Monday, January 19, 2009

What a day!

Good Evening Peeps, sorry I didn't blog
this morning, but I had to work today,
I knew last week, so I got all my running
around done yesterday. I guess I made
my kids happy when they found out I wasn't
going to be home today, actually so happy
they decided to have their friends over
and eat all the food I just bought. Heather
had the day off from work and Amber
had off from school because of the holiday.
As you can probably tell, I am not very happy
this evening!!! I came home to find
a sink full of dirty dishes and newspaper
thrown all over place, Calgon take me AWAY!!!
Maybe I can suck my brain into this
computer and forget they exist for a few hours,
I just might feel better!!! I sure hope it works!!!
I told my hubby the other night, that in 2 to 3 years
we are moving out of state, I think that
is the only way to be free of them,
they won't want to move with us, cause I am sure
they can't leave their friends.
I am so serious, this might be the perfect
plan for all of us!
I figured Heather will be 23 and Amber 19,
they can go live their lives and I can see
them only on holidays! I talked to hubby
and he is more than fine with it!!!
We want to move south, so we are thinking
North Carolina, there are a few people that
I know, that live there and I hear the beaches are
beautiful! It's a bit warmer there too.
And I think it will be better than CALGON!!! LOL
Okay enough of my ranting!!!

This is for Rita, I do want to apologize to you,
I read your comment, and went as far as
zipping them up into 2 files, something happened
and I totally forgot all about it! I am truly sorry it
took so long to download and I promise I will
make all smaller kits! ( as long as I
don't get side

Ok, now onto some good things!!! I want to
show off some more layouts that peeps
have done with my kits. Just a few.....

This Gorgeous One is by Omajo...

And the next two fantastic ones are from Eye...

Nanwu made this Outstanding layout of all
her grandkids......

LOVE them all! Thanks guys!!!

I was playing a bit with OOB's and I
think I finally got it... I soooo want to go
to the zoo and I have been asking
hubby to take me, but he always comes
up with some excuse not to go, so I
figured, there are loads of free zoo pictures
out there and until I get there I'll make
believe I went! LOL So here is my first
animal.... the giraffe....

Pretty cool!!! huh? Well I think so I used a new kit

called Salina by Deanne Gow-Smith aka Moonbeam

You can get it in her SBM store HERE:

Now onto some other good stuff!.....
Kim has a new kit out called
Hearty Tarty...

It's on sale at the moment,
25% off, you can check out her blog or
click HERE to get it!!!

and it is PERFECT for Valentine's Day.
I am not in the lovey, dovey mood these
days, so I just did a layout of Amber
when she was little and I loved her dearly....LOL

Sweet Jazzy has some new wordart too, called
Humor Fest and it really awesome!!! Also on
sale at the moment for 15% off.

I just love these and can't wait to use them!
You can find them HERE.

Well, I got lots of stuff scattered all over
my computer and I gotta get organized.
I am hoping to have a freebie up by Friday and
Kim has another kit in the making, so I better
get started on that....
Plus I have a very important phone to make,
Little Zach turned 4 today, so I got to call
him up and sing to him. LOL
So until later this week,
Ya'll take care and as always stay safe!
Chow for Now!!!


xashee's corner said...

Popping in to let you know there is an award on my blog for you! Please stop in to receive it!! Hoping you have a BEAUTIFUL evening! :D

Melanie said...

KIDS!!!! They are so so SWEET when they are little and look up to you as the BEST! Then they turn 11 and God help us all! They know it all, they SAY it all, and they DON'T CARE about anyone or anything. I know. Been there. Still there, actually. Once they get out of the house on their own, you don't have to be as involved and their decisions don't affect you as much. They aren't constantly telling you how YOU should live in your own house. Dirty dishes and newspapers, no food in the house, the yelling, the slamming of doors, amongst others, are things of the past.

But the teenage years are a part of life for a reason. As much as you dote on your kids when they are little, you would never be ready to give them up if they stayed that way. The teen years are there to drive a wedge between you and that little child whose hand you always held. They need that space to grow and become independent of you. The feelings you have for your child have to grow and change as well. Those feelings of almost hate at times help you to let go so that when they turn 18 (or 24 for some of us.LOL!) the pain of their leaving isn't so abrupt. The hard part for us is to let go of them at 11. We can't seem to find a way to curb their outright defiance of everything we tried to teach them. It's probably too late for me and you. LOL! But hopefully you'll soon be able to see that you haven't done anything that the rest of us haven't wished and done. And hopefully your kids will turn out better than mine! LOL!

Kim B said...

ROTFLMAO- now I know what my mom felt when she used to get home from work on a Friday afternoon to find her lounge invaded with all my friends ) uhum Wayne included-lol and all her potatoes GONE - made into fries ( and we talking the 10kg BAG- lol)

Nathan hasn't done it to me yet- but I'm waiting- hahaha

Sending hugs girl

eilajean said...

SOOOO glad I raised a boy. That is all I have to say about that!!! POOR BABY... I feel your pain. When my boy turned 18, and was heading into his 5th year of High School, I decided Montana was for me. We were in Phoenix, which was DEFINATELY not for me... and he was refusing to put forth the effort... I just said enough! I found suitable living arrangements for him, as he did not want to leave his friends behind. I turned his child support over to him (including a large arrears amount) and headed north. No I was not being irresponsible. I had eyes on him, and nets in place in case he stumbles. It tortured me for awhile... I felt guilty about leaving him behind... That Is until he reminded me that I did not leave him, I let him stay. He had some rocky moments and decided one day he should probably do something to correct it.

On May 10, he will graduate from college (29 years to the day ~ that I brought his little 7 pound butt home from the hospital)... Her has a good job on the other side of the Puget Sound - a wonderful wife, and a war under his belt...

Crops, I sure hope in 5 years you are able to look back at this BUMP in the middle of the road and smile - knowing they will pay for it through their own kids. (from North Carolina LOL)

What Melanie had to say was quite profound - and true on so many levels.

Have a great day


eilajean said...

forgot to menton - the oob is beautiful and fun all at the same time. So, which zoo are you wishing to go to. In all my trips to DC, I never made it to the zoo there... but I recently sanned some old slides from a trip to the Knsas City zoo from my youth.

I hope you gtto the zoo... and I hope you have an awesome day...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I really hate to ask for favors when you are doing such a huge favor by sharing your wonderful creations. Thank you for your kindness. Have a great weekend. Love your work!