it will be better than CALGON!!! LOL
Okay enough of my ranting!!!

This is for Rita, I do want to apologize to you,
I read your comment, and went as far as
zipping them up into 2 files, something happened
and I totally forgot all about it! I am truly sorry it
took so long to download and I promise I will
make all smaller kits! ( as long as I
don't get side

Ok, now onto some good things!!! I want to
show off some more layouts that peeps
have done with my kits. Just a few.....

This Gorgeous One is by Omajo...

And the next two fantastic ones are from Eye...

Nanwu made this Outstanding layout of all
her grandkids......

LOVE them all! Thanks guys!!!

I was playing a bit with OOB's and I
think I finally got it... I soooo want to go
to the zoo and I have been asking
hubby to take me, but he always comes
up with some excuse not to go, so I
figured, there are loads of free zoo pictures
out there and until I get there I'll make
believe I went! LOL So here is my first
animal.... the giraffe....

Pretty cool!!! huh? Well I think so I used a new kit

called Salina by Deanne Gow-Smith aka Moonbeam

You can get it in her SBM store HERE:

Now onto some other good stuff!.....
Kim has a new kit out called
Hearty Tarty...

It's on sale at the moment,
25% off, you can check out her blog or
click HERE to get it!!!

and it is PERFECT for Valentine's Day.
I am not in the lovey, dovey mood these
days, so I just did a layout of Amber
when she was little and I loved her dearly....LOL

Sweet Jazzy has some new wordart too, called
Humor Fest and it really awesome!!! Also on
sale at the moment for 15% off.

I just love these and can't wait to use them!
You can find them HERE.

Well, I got lots of stuff scattered all over
my computer and I gotta get organized.
I am hoping to have a freebie up by Friday and
Kim has another kit in the making, so I better
get started on that....
Plus I have a very important phone to make,
Little Zach turned 4 today, so I got to call
him up and sing to him. LOL
So until later this week,
Ya'll take care and as always stay safe!
Chow for Now!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Help Feed the Hungry and Hide Bath Towels!

Warning: Very Long Post!!! LOL

Hello Peeps! Gotta few things that I want to share
with you all... First one being, from EliaJean, she
had this post yesterday about how YOU can help
fight hunger in America, at first I thought, yeah right!
What do I have to donate now, I already have
my favorite charities that I donate to. What is this
gonna cost me this time??? And actually I was
quite surprise...with just a click, I can help feed
someone and it's not gonna cost me a dime, heyyy,
I can do that!!!!! So my request to all you digiscrappin'
peeps, if we all can do this, just once a day, maybe
it will put a dent into feeding the hungry, Nope, we
can't help everyone out there, but how hard is it
to just make one click everyday, we already do
it a thousand or more times a day, what's one more!
And EilaJean went and did some investigating into
this, here are some facts for you to read.

The link is below - if you would like to head over now and check it out...

"This is the post on Snopes where she checked
out the validity of it... The Hunger Site

The Hunger Site Claim: You can direct money to
hunger relief simply by clicking a button on a website.
Status: True.
Origins: Over the last few years we've
seen a plethora of altruistic appeals circulate on
the Internet, each one claiming that you could
donate money to a worthy cause or right some
terrible injustice — at no cost to you — merely by
taking some simple action, such as forwarding an
e-mail message. (See our Jessica Mydek page for one example.)

All of these messages were hoaxes —
until The Hunger Site came along. At The Hunger Site,
you can "donate" money to hunger relief simply by
clicking a button.
How? The Hunger Site, the creation of John Breen,
a 42-year-old computer programmer from Bloomington,
Indiana, was funded by various companies who sponsored
the site for a day. Every sponsor donated the approximate
cost of 1/4 of a cup of food to the United Nations' World
Food Program for each user who clicks on the site during
the day. (If multiple companies were sponsoring the site, the
amount of food donated was multiplied by the number of sponsors.)
Breen created the site in June 1999 as a personal project
to help deal with hunger in developing countries, and the
response was soon so overwhelming that he spent most
of his time administering the site even though he received
no income, loans, grants, or donations to compensate him
for his time and effort or pay his expenses. Eventually The
Hunger Site became part of, a shopping
portal where customers could direct up to 15% of the cost
of every purchase to causes they selected.
ceased operations in July 2001, and The Hunger Site was
emporarily shut down until took over its
operations a few weeks later.

