Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where does the time go anyway???

Well, well, well....look who the cat drug in....LOL ME!!!!
Yeah, its been awhile...haven't have the mojo to scrap
for what seems like forever, hey.. I have tried and threw
many things in that garbage can, hoping that maybe
someday it will come back to me. With fall around the corner,
my daughter back to school, hubby back to work after his
hernia surgery and of course plenty of facebook time.... I think
its time to get back to scrappin again. Honestly, I can't say
how long this is gonna last but as long as my mojo is back
I am gonna keep So we will see....

So how is everyone??? Missed ya'll alot!!! I guess I should
go visit you all and give ya a heart But first I gotta
finish this blog!!!

Can you believe KimB still has me on her team??? With
me being such a slacker and THANKS Kim...
Your the bestest and so so so understanding!!! I know
the whip is coming soon though...hahaha Anywayyyyyy...
Kim has a new kit out called Soft Whisper...ahhhh, soo
pretty!!! The detail in this is awesome! wanna see?????

Right now its 30% off....
You can get the kit HERE and stop by Kim's blog, I am
sure there are more goodies and tons of eye candy.

And yeppers, I did a layout with it...This is my bosses granddaughter.

Hope you like it and if you want to have this, well I made it into
a QP for anyone who wants to grab it. All I ask is you leave a small
thank you, maybe that will keep my going!!!
Just click on the preview below to download:

And I cannot forget about Jazz.... who has done so much wordart
lately!!! I wish I had a layout done for her wordart...but just getting
a layout done with Kim's new kit was all I could do this week... hopefully
this weekend I can play some more...but I wanted to show you some
of her new things and if you want to head on over to her store to grab
them just click HERE....I am sure that would make her day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I plan to scrap on Saturday and
Sunday we start Stampin' Up scrapbook club again... ohhh can't wait!
Great time with crazy peeps, gotta love it!
Now its time to upload this layouts and such, hope I didnt forget!!!
Take care everyone and hopefully I will be back VERY soon!

Chow for Now!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Toof Fairy

Ohhh man have I been slacking on this blog!!!!
Go ahead yell at me, I deserve it!!! LOL
But it is summer and we did just come back
from our vacation last Saturday....
A vacation I don't think I will ever forget...but that
story is for another time....Going through a few family
problems too....Kids!!!!! But I am not gonna bore you
peeps with that either. Its just a stressful time at the
moment but as with all things....this too shall pass!
I have soooo many layouts to do of all the things that
have been going on this summer and I should get my butt
in gear, but for the life of me I have no desire to scrap...
so I am chalkin it up to summer time...

If it weren't for KimB, I wouldn't be doing any scrappin...
but I must do a good job for her or
I will get fired!!! LMAO and I don't
want that to happen!!!!!! lol So that's what brings
me back today! Kim and her sister Gaye got
together, man are these
two good together, and made a kit
called Toof Fairy.

My mouth dropped to the ground
when I saw this kit!!!!!
Sooo many things went through my mind
what to do with it
and I am sure you will have those
thoughts too...wanna see it???
Sure you do......

Told ya it was AWESOME!!!!

Toof Fairy is huge and filled with beautiful papers, scenic papers too, two teeth charts and a whole load of elements! You can grab it at DSO

The character set and hand drawn elements are 25% off this week only HERE

And stop by Kim's and Gaye's Blog, I am sure there is going
to be tons of freebies.

My layout of Zach....

Cute huh?

And I didn't forget to make you peeps something too.
Just click on the preview to download it...hope you like it!

Jazzy made this FANTASTIC *Toof Fairy* word art set to match the HUGE kit!

6 page 12x12 QP Album (created by Beth Long)
(this is ONLY available with the BUNDLE)

Please note that the FULL BUNDLE will be 35% off for only ONE WEEK only!!!

