Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm still here...

To anyone who really cares, yeah I'm still around.
I had my party on Sunday and it went really well.
It was my turn to host the scrap party, so that meant
a week of cleaning! Did I ever tell you how much
I HATE cleaning!!! Hey KimB I sooo wanted to borrow
that nanny you have! The dust bunnies I have seen
are utterly amazing, but I need that motivation of
having a party to get this house in order. LOL Now
my spring cleaning is almost done. I only have 2 more
rooms to rip apart, my bedroom and the rec room, which
will take me till summer to get done!

I've been trying to play on the computer, I got so many
things going at one time, it's really confusing me... so
I saved everything I started onto one page and shut
PS off for the next few days.

Today I scanned more of my wedding photos, I wanted to
make a book in order, but it doesn't seem to be working
that way... lol I seem to be skipping all over the place
these days... I think I have ADD. lol But I did
accomplish some layouts, and I even cheated with a few
QP's... hey, I gotta use them! LOL They are just too
pretty to keep hidden in a folder!
I guess I'll show them off....lol

(credits are in my galleries)

Well, that's all I got for today, nope, no freebies, maybe
this later this week, if I get my butt in gear and get
something completed, then there is those stupid
previews to make....ughhhhh....well, hopefully I have
something for ya'll soon.
I got work tomorrow, so I better go take that hour shower! LOL
Just wanted to let ya know I still alive and kickin'!
Take care and stay safe!

Chow for Now!


grammy201 said...

I've been doing the same thing lately; getting all kinds of stuff done but not finishing any of them! I then get frustrated with all of it, lol. I use to be so good about finishing things. Many many moons ago I worked in a bank and I learned a very good technique for getting things done. I had an in and out basket on my desk and papers that were important in another pile. Right at the beginning of learning this technique we were given a pile of sticky red dots. Now every time we touched a paper we were to place a red dot on it. Some papers ended up with 7 or 8 dots on them. At the end of the week we were told to look at all of the papers with the dots and to count them. Obviously the papers with the most dots were papers we figured were not that important and could be done at a later date. The thing we didn't realize was that each time we touched the papers that we thought could wait we were actually taking time away from the important papers by spending to much time looking over the others and placing a dot on them. We were told that as soon as we touched a paper we were to finish with it; could be just forwarding it to another department or filing it etc. Before long they took our baskets away and we were basically always up to date! I started using the same technique at home, without the red dots, lol. But everytime I touched something whether it was a child's toy, someone's jacket, the mail etc it was taken care of right away. I found it was an excellent technique at home too; the kids started putting things away when they were done with them as they were tired of me calling them to do things when they were in the middle of playing a video game etc. The kids are grown up and have their own families so you would think with just hubby and I things would be all done, lol...hmmm what happened, lol. Awww I got it, the computer happened, lol. This past Monday I started to leave the computer turned off till I've done some stuff around the house. It's been so long and there is lots to catch up on however once it is all done and I continue to do this it will be a breeze to keep up to date! I'm going to try the same thing on the computer; one project at a time till it's completed...we'll see how that goes, lol.

Thanks for sharing your layouts; I love the second one (love is a promise etc). The papers and elements go perfect with that beautiful photo!

Sorry I didn't mean to write a book, lol. In fact this post is so long just go ahead and delete it once you've read it.

makeyesup said...

Very pretty wedding layouts.

Melanie said...

(Soaking it up) Awwwww.....I was going through withdrawals, it's been so long! Now that I've got my fix....Glad you're back and such beautiful layouts! Your wedding photos are just gorgeous!

eilajean said...

Well hello stranger - LOVE both layouts, but I think the 2nd is my fav! Glad you are alive and kicking. It is OK if you don't have a freebie for me - I just love to stop in to read. You are a hoot, and make me smile... that is sooo much more than a freebie - well a different kind of FREEBIE - and 100 times more valuable.

I have had these envelopes with massive quantities of photos from my parents when they were young... and our childhood. I am in charge of getting them scanned and burned to CD for everyone. I have had them for about 2 years - so I am thinking it is time to wrap it up. I have scanned over 300 so far - and have about 100 to go - then it is onto mom's medium format negatives. WOO HOO life is fun when you are me!

So if I don't show up for awhile... you will know why. No time to post... but I have to pop in to say hello.

Have a great day - glad the party was good - and am jealous the spring cleaning is done. No point here until we are no longer burning the stove - and mud season is over...\\



eilajean said...

hi - thanks for all your kind words. Ah... a negative scanner. You can scan a negative at up to 6400 dpi - using a special tray... blah blah blah... I have an epson 4490. It has a tray that allows you to scan film negs, slides, and 120mm (the old pics out parents used to take). It inverts the negative to a positive. It is all very cool stuff. I also have a dimage, which I just don't use as often...but it will also do the trick.

so now you have had your digi scanning lesson for the year. Have a great eve Crops ~ YOU ROCK!


Melanie said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog!

Jazzy said...

Glad to see you are alive and well..sounds like you have had a lot on your plate..love the layouts of your wedding..take care and don't work to hard

Anonymous said...

Love the layouts hon and seeing as how you are now in the cleaning mood, why don't you just hop on over here and start on mine. I think I will need a bomb under me to get me started at the moment.