Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's snowingggg!

Hello Everyone! How ya’ll doing? Me, just wonderful, it’s
been snowing all day today! Sure looks pretty, so what
does one do when it's snowing? Get in the car and
go to a sisters house, filled with kids! LOL Of course,
by the time I got there, they were freezing and
needed to get warm, so they were all inside, but
I did have a blast playing with them, man, they
are changing so fast. Zach, you can't shut that
boy up, but he is so full of adventure and I love
listening to his stories. Zander and Brett fell
asleep, so me and Zach had a great time with
the camera, I let him use my small camera, and
he was having a blast taking all kinds of pictures
of every toy he has. Thank Goodness, it's digital!
Well, that kept me busy for awhile, I needed
to get away from this computer, I have been
working on 3 layouts for about a week now, I am
just not happy with them, into the trash
they keep going, so when hubby called and
said I need to get out, I didn't disagree this
time. We even did a bit of food shopping
together, which that hasn't happened in
many, many moons! But I needed some fruit
for this diet I am on. I kinda started Monday
but I didn't have my supplies until Wednesday..
Ya know, it cost sooo much more money
to be a diet....LOL I know why peeps
don't stay on them, not because they
lose will power, but because they lose all their
money!!! LOL This time, I am trying something
new... Shakes...NO!, not milk shakes, but
that does sound really good at the moment!
It's called Herbal Life, you ever hear of that
before? One shake for breakfast and one
for lunch and a sensible dinner. Well,
I didn't get the mix until Wednesday, so
I have been not as good as I should, but
I have been exercising 20 minutes on
the treadmill and doing 10 minutes of
weight lifting. Yesterday was what I call
a BAD CAROL DAY... I caved and ate pizza,
I know that it's not really that bad...but I not
only had it for lunch, I also had a slice for dinner!!!
You fall off the horse, get right back up and
ride again! So today, I've been really, really
GOOD! and haven't slipped once, I guess,
it's a step by step thing... and lets hope
and pray I make it through the night! LOL
Okay, enough about me... I got some things
I want to show you peeps, well, LOTS
of things... First, I want to share some
layouts that peeps are making
with my Fairytale Dreams kit...they all
are soooo wonderful and the imagination
that went into them, just floors me...
Wonderful Work by all of you!!!

This lovely one is by Aggie!

This stunner is by Mel!

Wickel did this beauty!

And Eye made this COOL looking one!
Thanks guys, I can't tell ya how cool it is to see these
in the gallery! mwahhhh, to you all!

Have you been over to see KimB lately?? She has
her January CU bag done, and WOW!!
Lots of wonderful goodies for all you peeps
to play with! You can click HERE to go
to here store, it's on sale at the moment,
only $8.00!!! A steal, I tell you!!!

and, and, and.... My dear friend Jazz has
incredible word art on sale too...
called Tiny Love Notes...they are
FANTASTIC!!!! And on sale too...
You can get them HERE.
Between Kim and Jazz, they can both make
your layouts ROCK!!!!! So what are you
I will have layouts (hopefully soon), if
I ever get them finished! LOL
I do have Kim's color challenge done,
I just need to make the preview up and
zip it up and upload it.. Guess I will
do that tomorrow, since I will be home
bound for a few days! Well,
I better to get work on those layouts,
they aren't going to get done if I keep
yappin away here! Have a great weekend
peeps and as always, take care and be safe!
Chow for now!!!


Anonymous said...

Just swinging by to let you know Josephineeeeeeeeeeeeeee was here!!!! :P


eilajean said...

OK, so WOW!. I decided to sit and take a minute (or 30) to look at your layouts. They go by so fast at the bottom of the page. I clicked something and it opened them in a wonderful slideshow, so I watched - and I watched... and I am truly blown away! WOW - you make some amazing layouts. Time to do a book! Have you checked out INKUBOOK? You get more pages for a great price - and they have the square 11x11. Just a thought. Your layouts should be preserved and handed down thru the family! They are stunning!

Have an amazing day Mizz Carol! Snowy days are for kicking back and staying in the jams all day - and making snow angels if you decide to venture out - or create one in Photoshop if you don't ;o) (except if you live in Montana, cuz almost every day is a snowy day...

ciao for niao


xashee's corner said...

Glad you got to your sister's safe and had fun with the kids! :D looking forward to your layouts and LOVE the ones done with your latest AWESOME kit!! :D Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Melanie said...

Good MORNin'! Glad you had a good time in the snow! I'm one who likes to sit by the window and watch all the crazies get cold and wet! LOL! but I've been known to take the grandkids out in it when they can't talk their parents into it.

Thanks for showing off my layout but the credit goes to that beautiful kit you made! Did I tell you I LOVE it? LOL!

Hey! I started MY diet today! I'm trying the Nutrisystem one. So we'll have to compare notes and see which one is working better. Plus, maybe this way, we'll keep each other honest and stick to them! (this time.tee hee)I wanna look like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider!Hahahahahahahahaha! word is excisive. What does that mean???