Well, that's about it for today...gotta go walk on the treadmill do I hate that thing!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Fridayyyyy

Ok, so not really, as I am getting this ready Thursday night.
This way its already to go in the morning! Hope everyone is
doing good...Me, I am ok...its been raining here all month,
I think they said we had 4 days of sunshine this entire month
and they want more rain this weekend...
someone send the SUN please!!!
Before my entire body looks like a
2 more weeks before vacation, yippieeee, all that quality
time with the family. I can't wait...yeahhh right...
but we are planning a few trips all in the Poconos,
so it should be pretty good. Weather
Hopefully Mother Nature is getting all this
rain done and over with so it will be a sunny vacation!
The worst part about going away is NO computer..
how am I going to survive????
I see major withdraws heading my way....LMAO
Ok, now onto some scrappin' goodies....
As promised to Michelle.... who gave me an award last week, or was
it the week Days, weeks all seem to
clump together anymore..
Here is the award..

I am not sure what the rules are for this, as I am
sure its to pass it onto other peeps...So what my plan is to pass
it onto everyone on the KimB CT....These girls have a way of making me
laugh soooo hard, even on the gloomiest days they can all make me smile...
So here we gooooo...the LIST.....

Kristine aka Josephineeeeeee
Netters aka Lady Garfunkle

I want to give Jodiann and Becca a warm welcome to the team! Glad you
are with us and I look forward to getting to know you guys....
(even if you are in straight

And to my good friend Eila...who always gets me in trouble! LMAO

Whewwwwwwwwwwww, glad that's done with!!! Now onto other news...
Since its Friday that means Kim's new grab bag is up and ready
to play if you liked her last
are really going to want these goodies....

Click on the preview to get it NOW, cause its only on sale
during the weekend...soooo hurrryyyy!!!!

And yeppers I got to play with it, so instead of a QP I just
made you all a clustered frame...

Just click on the preview to snag it...

Jazz has a new grab bag up too and it filled
to the brim with 60 wordart phrases all for
the summertime...can't beat the price either!!!!

So what are you waiting for.....LOL
You can click on the bag and it will take
you right to her shop!

Ok, I think that's it for this week. Have
a great weekend everyone and stay safe.

Chow for Now!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mezzaluna QP

Hello everyone....Really quick post today...
I have a graduation party to attend to.
A huge thanks to Michelle for the award she sent me.
I promise I will hand it out early next week.
Now down to business... Have you guys seen Kim's new kit....
OMGGGG its beyond fantastic....
I truly love it and I think you will too....

You can get it HERE...its on sale at the moment!!!!!

Stop by Kim's Blog to see some eye candy and I do believe there are
some freebies floating around too. And of course I was playing with it.
Still working on my wedding pictures and this kit is perfect for it.
So here is my wedding party way back in the

I used Jazzy's I thee wed wordart too...Which you can get HERE.
And I made it into a QP for anyone who wants to grab it....

Don't forget a THANKS goes a long

Ok...gotta run... have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!!!
Chow for Now!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Angels Tears

Hello Everyone!!! I have so much to tell ya and soo little
time....but first I want to say THANK YOU!!!! To all my
friends out there who wished me a Happy Birthday. There
was sooo many of you I lost But it really did
make my day and the cards people made too...I am in awe!
So from the bottom of my heart... I THANK each and everyone
of you! Mwahhhhhhhhhhh

Now to get on with scrappin news.......
KimB and Jen aka Chaos Lounge have a new MEGA Collab kit
out today...and I must say they really did a wonderful
job on it.... It is HUGEEEEE....and its on sale this week
too.... Check it out....

76 elements including some word arts and a FULL ALPHA!
This kit is on SALE @ 35% off for one week.

You can find Kim's Part HERE.
And Jen's part HERE.

And please check out their blogs too as there are
tons of freebies too...
And of course I got to play with it.
This one is of Zander, my nephew this past weekend...

Isn't he a cutie... I could just gobble him

And this one is Brooke...she just got her long hair cut
and gave it to Locks of Love....Way to go Brooke!!!!
I know you just made somebody a very happy person!!

And I made this into a QP for you all....
Just click on the preview below:

I also want to show you a layout Marion did with my
May CC.... Marion is surrounded by the most gorgeous
Here is her son Brian with Baby James....

Thanks Marion!!!

