Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Fine Day QP and more....

Good Morning Ya'll! Hope everyone is okay! This
has been one hectic week for me, and it's all
about stupid cars...For some reason, not just one
car broke down, MINE... But my DD Heather's car died
the next day....ugh! Mine is just old she
needed a new radiator, which we got one, Monday
night, but I had to wait until Tuesday, something
about watching the TV show 24....UGH.. Tuesday,
Heather leaves her car door open and her battery
is dead....can you say STUPID!!!! Now I must wait
till we get her car jumped to get my car done. DH
comes home, not in a good mood I might add, and
takes my car to his friends, only to return 15 minutes
later... Nope, I do believe it takes a little longer than
15 minutes to put in a new radiator! LOL Well, they
ordered the wrong size. Grrrrrrrr!!!!! Now I am stuck
driving a HUGE van to work, which means I have to
stay in the slow lane and putz to work! Take all the
turns slow, so the stupid van doesn't tip over....I miss
my car!!!! She did finally get fixed last night and I
think we are going out for a nice drive today. And
we are gonna go fasttttttttttt! LOL Ok, enough of my

I finally got some layouts done! Yep, I found my MOJO,
don't know how long it's gonna last, cause the weather
is suppose to be in the 80's this weekend and hubby
got the gazebo up, so I think I will be spending some
time outdoors this weekend...anywayyyy I guess what
helps is Kim is back from her 2 weeks, or was it 3 weeks and her stuff just floors me, throw me
some flowers, paper, birds and butterflies and I am
in heaven...yeah, I am such a girly girl....LOL But,
that's my style, I have no
Ok, back to what I was saying, Kim got a new CU
Grab Bag out today, and I am telling you

its AWESOME!!!
All you designers are gonna love this one!
I promise!!! Plus it's only $7.00....
for everything you get, it's a steal!!!
Click on the preview to grab it!!!

And of course I made a layout with it.... this is
my nephew Zander...he is such a cutie!!!! I also
used Jazzy's wordart called Little Boys, which
you can find HERE.

And I also made ya'll a QP from the Grab Bag.
If you snag it please leave a thank-you, they
are always nice to read! Just click the preview
to download it.

And there is more, Kim is celebrating 2 years at DSO...
so what does that mean to you all??? Her entire store
is 50% off today and tomorrow! She doesn't have these
sales to often, so you must take advantage of it when she
does! Click the sign below to go to her store...HURRYYYY!
You only got 2 DAYS!!!!

OK, I think that's it for today, gonna go play at the
races on FB...that place is sooo addicting!!!! Then
I am heading out for a drive.... Have a great weekend
everyone and if the sun is shining where you are...
go suck it up!!! LOL As always take care and stay safe!

Chow for Now!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doodle Fairies and Baseball??

LOL I know they don't go together, but in my world they do!
If I can only put a bat in the fairy's
Well, I told you I had something for ya on Thursday..
and by gosh it's Thursday without further ado
here is what it is....
Renee, has these gorgeous new CT item in her STORE. You
just color them in....simple!

So I got to play with the fairies and
Renee was nice enough to let me share it with all you fine folks!
Of course I did the easier one, yeah, I am a slacker with scrapping
these but here it is if you want her, I did include the paper.

Just click on the preview to download.
Now if you want the rest of these, or want to make
your own, head on over to her STORE!!!
They are FUN to do!!!!

And Jazz, got more wordart too....Ohhh boy, this is a great new
bunch of phrases for baseball, called Boys of Summer,
so for all you peeps who have the boys playing baseball,
this has your name all over it. LOL
And its on SALE too....Runnnn, don't walk to get it! lol

Click on the preview to go to her store!!

Ok, that's it for today, they want it in the 70's today, so I think I
will get my stuff done early and get some vitamin D
Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!!!

Chow for Now!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April CC Done

Hey Everyone! How was your Easter? Mine wasn't too bad.
Spent the day with family, always have a blast with my sistas!
And of course it wouldn't be the same if they didn't load my
purse with something, this time it was dry pea soup! I should
know better to bring my purse with me!! One of these days
I will learn. lol I am sure I will be finding little peas in every
nook and cranny until I dump everything out. Rotten Sistas! lol
Besides that we had the egg hunt, which was nice but sooo cold!
I think they said this was the coldest Easter on record! So much
for global WARMING!

Will I finally finished the color challenge at DSO...yippieeee
I haven't name it, cause I just can't think of one! My brain
is on slo-mo lately, I haven't even did a layout in over a week.
And now I think I am getting my annual spring cold...ohh, just
something else to complain Anywayyyyy, here is
the preview, I have been working on this all month, and it's
all I got left in

You can download it HERE.

Before I end this I just want to say a HUGE CONGRATS to Renee!!!
She finally go her store up and running! She is making CU stuff,
so you might want to hop on over and see if anything tickles your
fancy....LOL Here are some previews of hers and she even let me
play with bits from it, which she said I can share...but that will have
to wait until Thursday....

