Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You!

Just a quick post tonight.
I just wanted to say thank you
to everyone who left a comment
about the teenage situation.
I know I am not the only one
in this world who is having a
difficult time with these years.
I have just needed to vent lately,
cause it seems like anything I say
to these kids anymore just goes in
one ear and out the other, I know
this pass and I can't wait. Just want
you all to know how grateful I am
to have others out there knowing
what I am going through.
I thank you for all your advice!!!
See, at one time, I would
go to my mom, cause she just knew
everything and would tell me like
it was, it's times like these that I
miss her the most!! Now I have to
rely on others and that is kinda hard
for me. Soooo THANK YOU!!! I have
took everyone you said to heart and
will get through this come hell or high

Today history was made! As I sat and
watched the 44th president being sworn
in, I prayed for a better world for all us.
I am sure it's going to be one rough road
for us all and not everyone is happy about
this, and those of you who have prejudices,
you will have to come to terms with that
in your own way. I personally don't care
what color his skin is, as long as he does his
job and does it well!!! May God give
Barrack Obama the strength he is going
to need to steer this country back to were
it belongs!
This layout I did for future generations...
well, I guess, they all are....LOL

Ok, gonna get going, got to go to bed
early, have work in the morning!

Chow for Now!!


Jazzy said...

Hello my dear friend.
I can I know exactly where you are coming from about the girls.been there done that and have the grey hair to prove it.but believe me it will get better and one of these days you will realize you are all good friends.I sat and watched all the inaguration festvities all day yesterday and like you all my prayers wkk be wuth our new oresudent,.when I look at him I don't see black or white just our new President and all of us as americans should be loyal to him no matter what his color is.It was a touching day for me.Love all you eye candy.

Jazzy said...

Hope you can dechiper my post above my type is still in those little circles and very hard to read what Ive typed LOL

pkdoll said...

I have high hopes for our new President and will continue to pray for his success. We are in the worst economic downfall this country has seen in many, many years and it is going to take a lot of work and dedication for the new President to get us through this. It will be an uphill battle and I can only pray that he will get it done!! Just as I have a lot of faith in you making it through these rough teenage years with your daughters. Love all the eye candy too. Take care my friend and talk to you soon.:)

Penny S said...

Teenage years - this too will pass. Just hang on. My girls and I survived. Been there, done that and got the T-shirt. :)

Love your eye candy.

Anonymous said...

Request: Can or will you be kind enough to upload this wonderful layout in its original size to share with us? I have a daughter that would kill for this in her ongoing scrapbook. Please consider. Secondly, did you say you were out of ideas somewhere in recent posts? How about designing something elegantly emerald green and brushed gold metallic so we can use it for St. Patrick's Day this year. I'm tired of the usual leprechaun stuff and want for more rich looking pages for that holiday which is big here and in my family.....then there is Easter, another whole story....Will get back to you with more ideas, just let us know when you are in need of some....LOL!!

Melanie said...

Good mornin'! Where's the coffee? Oh, I don't drink coffee. Well, where's the spiced chai tea? Shouldn't a friend who's blog I visit every mornin' keep chai tea on hand for another friend? huh? I came all this way to visit you and it's cold out there!

I've been reading your comments here and it sounds like Jazz's "little circle" problem hasn't cleared up yet. Wonder what that is? And I LOVE emerald green and gold! I vote for that one, too. But not all in shamrocks so I can use it other times too. LOL!

As for our new president, being both black and white, why do people call him African American? Why don't they call him White? Is that HIS pick or is that still how people see him? I grew up in WV and went to a church and school that had ZERO african americans. Although I would see them around town, I didn't see them as different. So I wasn't brought up to be racial although as a teen I knew it existed in the past. I was married and had children before I realised it was still around. I just see HIM. It's the news people that make me see his skin color as different. Hopefully this will soon end and everyone will just see The President.

Before I leave, my word says "quitsw". Quit what? Is someone trying to tell me something? What's sw?

eilajean said...

What a great layout - and it wll be a thing of beauty to pass down through the ages - a time which will seem so foriegn to your grandchildren - but we remember, because it is a part of our history.

I have been absent in some ways - still plugging away at photos, but making some progress... Also took a day to do the deep clean in the kitchen - I even cleaned out under the kitchen sink, putting down new shelf liners and everything. Had some Eric Clapton and AJ Croce to help me through - with a little Sister Hazel thrown in for good measure!

I am hopeful for the future of this country, and I pray they will get beyond the petty BS - and I hope our new President will live up to who he seems to be (if that makes sense). I have to say, he truly hit the ground running - perhaps his youth will prove to be a plus.

I have to admit that as our past president boarded the helicopter... I was singing "NA NA NA NA - HEY EHY - GOODBYE". I wonder if he realizes that nearly 2 million people showed up to witness history - but a great deal of them probably showed up to watch him leave. Could you imagine the sound heard around the country if all of the people in the crowd had sang along with me?!

Back to photos. I hope to post soon. (the next day or two) I have been turning off the computer early - I think I need to just focus at the task at hand!

Be Well!

Niao for Ciao


Cheryl said...

You have teenage situations too? lol...OH my...shall I live through mine!

Happy scrapping!

Anonymous said...

Barak Hussein Obama....change alright...to Socialism. It's not his color; it's what he stands for. I wonder why his approval rating is dropping.

Anonymous said...

I agree. When will people wake up and realize that Obama is "not" the Messiah? Let's look at his record so far. Lifted all restrictions on abortion, even late term; our tax money will go to fund abortions overseas. He doesn't even have the good judgment to pick a cabinet. He's sending 17,000 troups to Afganistan after criticizing Pres. Bush constantly during the campaign on Iraq. And lastly he signed and promoted a stimulus that is nothing but pork and payback to liberal Democrat causes. If you don't like my comments, please refrain from bringing politics into a scrapbooking forum. Sorry, I just had to sound off. I love freedom and my country.

Anonymous said...

I really hate when people are being accused of being racist just because they did not vote for or do not like Obama. I could care if he's white or black (he's actually both, which makes him a mulatto if you want to get real technical) - race has NEVER been an issue to me. My concerns about Obama have more to do with his voting record, his influences, the people he surrounded himself with, his Chicago politics & involvement with ACORN, his voting record & his stances.

I truly believe if more people had done their homework on the man (& you wouldn't get an accurate picture from the big media, if that's what you count on, because they were all in his camp) he never would have been elected.

It still bothers me that he is basically giving our constitution the finger & won't provide proof of his birth. The constitution is very specific about the qualifications for president. It is very possible that Obama may not meet those qualifications, given his grandmother Sara has said he was born in Mombasa. A certification of birth is not the same thing as a birth certificate (certifications don't show hospital & place of birth). And it bothers me that instead of just showing his birth certificate he has hired TEAMS of lawyers, and spent THOUSANDS of dollars, to deflect the numerous cases that have been filed. McCain was asked to provide evidence of his eligibility since he was born out of the country & he did. Why shouldn't Obama be held to the same standard? Plus he's blocked access to his college records as well. To me something smells about all this... He's hiding something.

Just had to comment since you posted about this in your blog entry...