Ok, I think that is it for now....Have to upload it all and find
Take Care and have a wonderful weekend!!!!
Chow for Now!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Grab Bag 2 and Summer Time kit

Hellooo, yeah... it's me... don't have a heart
Gosh its been so long since I blogged, I almost forgot how
to do it. LOL Yeah, I've been a real slacker the past few
weeks. No layouts, no kits, no nothing!!! Just haven't been
in the mood I guess. So I figured I would take a break from
it all... and I must say it was
Got myself addicted to Face book and playing the games...
Thanks to Eila and Melanie for that!!!!! LOL But it is
loads of fun....and I am really getting to know ET better...
She was even soo sweet to send me some
wonderful goodies before my surgery and
a great cd filled with awesome music!
I know I said thanks...but I really want
to say it again... THANKS!!!! I don't care what anyone
says about you ET... you're #1 in my book! LMAO
I got the surgery done on my mouth, so I am half way through
it all. Now onto the right side.. as I go farther in
My DH has an umbilical hernia, so his operation is next month.
Ohhh what a great month that is going to be. I can't wait till
the moaning and groaning starts! LOL Men, they really are babies!
Hopefully he will be back to work in 2 weeks, he is thinking he will
be out of work a week.... I think it will be longer...
But for once, I hope he is right! LOL Then the first week in
July we go on vacation...Yippie another week with hubby....
OMG I am gonna kill him! LOL Too much quality time! hahaha
But other than that, everything is good with me....
Hope you all are doing good!!! I will try my best to visit
you soon!!! Ok, now onto some scrapping news.....

My dear friend KimB started something new with her grab bags.
NEW Mini Grab Bags- Sometimes CU sometimes PU.
And it's ONLY $4!

(that's only $1 per kit)

Only Valid for the weekend (2 days) and will be gone every Sunday night!
After that you can purchase them separately as she will put them in
the store, one everyday until Friday, when it starts all over again!!!

Here is a layout I did using some goodies from last weeks and
some from this week grab bag. Also used was her Loryn Kit...

This is Baby Bri....My boss became a grandmother 2 weeks ago, so I thought
I would make this for her. Maybe I will get a raise....YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Now if you want to get gotta HURRY...its only $4.00
for 2 days!!! Click HERE to get it!

And since I got back into the scrap mode I did Kim's CC for May!!!
yahooooo....I really didn't think I would get one in this month,
but I am thinking next month, might be I better do it!
Kinda felt good to play with photoshop anywayyyyy
Here it is.... Summer Time....

Click on the preview to download and I would really appreciate
a thank you if you download... I swear it doesn't hurt and it
DOES make me feel good!!!!!!

And Jazz got new word art done too.... Ohhhh, these are neat!!!

Just Music...

So if you need some wordart for those layouts click the preview
to go to her store. I do believe they are on sale too, 25% off!!!!!

Well, I did it... got a layout done, a kit done, and the blog
done... I think I hear Facebook calling me......LOL
ET needs her farm harvested!!!
I'm cominggggggggggggggggggggggggg hahaha

Have a great weekend my friends as we here in the US
celebrate Memorial Day all weekend long. Remembering
all the brave soldiers who gave up their lives for us!!!
A wonderful poem that I thought was fitting for this weekend.

In Loving Memory

On every soldier’s tombstone
should be a message of honor, respect and love:
"In loving memory
of one who loved his country,
who fought against evil
to preserve what is right and true and good.
In loving memory
of one who is a cut above the rest of us,
who had the surpassing courage,
the uncommon strength,
to do whatever had to be done,
persevering through hardship and pain.
In loving memory
of one who was brave enough
to give his life, his all,
so that those he cared about
would remain safe and free.
In loving memory
of a unique and treasured soldier
who will never be forgotten."

By Joanna Fuchs

Take care and stay safe everyone,
until next time...

Chow for Now!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Well its that time of year again...National Scrapbooking Day!
Tons of great deals all over the place and many freebies too.
I know this all takes place tomorrow, but I want you all to
know where to head early in the So you don't
miss a thing! I have so much to show you so I better get going.

First of all DSO is have a 50% off the entire store on Saturday!
So if there is anything you wanted now is the time to get it!
Click the sale page below to go to the store...

Next, Kim and Bunny got together and did a Collab CU Bag...
Ohhhhh, lots of great stuff in there!!!

And of course I played with it and created not one,
but TWO QP's for you all.
Just click the preview to download it
and please, a simple thanks works wonders!!!

Kims has also made another part of her friend series...Antoinette.
Ohhh, these series are soooo hot!!!! She really puts alot of love into
these and they are all WONDERFUL and this one in no different.