Other sites also offer similar means for visitors to aid various charities:
l Animal Rescue Site
l The Breast Cancer Site

Additional Information:

World Food Program
The Hunger Site (World Food Program)
print=y (1 of 2)1/13/2009 9:40:19 AM The Hunger Site
World Food Program

The Hunger Site press release (World Food Program)
Last updated: 8 October 2007
The URL for this page is

Urban Legends Reference Pages © 1995-2009 by
This material may not be reproduced without permission. snopes
and the logo are registered service marks of
Sources Sources:Kirby, Carrie. "Millions Eat Because People Click
a Button."San Francisco Chronicle. 20 December 1999. Rowe, Peter.
"Fighting Hunger with the Click of a Button."The San Diego Union-Tribune. 15 July 1999 (p. E1).
print=y (2 of 2)1/13/2009 9:40:19 AM

Now, what I did so I don't forget this is, I put
a sign over there on my blog, so I can just click
it when I come in here. So come on peeps, you
got nothing to lose and someone has something
to food!

Now onto scrappin stuff......
Some wonderful peeps made layouts of my
stuff and have either email them to me or I swiped
them out of galleries..LOL
This first one is by Nancy aka romancechick, she used
my Fairytale Dreams Kit....

What a nice way to remember a memory! I too love
unicorns! And I used to be addicted to Avon, many, many
moons ago. Thanks Nancy, your layout is AWESOME!

These next 2 are layouts are from Rose Fest,
But this one is made from a few different kits,
This one is was done by Smile, she is the most
funniest person, I have NEVER met....LOL We talk
on the phone all the time, and she just cracks me
up! How we wish we could be neighbors...but she
is in Canada and I am here in the States, to far
to walk to get a cup of sugar....LOL But we hope
to meet one of these days...anyway here it is!

I LOVE it!!! See you can do GOOD layouts, it's
just learning how to get them into the gallery
that she has a problem with.....LMAO

This Beautiful one was made by Susie aka twpclerk...

This Pretty one by Aggie, LOVE it!...

And last but not least, A stunner by Maureen aka Makeyesup...

Thanks to you all, you really make my day!!!

I am almost done with all my Christmas layouts,
I think I got maybe 2 or 3 left to do.
Here is one of a sweet little girl named Ambry,
I do believe she is the cutest little girl ever!
And she has this bubbly affect to her, that just make
everyone fall in love with her instantly!

Cute, huh?

I also want to say Thanks to everyone who
has left a comment and a ty.... It's so great
to know that I am not the only one with that
pet peeve...and yes, I too, have tried having
a basket of tp right under the empty roll, but
that doesn't work either, I still think I gotta hide
it, probably just for a day or two, until they
get SMART...., yeahhh right!!!! Who am I
kidding!!! They will probably use my good
towels, then I would HAVE to kill them....LOL
I swear when they move out, I am having
the biggest celebration EVER... and NO, I
really am NOT going to miss them, you will
NEVER see me type "ohhh the kids are gone
and the house is sooo quiet, I am going
crazyyyy"....NOPE! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When they
do move out, maybe I will get a housekeeper,
cause then I could afford one! LOL

Well, that's all I got for tonight, it's really
cold here and they want it to get colder,
(5 degrees, brrrrrrrrrrrr)
we are expecting a few inches of that white
stuff, so I think I will get out of my work
clothes and into my jams...YEAHHHH!!! and
stay in them all day tomorrow!! LOL Oh, before
I forget, I lost 4 lbs...wahoooooooooooo, only
26 more to go! Well, actually more, but that is
my goal, I don't want to lose all this weight
in one year, hahaha... and I do LOVE chocolate!
I am craving it like crazy...but I have to lose
10 lbs before I can have a bite of it! 6 more
to go....wahoooooooooo.....LOL
Ok, now I am done... until next time peeps,
take care and stay safe!
Chow for Now!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Yippe Skippie, It's Monday!!! The house
is quiet and of course dirty. Some friends
of mine have been telling me they
have nannies or housekeepers. I am like in AWE
of these peeps! Why didn't I ever get one!!!
Why wasn't I ever smart enough in the beginning
to even think of getting one, oh, that's right
I never had the MONEY.... LOL So, I have
no one to keep my house clean except
for me, cause if you think my kids would
wash a dish around this house, no freakin'
way, let alone put a new toilet paper on the roll
after using it up... Yeah, that is a huge pet
peeve with me!!! I swear, sometimes I would
love to take all the toilet paper and HIDE it....
just so they know how seriously mad I get
about that! But hubby says Nooooo.....
I can't win for the life of me!!!
that is when I wish I had a house keeper, I bet
she would keep the toilet paper roll stocked for me! LOL....
What a subject for the beginning of the week.
I got lots of things to share before I start tackling the
mess in this house, so I am done rambling