And my dear friend Jazz got some cool wordart in the store too...
every page needs wordart, so head on over and see if you could
use one of her fabulous phrases! Some are on sale too, for a short
time, so you better runnnnnn! LOL

Well, I think that's it for today. Have a great day and I'll be back
on Thursday to show you the goodie I made from one of Renee's
new kit. Until then stay safe!!!

Chow for now!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just hoppin' in to say HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!
Hope your day is wonderful and you enjoy the day
with family and friends!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stress is gone!

Just a quick post today...Wanted to fill
everyone in...I didn't take the job...
and I feel sooo much better already!
You peeps were right...the stress isn't
worth it. So after much consideration
I'll stick with my one day a week!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the stress is gone!
Now I can get back to things I love
doing. #1 playing on my computer...
I haven't made a layout all week,
so I guess I better get my butt in gear.
It doesn't help that I just joined Face Book,
I am sorted addicted to it at the moment,
playing games...LOL I figured I am just
gonna play until after Easter. Then I will
get cracking on making stuff again. And
besides, since Kim went on vacation, there
really isn't anything that I HAVE to do...
but went she gets back I am sure the ideas
in her head are going to be exploding!
Soooo, if I don't get back on here before
Easter... everyone have a Great One, and
eat lots of bunny ears too, they don't have
any calories on Easter day...LOL I will
be spending the day at my sisters Kim's house
then to my MIL's..holidays are always busy
days. Ok, off to the races I go....LOL

Chow for Now!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blah, Blah and 2 Awards

**No freebie today, so if that's why you are here,
check back soon**

Yikes, it's been awhile! I just haven't been in the
mood to blog, got too many things going on at the
moment! I don't know why I stress so much, I should
just let things fall where they fall, but I got myself so
worked up that my mouth is soo tense, yeah you heard
me right, my mouth, I don't know why, but when I get
stressed out it seems to attack some part of my body,
this time is me jaw! Go figure! So you might be asking
yourself what is she sooo stressed about??? Ok, I tell
ya, but its gonna be the short
This girl at work is leaving, which would give me a shot
of working full time, I didn't know if I should take it or
not and even if it would be offered to me. I have done
some of her work before, but not all of it. I like her job for
the most part, but there is one part that is just not up
my alley. And it's a very important part. As a medical
receptionist, one part of the job requires me to go back
into the room with the doctor, since he is a male doctor,
if a patient is female someone has to be in the room with
him.. stupid, I know, but it cuts down on the legal malpractice
suits, I guess. Which I don't mind doing that, except for when
he want to do a procedure, or someone is in pain do to a
surgery. Last week I witnessed so many things, and I just don't
know if I can handle that part. So this is where the dilemma comes
in. Well, the girl left last Thursday, so it's a wait and see if
the doctor is going to ask me, and if he does, what do I do???
In the mean time, I am racking me brain trying to make the
right decision, and heck maybe I won't even be asked.... I
try not to think about it, but that is really hard. I am also unsure
if I want to work full time again. Yeah, the money would be great,
but I haven't had to work in 20 years and I am kinda used to the
life style as it is, doing what I want to do, when I want to, KWIM?
Working part time is great, even if it's one day a week. But to
do it everyday, plus take care of everything else, is what's gonna
drive me crazyyyy, I know a million people do it everyday and
what makes me so special that I shouldn't do it too.... and I
can't answer least for now. Hopefully I will know more
next week, but as for now, that's what has been making me
crazy and now I must let the chips fall where they may.
Try telling that to my jaw!!! LOL. Ok, enough about my personal
life onto to something much livelier! LOL

I have been giving 2 awards, how cool is that!! And today I am
going to deal with those. The first one is from Kim's sister Gaye.
Man, does she do some awesome designing!!! I thank you soooo
much Gaye!!!

The rules to this one:
Pass it on to 10 other deserving bloggers.
Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
Link to the bloggers you passed it on to, and leave them
a message on their blog.

The second one is from Renee, Thanks sweetie! You should
stop by her new blog, gosh, it's soooo purtyyyyyyy! And the rules
for this one:
Display the image of the stamp "Look How Cool Blog" you just won!

Post the blog link you provided.
Indicate your choice of 10 blogs.
Let them know.
Post the rules.
Check if the blogs post the prize and followed the rule

I am gonna kill two birds with one stone...the 10 peeps I pick
get both awards!!!! LOL and if you have already recieved this
award, too got it again!!! LOL Ok, here it goes. in no
particular order:

1. Eileen
2. Mel
3. Kim
4. Paula
5. Josephineeeee
6. Jazz
7. xashee
8. Vikki
9. Sharon
10. Juno

Now I must go blog hoppin and let all these wonderful peeps

Have a great Sunday peeps and I will let ya all know what happens
this coming week.... for now I am going to do layouts and start on
KimB's Color Challenge, that should keep me busy for a few days! LOL
Take Care and stay safe!!

Chow for Now!

PS... to the lady who asked me how I made those bunnies.. I just used
a paint brush in Photoshop, I can't explain how I did that, I just did it!
Sorry I can't help any further!