Here is a layout I did with the great stuff from her kit.....

My niece Brooke. Also used Welcome Spring Word Art by Jazzy.

And just when I think I am caught up, Kim has got another
kit finished, I swear this girl hasn't slept all week!!!! LOL
This kit is called Moody Days:

And yep....time to make another layout...........hahaha
this time my nephews....Zach and Brett....

And I used Jazzy's wordart Smiles for this...Speaking of Jazz.......
She has TONS of new word available too....
Just Soccer:

Brooke is the soccer kid in the family and here is a layout
with her practising, I used goodies from Kim
and Bunny's NSD grab bag for this and Jazzy's wordart!

Cheerleaders Rock:

A layout done with a bunch of cheerleaders....

And since I was in the scrap mode, I made it into a QP
for all who would like to have it.... Click preview to download.

And last but not least....A Touch of Nature:

Ok, I think I got it all done.... whewwwwww, now I am off see my
dentist, we are going to be best buddies soon, as I have to see
him for a few fillings, a bit of root canal and a couple of extractions...
Ohhhh yeahhhh, gotta love it! NOT!!!!!! Today is the under the gums
cleaning, ohhhhh I can't wait!!!! 2 hours of my mouth open....and NO talking!!LOL
So I better get going before I chicken

Now get yourselves over to DSO on Saturday for all the TERRIFIC bargains!!!!
Have a great weekend and enjoy National Scrapbooking Day!!!
As always take care and be safe!!!

Chow for Now!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Fine Day QP and more....

Good Morning Ya'll! Hope everyone is okay! This
has been one hectic week for me, and it's all
about stupid cars...For some reason, not just one
car broke down, MINE... But my DD Heather's car died
the next day....ugh! Mine is just old she
needed a new radiator, which we got one, Monday
night, but I had to wait until Tuesday, something
about watching the TV show 24....UGH.. Tuesday,
Heather leaves her car door open and her battery
is dead....can you say STUPID!!!! Now I must wait
till we get her car jumped to get my car done. DH
comes home, not in a good mood I might add, and
takes my car to his friends, only to return 15 minutes
later... Nope, I do believe it takes a little longer than
15 minutes to put in a new radiator! LOL Well, they
ordered the wrong size. Grrrrrrrr!!!!! Now I am stuck
driving a HUGE van to work, which means I have to
stay in the slow lane and putz to work! Take all the
turns slow, so the stupid van doesn't tip over....I miss
my car!!!! She did finally get fixed last night and I
think we are going out for a nice drive today. And
we are gonna go fasttttttttttt! LOL Ok, enough of my

I finally got some layouts done! Yep, I found my MOJO,
don't know how long it's gonna last, cause the weather
is suppose to be in the 80's this weekend and hubby
got the gazebo up, so I think I will be spending some
time outdoors this weekend...anywayyyy I guess what
helps is Kim is back from her 2 weeks, or was it 3 weeks and her stuff just floors me, throw me
some flowers, paper, birds and butterflies and I am
in heaven...yeah, I am such a girly girl....LOL But,
that's my style, I have no
Ok, back to what I was saying, Kim got a new CU
Grab Bag out today, and I am telling you

its AWESOME!!!
All you designers are gonna love this one!
I promise!!! Plus it's only $7.00....
for everything you get, it's a steal!!!
Click on the preview to grab it!!!

And of course I made a layout with it.... this is
my nephew Zander...he is such a cutie!!!! I also
used Jazzy's wordart called Little Boys, which
you can find HERE.

And I also made ya'll a QP from the Grab Bag.
If you snag it please leave a thank-you, they
are always nice to read! Just click the preview
to download it.

And there is more, Kim is celebrating 2 years at DSO...
so what does that mean to you all??? Her entire store
is 50% off today and tomorrow! She doesn't have these
sales to often, so you must take advantage of it when she
does! Click the sign below to go to her store...HURRYYYY!
You only got 2 DAYS!!!!

OK, I think that's it for today, gonna go play at the
races on FB...that place is sooo addicting!!!! Then
I am heading out for a drive.... Have a great weekend
everyone and if the sun is shining where you are...
go suck it up!!! LOL As always take care and stay safe!

Chow for Now!!!