I finished 2 of my 3 layouts....
The first one has some things from KimB's JanCU Bag.

And I used Jazzy's new word art!
Click on the bag to go to her Kim's shop, it's still on sale,
you got till Friday before the sale ends!!

Here is the other one...

It's for Jazzy's Photo-Op challenge at DSO and I used her Christmas Word Art!
If you click on this preview it will take you to Jazzy's Store.
Yeppers, her wordart is still on sale too!!

Okay, got another surprise, Beth...
who is known for her AWESOME QP's
has a new kit in her store.. If you are anything like me,
you still have photos of the fall
that need to be done, and this new kit will work wonders
on them, here is the preview:

Isn't that COOL!!! Click on the preview to check it out!

And if you stop by KimB's Blog, she has a QP of these goodies.....
but before you go, I did get Kim's CC done!
Yeahhh, I am on a roll this month.....LOL
I named it Rose Fest, the colors are right up my alley!
Here is the preview:

If you want to download it, just click on the preview,

and please, if you do, leave a thank-you, it does go
a long way and beside, I am outta of ideas and some
encouragement would help me, KWIM...LOL
Well, that should keep you all busy for a while,
time to start tackling this mess. As always
take care and stay safe!
Chow for Now!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's snowingggg!

Hello Everyone! How ya’ll doing? Me, just wonderful, it’s
been snowing all day today! Sure looks pretty, so what
does one do when it's snowing? Get in the car and
go to a sisters house, filled with kids! LOL Of course,
by the time I got there, they were freezing and
needed to get warm, so they were all inside, but
I did have a blast playing with them, man, they
are changing so fast. Zach, you can't shut that
boy up, but he is so full of adventure and I love
listening to his stories. Zander and Brett fell
asleep, so me and Zach had a great time with
the camera, I let him use my small camera, and
he was having a blast taking all kinds of pictures
of every toy he has. Thank Goodness, it's digital!
Well, that kept me busy for awhile, I needed
to get away from this computer, I have been
working on 3 layouts for about a week now, I am
just not happy with them, into the trash
they keep going, so when hubby called and
said I need to get out, I didn't disagree this
time. We even did a bit of food shopping
together, which that hasn't happened in
many, many moons! But I needed some fruit
for this diet I am on. I kinda started Monday
but I didn't have my supplies until Wednesday..
Ya know, it cost sooo much more money
to be a diet....LOL I know why peeps
don't stay on them, not because they
lose will power, but because they lose all their
money!!! LOL This time, I am trying something
new... Shakes...NO!, not milk shakes, but
that does sound really good at the moment!
It's called Herbal Life, you ever hear of that
before? One shake for breakfast and one
for lunch and a sensible dinner. Well,
I didn't get the mix until Wednesday, so
I have been not as good as I should, but
I have been exercising 20 minutes on
the treadmill and doing 10 minutes of
weight lifting. Yesterday was what I call
a BAD CAROL DAY... I caved and ate pizza,
I know that it's not really that bad...but I not
only had it for lunch, I also had a slice for dinner!!!
You fall off the horse, get right back up and
ride again! So today, I've been really, really
GOOD! and haven't slipped once, I guess,
it's a step by step thing... and lets hope
and pray I make it through the night! LOL
Okay, enough about me... I got some things
I want to show you peeps, well, LOTS
of things... First, I want to share some
layouts that peeps are making
with my Fairytale Dreams kit...they all
are soooo wonderful and the imagination
that went into them, just floors me...
Wonderful Work by all of you!!!

This lovely one is by Aggie!

This stunner is by Mel!

Wickel did this beauty!

And Eye made this COOL looking one!
Thanks guys, I can't tell ya how cool it is to see these
in the gallery! mwahhhh, to you all!

Have you been over to see KimB lately?? She has
her January CU bag done, and WOW!!
Lots of wonderful goodies for all you peeps
to play with! You can click HERE to go
to here store, it's on sale at the moment,
only $8.00!!! A steal, I tell you!!!

and, and, and.... My dear friend Jazz has
incredible word art on sale too...
called Tiny Love Notes...they are
FANTASTIC!!!! And on sale too...
You can get them HERE.
Between Kim and Jazz, they can both make
your layouts ROCK!!!!! So what are you
I will have layouts (hopefully soon), if
I ever get them finished! LOL
I do have Kim's color challenge done,
I just need to make the preview up and
zip it up and upload it.. Guess I will
do that tomorrow, since I will be home
bound for a few days! Well,
I better to get work on those layouts,
they aren't going to get done if I keep
yappin away here! Have a great weekend
peeps and as always, take care and be safe!
Chow for now!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Do you Believe in Fairies??

I do, I do... WARNING...short story.... lol
When I was in 2ND grade, I discovered
the school library... I always loved to
read, one day when browsing the library
I came across this book called Thumbelina.
For two years, every week, I took that
book out of the library... I guess you can
say it was my favorite book when I was
little tyke. I was fascinated by that little
fairy who could fit in the palm of your hand.
I can't remember what the book was about,
but I will always remember the feeling I
had when I read it, over and over and over
again! LOL How I got to like scary books,
is beyond me....hahaha But anyway, where
was I going with this...hmmmmmmmmmm
Ohhh fairies, that's right. I have seen so many
fantasy layouts and I gotta say, how much I
enjoy looking at everyone layouts,
so one day I tried it myself. Here is the
layout I did for Abbie...

I plan to give this book to on her 1st birthday.
Well to make a long story short, a friend gave me
a great idea to make a kit, so that is what I have been
working on. I think it came out pretty good
and decided to share it with you all, if you want
it....that is! LOL It's a biggie, so I was trying
to figure out how to do this, I could make it
last all week and give just bits and pieces, or
just do it all in one day....Ohhh decisions, decisions....
LOL Then I thought, what I would want...
well, that is simple...all in one that's
what I am going to do... Here are the previews:

I couldn't fit everything in the previews, so there are
more embellishments and some word art.
If you want, you can just click on the first preview
and you can download the whole thing, if you prefer
smaller size downloads, I also did that, so far, I
still have room to do that on 4 shared, but when it
get closer to my capacity, I will have to start removing
stuff from the beginning, but so far everything is still
available. So here are the downloads in 4 parts:

Tell me what ya think, ok....and if you ever get around
to making something with it, I'd love to see it and show it
off here. Like this one that Marion did... she is the one who
got me thinking about this.

Isn't that cool lookin' and she actually saw that
castle in real life....and if you think the outside
is cool, you should see the inside! Utterly Amazing!
Someday I am going to have to see this in person myself!

As you may have notice, I changed my blog back
to the original, and its not because I didn't LOVE it,
cause I certainly did, but it seems to take forever
to load up, and I don't like that! I know I have a fast
computer and its slow for me, I can't image what
it is like for peeps who have an older computer...
So for now, I am back to my original, until I can
figure out how to make it not so slowwwww.

Well, I hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve.
Mine was nice and quiet, I got in my jams, had my
appetizers and fell asleep 15 minutes before midnight.
Of course I was awaken by fireworks at 12:01am...
so much for watching the ball drop again! Oh well,
maybe next year!!!

I guess it's time for me to do some grocery shoppin
and all the happy stuff I love to do on Mondays...NOT
but some one's got to do them! At least everyone is back
to where they are suppose to be, I swear if I had to spend
one more day with the hubby, I'd shoot him!!! Don't get
me wrong, I love him, but he sure can get under my skin
at times! LOL

Have a great Monday everyone and until next time,
stay safe!
Chow for Now!!!